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Stunned zakum? Screen

By Ekrerer DbStunZakum

Oct 15 2011 so like i was at zak and i used flying assaulter, didnt notice the first time but then i saw the stun animation on zak and i was like "how come..."
idk if this is able and if other ppl could have done it but its zak and uk he stuns you, you dont stun zak
Im pretty sure its the boss and not a summon because its in the part were all the things like panic,venom etc appear

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Xxtidus Level 172 Scania Phantom 4
can anyone tell me if Im pink or pale? (:
Jan 14 2012
@BrianGo1234: never knew you could do that
it seems that there was this glitch,error,leak,thingy in a version ago sorry i dont recall well that using some skills that could put monsters under status worked on bosses but only the animation showed up didnt stun stun it completely
Jan 14 2012
Doorslam Level 210 Scania Dark Knight
lol thats cool. ur partner got stunned too XD
Sep 16 2012

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