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tyrantblade Level 186 Chaos Battle Mage 4
Be careful of what you see online as you may suffer literal brain damage if you see the wrong thing, whether it be in video form or even some bad words.

For example trying to sell video games, I just got called the N-Word with nothing leading up to that; I'm not going to go into it further here, but really?

Random online racism?

Wow; just Wow.
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sunshine443 Level 56 Yellonde Assassin
It feels like bigotry has been on the rise, sadly. I've seen that word more in the last couple years than my entire online career. Do some people think it makes them edgy? Probably. But the reasons certainly run deeper than that, and serious issues still exist in 2018.

It's a hard subject for me to comment on, because I am not a visible minority. I'm just disgusted by the racism, sexism, and intolerance I see on a daily basis browsing Twitter and other platforms.

Often it's not explicit. The people who use slurs are beyond moronic, but thousands exist who are bigoted in less obvious ways.

There's a certain extent to which I can empathize with these people. If someone grew up in an area with backwards politics, they may have never stood a chance. At least not before living on their own. That's why I don't judge someone immediately upon reading a stupid comment: unless they're a grown adult, they still have time to learn and change.

Some people have strongly disagreed with my views on that matter. They believe there is no excuse for bad politics when the internet is so prominent in our lives, even if someone was raised in a bigoted area. I can see that argument, but I stand by my beliefs. Then again, it's easy for me to do so because I will never need to worry about things like racism. So I'd understand if someone was frustrated by my philosophy, but ultimately it's just my personal framework for how I view someone's character.

Getting back on topic, it does feel like the internet has become more toxic and bigoted in recent years. Additionally, tension and emotions seem to escalate day by day. I can't go on Twitter for five seconds anymore without seeing mass outrage over something. It's pretty sad to think about, to be honest, and I wonder where it's leading us.

In no way am I making a "both sides" argument here: the people with bigoted views are wrong, point blank. Having said that, when it comes to outrage culture in itself, I've noticed that there isn't a common political affiliation. Everyone just seems so angry so much of the time.

Overall I'm just worried about the future. We've seen some great social change lately, but tensions seem to be rising more and more. I'm incredibly repulsed and terrified when it comes to these alt-right groups that have been popping up. Horrifically, they seem to be gaining momentum. It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about.

We can only hope that things get better. In so many ways they __have__ been getting better, but society obviously has a long way to go.
Apr 06 2018
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Apr 07 2018
andreaverilia Level 209 Windia Evan 10th Growth
I dislocated my brain when I met @beefly
Apr 07 2018

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