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Summer Vs Winter Olympics

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State which Olympics you like better, Summer or Winter, then please state why you like it better.
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ImsObOrEd Level 204 Scania Demon Slayer 4
SUMMER cuz i get to see more skin
Aug 07 2012
Summer and wrong section
Aug 07 2012
Winter i dunno why but winter
Aug 07 2012
novomangle Level 181 Windia Phantom 4
I like them both
Summer- gymnastics
Winter- snowboarding
btw wrong section
Aug 07 2012
Xuhe Level 210 Broa Phantom 4
Summer for sure, just because, I don't know, I just like it a lot better than the winter olympics
Aug 07 2012
summer because winter sports are stupid
Aug 07 2012
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