Sad Mask
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Jul 31 2011 After quitting for 6 months I came back onto Maple and found that I wasn't forgotten by my friends in the expanse of time
Thanks Guys : D

Recaliber78 - In chair
Iampchops - Farthest Left in the Middle
Kappah - Girl in top left corner
Viruul - The one in the hood

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Jovial Level 100 Windia Paladin
Ah I actually know some of those guys x3 hehehe
Aug 01 2011
My porcupine hates you.

Nice picture Nat n_n, welcome back once again [/quote]

Thanks, I got bored and needed something to get out of artist's block... Tell Andrew I'm watching (-cough- stalking -cough-) him on DeviantArt
Aug 06 2011

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