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Superior equip damage formula?

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vicetone Level 210 Scania Zero Transcendent
no, it depends on your other equips too.
Feb 14 2017
littletlk Level 201 Broa Beginner
What version of maple is this?
Are you in a version where superior equips have a set effect?
The only reasons I could think of why it beats your current shoes are that you have an absurd amount of att%, there's a set effect we can't see and you have other tyrant parts, or it's a visual glitch.
Feb 15 2017
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beefly Level 180 Windia Kanna 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
I hate it when that happens.

I had two face accessories, and one is better than the other when I'm debuffed, but it's the other way around when I'm buffed. I blame MW.
Feb 15 2017
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