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Sushi hat charms! Screen

By triifuxy

triifuxy Level 214 Bera Corsair
Aug 05 2012 I hope nobody's done this yet. xD I had a lot of fun making these! ...Except the octopus one. By the time I was putting the little suction cups on, my hands were shaking and I was just like "omg can this be over already" haha. I'd make more of these if I wasn't so terrified of white clay. It gets dirty so easily. -cries-

Made out of Sculpey III polymer clay, faces painted on with acrylic paints, and then glazed. ^_^

Which one's your favorite?

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Wow fantastic job! They're amazingly cute. I think the fish egg one is my least favorite in game, but my favorite out of the ones you did! Great job. n_n
Aug 06 2012
roxyboom Level 190 Bera Cannoneer 4
Amazing! They're all so cute
Aug 06 2012
Rust Level 200 Zenith Kaiser 4
...Oh god. I'd rather starve. They're too cute.
Aug 06 2012
LostMyJob Level 81 Scania Priest
+1 Can you mail me one? you should start your own website store Love~~
Aug 06 2012
Wow that is pretty cool man.
Aug 06 2012
TrumanB Level 208 Scania Blade Master
AWESOME! I would so buy these if I could lol... they look really good, good job. Also I like the fact you made sushi hat charms of of those nx hats... I was hoping some one would do something like this. No seriously GOOD JOB! I look forward to seeing more! (if you keep making more)
Aug 06 2012
Wintermelon Level 152 Mardia Marksman
+1 some of the cleanest sculpts i've seen on basil. awesome.
Aug 06 2012
mrpawsteps Level 100 Broa Aran 3
whoa thats amazing
all that detail..
Aug 06 2012

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