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Sylvidia 5th Job skill

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wickedtmage Level 216 Broa Mercedes 4
Do we have Sylvidia 5th Job skill yet, or is it in an upcoming patch? Also, why can i not find the Guided Arrow bowman shared skill in the nodestone creation matrix?

NVM I found guided arrow, now my next question would be is it worth having over other skills?
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skythedestroyer Level 231 Bellocan Bow Master Revenance Guild
Sylphidia is coming in the Beyond update, which will likely be reaching GMS this summer:

Guided Arrow isn't that great of a skill (for bossing). Even though it activates Magic Arrows for Bowmaster, which makes it -barely- worth using, it doesn't activate AFA (for anyone) due to it being a summon, so for Mercedes I doubt it'd be worth using over other skills.
Mar 29 2017
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