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Tainysi's TAINted Animations 1 Video

By Tainysi

Apr 03 2011 Thank you to my viewers and my subscribers! As soon as I hit 600,I made this.
No,I'm not dead lol. My basil activity has drastically fallen though,although I'll try to be more active. I'm just really busy with other things.
I will be starting these new random skits with my new character,based off Neku in the game "The World Ends with You"
Thanks to everyone who helped me finish this video. Tell me what you think,if it's bad,I'll stop making them ):
I have a fighting animation on hold right now because my new character doesn't have as much custom sprites and I have to even sprite the normal poses as for my character is made from scratch and not by nexon. It will be up in the next 1-3 months though!
Credits go to their respective owners.

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Speed Level 151 Scania Night Lord
Arby n the Chief much? It wasn't really funny to be honest.
Apr 03 2011
kewl, i keel u in s4
Apr 03 2011
ThatMechanicGuy Level 190 Windia Demon Slayer 4
lol I like how you used the main character from TWEWY. +1 like
Apr 03 2011
fortexxx Level 171 Windia Hero
lol I like how the "this is it" part is from Jin in Grand Chase. +1 like

Edit: LOL at robot unicorn
Apr 03 2011
Arby n the Chief much? It wasn't really funny to be honest.[/quote]
Don't worry,your criticism helps me improve. I know the mustache bit was overused but since this was my 600 subscriber special,I wanted to do a 6 in 1 video.
As for my character's "special attack"
my character's special ability is his music. He can turn it so loud that others cant handle it,but he can but it wasnt explained much.
Apr 03 2011

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