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goodfortuna Level 195 Scania Dark Knight See what games, anime & art goodfortuna is intoGoodFortuna
Just wanted to relax a bit with some doodling I'll (try to) draw your character as the opposite sex!! Need some practice with drawing doods anyway so here goes nothing woo

@fighterdoken sexy noona
@decoyfx cute
@neveraddaplayer I died a little when my dad saw this
@kiranagy boop
@keyan22 theres already a female evan so I just did my own thing ^^
@dorne mmm glasses
@tashie bun boy
@juniororeos cheese
@nolen idk how to draw a gun lol
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kiranagy Level 231 Khaini Phantom 4
Oct 30 2016
javirocks Level 200 Kradia Aran 4
May as well ^^
Oct 30 2016
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