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Targa Hat - STR 19, DEX 15, INT 25, LUK Screen

By EnzoSinz

Dec 18 2010 Chaos scrolls ftw? Got lucky with a few chaos scrolls. Sadly it turned out 2 lined but oh wells

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what shud i say? because of the fact that you flamed another screen shot of a chief bandits range :] lol

i guess nj?
Dec 18 2010
Whoever made the title messed up... lols[/quote]

It's pathetic how they don't even know the limits of their own website.
Dec 18 2010
It's pathetic how they don't even know the limits of their own website.[/quote]

They need new Moderators.
Dec 19 2010
my targa is WAAAY better than that and i only used 1 chaos scroll. LOL.[/quote]

You're a cool one aren't you? Lets see your screen to prove it.
Jan 10 2011
Akatsukii Level 172 Scania Corsair
That's fail chaos scrolling because all slots were used.

2 lines even worse. I dunno why you insult other marksmen and wildhunters about damage on basil when your damage is lower than all theirs.
May 01 2011
Do you have nothing better to do but be a tard on the forums that no one likes? FYI 44k range is NOT low
May 01 2011

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