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Telecasting monsters+Misting at Peak Video

By volcanocube

volcanocube Level 50 Broa Blade Acolyte
Jul 25 2010 When fighting a boss/monster who has a magic attack, try to stay in his range. In between your attacks as soon as you see him using a magic attack quickly teleport backwards after casting an attack. When the sprite that deals the damage is done you teleport back forward and repeat the above =)

The other video shows me at lvl 10x misting Peak. Its not that hard to avoid getting hit at all, thats why I always encourage FP mages to train at Peak as soon as they can hit the monsters there. Once you learn how to stay alive while taking those big 4,7k hits you are ready for the Skele mini dungeon =)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask here/contact me in game!

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