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Tempest Press Conference by Inkwell Ep1 (English Subtitles) Video

By PhantomE

Jul 04 2012 For Subtitles follow the steps below:
1. Click CC and choose "Korean (transcribed)"
2. Click CC again and choose "Translate Captions" and choose the language you which to translate to and click "OK".

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+5 Seriously? You are luring people to this video just because it has "English Subtitles" and then tell us to use...the google translator? Come on....
Jul 04 2012
This made me laugh for some reason...
Jul 04 2012
+1 Bad translations. They were just thrown in google translator with no bother to fix it up. But hey, can't expect more than that from x3TheAran
OT: This video is terrible.
Jul 04 2012
"PC penetration in the domectic game industry shaking No.70 of the lip"

Yep best translation ever.
Jul 04 2012
BS, WHAT IS THIS! ALL I HEAR IS ashdjfh drjfd ajldsljw as,mcxlsd fdjlwrjl cjdfklwe
Jul 04 2012
siuttybears Level 121 Windia Aran 4
That was . . Confusing . . .
Jul 04 2012

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