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The Damage Skin Boxes in Cs

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microcras Level 145 Chaos Blaze Wizard 4
Did none of you guys realize it was tradeable or was it just noone wanted to open it, because I can't find any of the damage skins in the fm
More specifically for me, if you have the dragon fire damage skin in Ymck could u whisp or pm me?
Oh, and even though I don't rlly want these, does anyone think it's cool that they implemented throwing star covers, and these perm effects?
Posted: October 2014 Permalink


Weeb Level 1 Windia Beginner
You must be in an NX-less server.
Alot of the stores in Gazed have a dmg skin for sale.
Oct 31 2014
SnakeyManGuy Level 171 Khaini Wild Hunter 4
Even Khaini has lots of damage skins for sale.
Oct 31 2014
JetlagJag Level 201 Windia Cannoneer 4
We're all selfish here and dont want anyone else to be happy.
Oct 31 2014
Genostigma Level 200 Broa Citizen See what games, anime & art Genostigma is intoGenostigma
Good luck with the Dragon Fire skin you want! That sells for 500m here in Broa. You must be in a really dead (Nx) server if you haven't seen any skins in the FM.
Oct 31 2014
Tranquil Level 30 Scania Fighter
I got the exact one I wanted
Thank god because I didn't feel like trying to sell it
Oct 31 2014
microcras Level 145 Chaos Blaze Wizard 4
lol still no skins... goddamn
Nov 01 2014

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