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The Far East Completion?

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jadmad Level 32 Reboot Mihile 2
Are there no rewards for completing all the quests? All the main rewards shown in the maple contents map can only be obtained through the black market guy?
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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
By following the quest line you can get Yu Garden visitor, Yu Garden resident en finally Yu Garden hero. They are just titles, they dont give any stats.
And you can get the temporarly Totem set (the totems last one month)Jade Kettle totem (+20 STR/INT/LUK/DEX and +10Att.MagicAtt), The Hoirseback Riding Doll (same stats) and the Bronze Insence Burnet Totem (+22 STR/INT/LUK/DEX and +12Att.MagicAtt) the set bonus is +15 Att/MagicAtt) pretty nice. They are dopped by most Far East monsters but the best results i got where on the maps in the western direction.But the Bronze Insence Totem is really rare and the facts that the are temporarly scres a lot off players away.
With the Yu garden coins you colect by doing daily quests you can items from the Black market guys. A pretty nice set off (Ring, Belt, EarRing and Shoulder i think) equips. Comparable with the NLC equip set. You have to chance ch a lot, on every channel the Black Marjet sell defferent stuff.
I still do the daily quest for the coins so i can get 50% Epic Pot scrolls. They are 50 % but for me the always seem to work.
Aug 10 2018

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