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The Fooooood Thread

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alvinhero123 Level 59 Scania Mechanic 2
Okay, guys this is the food thread! What are your favorite or least favorite foods? Better yet, what does food mean to you? I hate taros and some chinese snacks . However, I love dumplings and onion pancakes! i also love French fries and in n out burgers (I only eat it like once a year though ) So....what about you guys? Can someone summon the chef basiler too? I think his name was friedclams right?
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lilikoby Level 205 Broa Blaze Wizard 4 Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art lilikoby is intoLiliKoby
lol i get in n out like once every 2 weeks, there's like 3 within a 30 minute drive from where i live

I like spicy chinese food (sichuan/hunan ya feel) and mint chip ice cream and good tea (i like pmt too but it has to be quality, not the fast food syruppy kind you get at tap ex or quickly's or tpumps blech)
I hate wood-ears. y'all chinese homies know what im talking about.
Jul 28 2015
juniororeos Level 207 Scania Jett 4
I hate cheese so much. But let me tell you! I freaking love chicken nuggets/tenders/fingers/strips all of that! It's seriously a god gift from heaven.
Jul 28 2015
beloveable Level 144 Windia Kanna 4
I hate anything with vegetables. I hate cheese with any type of meat too. I love spicy stuff though
Jul 28 2015
antisora99 Level 218 Bera I/L Arch Mage
I hate anything that looks nasty and tastes nasty.
I hate anything that looks nasty and tastes good.
I hate anything that looks good and tastes nasty.
I love anything that looks good and tastes good.
Jul 28 2015
ritopls Level 145 Bellocan Angelic Buster 4
I love egg rolls. Mmmmmm
Jul 28 2015
wetduck Level 163 Elnido Battle Mage 4
As bad as it is for you, I absolutely LOVE KFC or Popeye's fried chicken. Mind you, I barely eat it.
Otherwise a good steak quesadilla

Not a fan of seafood. Usually just a texture issue.... shrimp... ugh
Jul 28 2015
sighanide Level 215 Demethos Bishop
i love fried chicken
Jul 28 2015
dorks Level 215 Bera Night Lord AUniversityO Guild See what games, anime & art dorks is intoDorks
i love curry my roommate is thai and made it every now and then just to feed me ;n;
cucumber dishes cooked or raw is pret nice too esp bc it's summer
i really like mexican food. there's a portuguese/mexican resturant near my home and they make these fried tortilla bowls similar to a burrito bowl but they call it a "concha"

rly the only thing i can't stand is seafood. i used to be allergic and i kind of grew out of it but i still keep away. qq when your fam is asian and goes to seafood restaurants for celebrations. bc of that they think i'm vegetarian even though i'm eating dishes with chicken and beef
Jul 28 2015
shalow40 Level 205 Scania Buccaneer
i like durian fruit
Jul 28 2015
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