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The LvL 150 mount quest

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So, I'm only lvl 146 at the moment, i should be 150 to possibly answer this question myself in the next day or so, but here goes. The quest after proving yourself to the chief wolf requires you to gather some skele neck bones, guardian hearts, and something else to make Life water for wolf, ALONG with going to kenta and paying 80m for some item you need. Well... what's really weird is around 142 ish i was bored and went to skeles and within maybe 5 kills I had Life water for wolf drop. It's the untradable quest item that you'd need to gather all of those items for. Soo Now i'm curious, was this a rare item to drop? Why did It drop if I don't even have the quest or proper level yet LOL? And When I get the quest do I still need all of those items or will I be able to skip the gathering and just get the mount after spending the 80m. It's very confusing so I'm just curious to see if anyone has had this situation happen to them.
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The Lv150 mount is free? :o I heard that somewhere.
Jul 15 2011
zhexic Level 137 Windia Evan 9th Growth
The 150 mount is free post chaos. You just go to skeles, kill like 2 for a drop, and you're done.
Jul 15 2011
YAAY! wooot! I was expecting to pay a bunch and whatnot. I was so surprised when I found it in my inventory. I only need 3 lvls and 40% and I'll have my 150 mount X) yaaaaay! haha. this is awesome.
Jul 15 2011
ShadowBo0m Level 130 Bera Battle Mage 4
Lucky you!
One question, is the Lv. 100 mount free too after Chaos?
Jul 15 2011
Lucky you!
One question, is the Lv. 100 mount free too after Chaos?[/quote]

No, just got mine, i can confirm it still cost 40m.
Jul 15 2011
DeathOfSeaso Level 166 Bera Aran 4
100 mount is 40m.
150 is free.
Jul 15 2011

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