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The Perfect Chaos HornTail Video

By multiskills

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arpchilles Level 235 Broa Dark Knight Emcy Guild
there's other skills the heads can use besides wep cancel/magic cancel so it's not actually 50% chance
also you can just Magic Crash the top 3 heads in actual HT, just jump off the top right ledge and cast while falling. lemme know if you wanna see a video of me doing it
May 26 2016
multiskills Level 221 Windia Hero Waltz Guild
@arpchilles: I guess I wasn't as clear as I thought I could be when it came to my explanation, what I mean was between magic attack and weapon attack canceling those are the only two possible things that the heads can do to waste time(magic attack cancel for mages, weapon attack cancel for everyone else.), not only that but by the time I finish killing the hands, feet, tail, and wings the heads have more than enough time to use either magic attack cancel or weapon attack cancel.

Also - You can't use magic crash in the air or it will miss the target. At least to my knowledge that's the case. I know it doesn't work with the middle statue at pink bean, and didn't work with the old Zakum, with that being said I don't know all the updates Nexon has done with Magic Crash, and haven't attempted any of this in years. I have older videos on my youtube channel of Chaos Zakum where jumping and using magic crash never worked. And because of this I've never attempted it on HornTail.

TL;DR - I need to explain myself better. Jumping and using magic crash never worked before.
May 27 2016
arpchilles Level 235 Broa Dark Knight Emcy Guild
Ah okay I see. Well I recorded my run today to show you what I mean.
I've been doing it like this for, well I wanna say over a year now, so I'm not sure about the magic crash+jump not having worked. In any case, hope the video helps and you have an easier time CHTing now
May 28 2016
multiskills Level 221 Windia Hero Waltz Guild
@arpchilles: The way you do CHT is slower than the way I do it. Assuming perfect RNG. I know about the standing at the top right side already, but yeah I understand what you mean.
May 29 2016

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