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The Reign of Kishin has come to a close. Well in JMS

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notgish Level 203 Chaos Kanna 4
is there a list of changes or did they just nerf kishin for "balance"
Feb 26 2016
cxter Level 204 Windia Kanna 4
I can understand if they want to patch the kishin glitch,but this is overdoing it.
Feb 26 2016
lordanubis Level 221 Scania Paladin
the bad thing is that it will be harder to train now, kanna its a pretty good class for bossing and support anyways, but train will be a pain in the *
Feb 26 2016
star909 Level 220 Windia Phantom 4
@believemenot: no more increasesd spawn, slower spawns slower meso grind (for them rebooters), slower grind, etc
Feb 26 2016
laurico Level 78 Bera Battle Mage 3
Not surprised at all. On CMS and TWMS they already removed the respawn rate increase of Kishin over a year ago(altough the spawn cap increase is still present).

A skill turning the 6-8 second default RED respawn rate into 0.5-1 second one and on top of that highly increasing the amount of monsters is just plain broken. The fact that Kishin is partially bugged doesnt help either.
Feb 27 2016
muffinsinc Level 210 Reboot Hayato 4
All kishin did was make the super tedious grind (for levels or mesos) more efficient and less awful. Pretty unfortunate that JMS had it nerfed so badly.
Feb 28 2016
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