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The Search for the Right Guild Screen

By Lethargy

Lethargy Level 206 Windia Luminous 4 Boundless Guild
Nov 20 2013 i did not draw this. i simply just recolored it after finding it on some random image hosting site called dA?? creds to obxcurities but who cares about her like i am gr9 and you should feed me comments so i can feel popular... idc about w/e you say bcuz 'MURICA
Kidding LOL I got lonely so I drew this. People always say MapleStory is fun when you have friends and that it's not hard to make friends if you're in an active, friendly guild/alliance. The problem is... how the heck do I find and join the right guild?! -runs away to solo grind in dipq-
I was bored and wanted to express my experiences on guild hunting through a comic. The format is really messy so my apologies. To make it easier, I numbered the panels so hopefully that may help. Read from left to right, top to bottom. My character's text is always in pink ^.^
DISCLAIMER: The last time I took Spanish was in my freshman year of high school sooooo yeah, stopped after learning preterite.

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SpadeStyle Level 215 Khaini Evan 10th Growth
Oh man, I feel ya. It's so hard finding the RIGHT guild, especially now that the population in MS has decreased
But once you do enjoying the game gets much better.
Nov 20 2013
OneLife Level 163 Scania Kanna 4
what the hell?
Nov 20 2013
Redadin Level 207 Zenith Paladin
Well most of the people left are those who are more of the hard-core crowd. The casual players just aren't sticking to the game like before so it's going to be tough finding the right fit. Though I guess someone will probably come around now that you posted this and comment saying, "hey I got a guild you can join".
Nov 20 2013
IsGamer Level 201 Renegades Bishop
+1 Believe it or not, i am also a latin, and whenever i see latin people shouting out R> people (in spanish of course), i get a bit ashamed of how they want everyone to look at them.

Oh, and the one you put there is perfect, once a guy whose was also a latin wanted me to join HIS GUILD (when i ALREADY WAS on a guild) and he defamed me and blamed me, i had to use my main language to calm him down, geez, latins like me in this game take guilds way to serious.

By the way, it would be stupid for a latin to hate his community, but i am also posting this due to my experience with most of them >.>
Nov 20 2013
Ziub Level 130 Bera Kanna 4
Haha it's so true and cute : ]
Nov 20 2013

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