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The Spearman/ DK/ DrK Achievement thread ~

Dark Knight Forum Talk about Spearman, Dragon Knight and Dark Knight

Celyfaye Level 203 Bera Dark Knight
*This is a Public Service Announcement
As of 29 November 2013, @cookie4mesos has taken over maintenance of this thread. Please direct any questions, concerns, or requests towards him.
Updates will be forthcoming.

Thanks, and happy Basilling!

*End Public Service Announcement

The old one got deleted because of a misinterpretation of the first post, so I decided to make a new one.

SO my lovely long-stick weilders, what have you achieved today?

*Guides and Important Threads
Before posting a question or thread pertaining to the class, please make sure to reference the guide first. The regulars of this forum put a significant amount of effort in creating and updating this guide- you wouldn't want that effort to go to waste, would you?

[url=]The Official Spearman, Dragon Knight (Berzerker), and Dark Knight Guide[/url]

*Original Post Date: September 30th, 2010
Today (or I'll say yesterday, since I wasn't on today), I gained 6% in two hours while helping a friend do her silver mane questI
(Level 137)

Gratz to Andy (@aiaku ) on 1000th post! [url=]^_^[/url]
Gratz to Cookie (@cookie4mesos ) on 2000th post! The sneaky bugger totally cheated >.>
Gratz to random blob (@SirGizmo ) on 3000th post! He ninja'ed his way in there without knowing.
Gratz to Hiraku (@Hiraku ) on 4000th post! The last 1000th before they were wiped hahaha.

*Acheivement thread V.2:
Gratz to ShinShin Megami Texei (@darkspawn980 ) on 1,000th post! ;_; I never get special numbers.
Gratz to Daniel (@Daniel3b ) on 1337! Last poster who got 1337 was (@Mancartia ). HA I still remember. E-Cookie for post 6969 kthx
Gratz to Pulpit (@Pulpit ) on 2,000! :] I wish I had something special to say to you, but I don't know you well enough to slander you with my nerd raging.
Gratz to John/ Cookie (@cookie4mesos ) on 3,000th! COOOOOOKIEEE....! JENY ANGRI JENY SMASH. Jk (or am I?), but seriously, stop stealing those 1k marks D:<
Gratz to Mr. Mystery (@coldshoulder ) on 4,000th! LOLTHEREGOESYOURDISCRETIONTHATSWHATYOUGETFORSTEALINGMY1KMARK (jk (or am I?))
Gratz to Jason/ moo-cow (@SilentXynh ) on 5,000th! As your reward, you get to...sing me a nice song >:]
Gratz to Vegemite/ Verge (@iVege ) on 6,000th! With help from @iChosenDream, Verge was able to accomplish his lifelong goal of getting a 1k mark! Faith in humanity restored!
Congratulations to @Vegemite: on post 6969.
Gratz to Jason/ moo-cow (@SilentXynh ) on 7,000th! I know it was an accident but LEAVE SOME OF OTHER PEOPLE DEAR GOSH
Gratz to John/ Cookie (@cookie4mesos ) on 8,000th! [url=]:][/url] Cookie should be on Basil's most wanted for serial K mark thieving.
Gratz to Sean/ Green man (@ImCensored ) on 9,000th! ...I still remember you cheated on this one. >_> Recruiting some random-butt person to make a filler post. Gratz on popping your k-mark cherry though!
Gratz to John/ Cookie (@cookie4mesos ) on 10,000th! Hey, cutie pie I think you're quite lovely and adorable and all but QUIT JACKING THOSE K MARKS YOU THIEVING SON OF A BISCUIT jk you
Congratulations to @icedemon9 on post 11,000! How cold of you to take it in such a manner, you demon.
Congratulations to @iChosenDream on post 12,000! Your dream of choice has finally come true. Well played.
Congratulations to @icedemon9 on post 12,345! As if you couldn't get any more demonic.
Congratulations to me, @Celyfaye, on beating the odds, and finally taking what's mine- a k post! [url=]Go,[/url] [url=]me![/url]*
iVege: Okay Celyfaye, you lucky bastard. All the recent K posts get nothing but a witty sentence and you get two drawings and a quote from me? I see how it is.


I'm not sure if anyone cares, but PM @cookie4mesos if your dark knight, or a friend's, has hit 200, and I'll stick it on the thread.

@Lampchops123: Congrats on 200! Dude your name reminds me of this underwear I used to have. It had this awkward [url=]lamb cartoon (the dead looking thing next to the frog)[/url] labelled LAMB CHOP on the front in big, obnoxious, colorful letters. Imagine how horribly ironic it is to be named after a food that's the limbs of your own species, although my last name would sound amazing with Human Chop as my first name.

@djp2313: Finally this mama firetrucker decides to grind and hit 200 instead of afk'ing for 365722547587 hours. This guy is freaking amazing. His guides and posts have helped baby drks so much, and his equips have helped me through countless levels D< He's incredibly modest too. DAVID YOU'RE AWESOME! ;___; For all the things he has done for other people, he deserves to be level 9001, not just 200.

@ImCensored: Gratz, yo! You gotta lay off those turkeys on Thanksgiving dude, you'll turn into one if you eat too much.

@Necsis: Gratz on 200 You're new to the forums, but you've already proven to be capable of even getting along with @iVege F3

@Hiraku: BRIAN@ Supa gratz! >:O This guys been helping people in forum 44 (WHY DID DEMON SLAYERS GET TO HAVE 69?) and I'm glad you got to experience the sweetness of achieving 200 not once, but twice, on the same character.

@FestHosMange: Gratz on 200 You've been such a great friend to me, helping me whenever I needed it. Hope we get to talk again soon.

@sumyounguy: I'm around 1000 years late on this, but gratz on 200. Another regular on the forums; yout intelligent and often witty responses make me chuckle. c:

@aiaku: Gratz on 200 la! >:O You actually deed it man. I totally thought you were going to drop this char like all the rest, but you've definitely slapped a fat "I told you so" in my face by accomplishing this.

@FleshJuice: You've finally done it after 7 long years. Gratz on 200 c:

@icedemon9: Gratz on 200! Finally after being stuck for like 142423 years at 199 haha xD

@TheSavoury: Gratz on 200! Thanks for all the help with irrelevant posts! >:]

@Darkspawn980: Gratz on 200 ;; I am seriously so happy for you, Shinki, you tentacly son of a gun. Thanks so much for being such a great mentor/ troll/ friend to everyone you meet c: You have no idea how much your knowledge and guidance helps, not only with problems in maple, but outside as well. Well wishes to your endeavors! 250k range go! >:]
A few others would like to share their heartfelt words of congratulations~
ImCensored: To shinki: Needs more hp and mp. Now get to level 201.

Sammi: Shinku, you're one of the most dedicated Maplers that knows exactly what to do and figuring what to do for each new boss or feature of the game, and I admire that so much. You're a good friend and a great listener whenever anyone has problems they needed to be heard, I also love the fact you stay as neutral and open as possible. You will forever be the Tentacle Dark Knight of Scania.

cookie4mesos: Congra200lations Shin Shin! Here's a Cookie!

iVege: Okay ShinkuDragon, you lucky bastard. All the recent level 200 DrKs get nothing but dates and you get a compilation of a billion congrats?

Hiraku: Great guy, great pole. Don't remember exactly when I met him, but he's a great help to the forums since he joined!

SilentXynh: 'bout bloody time, needs moar tents...

@SilentXynh: I know I'm a million years late and the novelty of it has already worn out, but gratz on 200 c: You took a less frequented, more challenging path to achieve that goal, and that is simply awesome.

@SenorMagicPants: August 20, 2012

@OMGyouNOOB: August 21, 2012

@GreenPen: August 26, 2012

@darksnuggles: August 26, 2012

@darkm00nx69: August 31, 2012

@HerStylez: September 8, 2012

@GreyBarrel: December 9, 2012

@Bigdsk8r: April 11, 2013

@Kratospie: May 11, 2013 (on the eve of GMS' 8th anniversary, what an awesome date! c

@Plusle4eva: May 11, 2013 - CONGRATULATIONS, MISSUS WABBIT! Now get your fluffy butt to 250
A few others would like to congratulate you as well!
cookie4mesos: (he put something in Japanese that wouldn't pass the swear filter Dx) Congratulations on 200, Bunny. I used Google translate because I can.

darkspawn980: Congratulations on reaching an unimportant number, and much more importantly, thanks for all the help you've provided all of us, especially your help with the guides, stay classy and bunny-like

ImCensored: CONGRATS! You're finally part of the 200 krew! Celebrations are in order! Durk partayyyy

iVege: Autograph slash screenshot please?

SilentXynh: Boring (NO U!)

@iVege: December 21, 2012 - I'm still not adding you to the list, just to spite you. Oh wait.

@IcasualtyI: (OMGDVD) February 2, 2014

@Celyfaye: Congratulations, Cely, Jenny. It's been a long, wonderful journey, and you've finally reached one of yoru destinations. But there's still a long way to go. Here's to more wonderful memories!
cookie4mesos: I played your character way back when for some tens of minutes, so I totally had a part in your reaching level 200, so you reaching level 200 is like me reaching level 200, or something, YEAH! We're practically the same person, anyway. Congra200lations, us!

darkspawn980: congra200lations

darkspawn980: felicidades por el nivel 200 se pierda bailarina exotica

darkspawn980: Correction: felicidades en (llegar al) nivel 200 bailarina exotica!

Deviched: As congratulations, here's gay ponies. [link omitted]

cookie4mesos: Okay, there was no link.

Hiraku: Great girl, great long stick. Don't remember exactly when I met her, but she's just a really nice person who doesn't visit this forum enough.

icedemon9: GRATS!

icephoenix: Congratulations, Cely! I like that you don't play Call of Duty. will it be great?

ImCensored: Leaking level 200s like Snowden leaking NSA information. Now get to level 201.

iVege: Okay Cely, you lucky bastard. All the recent level 200 DrKs get nothing but dates, and you get a compilation of a gazillion congrats? WHAT IS THIS? Also I'm still bitter about you not adding me to the list of level 200s.

cookie4mesos: Also, it's totally normal to congratulate yourself.

Celyfaye: Congratulations on level 200, me!

Plusle4eva: Grats on 200 Jenny ~~~
Wall of text! Wall of text!


cookie4mesos: Thanks, Cely, for leveling up to 200!

someone: Thanks Obama.

SilentXynh: 'bout bloody time, needs moar perk cherps... B-

AsianParent: B-? Y u no A+?

cookie4mesos: Yeah? Well, Cereal, you get a C- for congratulating her late!

SilentXynh: Then you get a Z- for adding this to the main post so late.

cookie4mesos: HEY, I told you guys I don't have time to BS this myself.

cookie4mesos: K, legit stuff now.

darkspawn980: Congratulations on level 200 jenny! you got there after me, which means you trained less than me... you defeated me ;_;
let me change that
you got there after me, which means you cared EVEN LESS about leveling than i did...
add the rest

Plusle4eva: Congrats on 200 jenny Thanks for making the thread and being super friendly to random spearman noobs (see: me), thanks for helping push 44 so far as it is, thanks for being so awesome in general! You deserve every bit of 200! About time, too c: nihyaku reberu, omedetou!

(i forgot how 2 kanji with a keyboard)
cookie4mesos: also, threads don't like hiragana


@iChosenDream: Congratulations on fulfilling your other chosen dream! Now post more!
cookie4mesos: Congra200lations, iCho! I will not make a dirty joke.

darkspawn980: Awww sheet forrealz?
Really happy for you. Cant put it in words
Ill tell ya later. Or i can now i guess bu t you gotta fix my spelling. Lelcellphone

darkspawn980: Congratulations ICD on level 200! it only took you several years, which means you've taken one hell of a long time to get to 200. as such i must congratulate you on your disinterest. i hope you enjoyed the road and spent that time having fun rather than leveling just because.

and even if you just leveled to level, you're still missing 50 more levels, that's a long trip i hope you enjoy!

PD:obligatory tentacle threat

Plusle4eva: she should have 1/2 exams wat she doin lol
but grats :U
Grats message pending, I need to study

SilentXynh: scrub get gud, 2yrs2l8m8

Deviched: gzgz
I'll rule 63 you
Do you want any other boy with you from this thread.

iVege: congrats !

@ArshadKhan: December 21, 2014

@ChaserTheWeak: February 6, 2015 link


*~In dedication of our dragon-loving friends~
On September 12, 2011, a thread was born in the DrK section. Initially, this thread incited agitation and annoyance among our DrKs, but soon lead to kidnappings, whipping (basically a hormonally charged ShinShin on a rampage), stealing of dragons, spear-dragonmen babies, tons of boy heart boy pictures, and best of all, a forging of friendship between our communities.

Much thanks to people like @Zeff , and most of the Evan community, for keeping things friendly and fun. I'm glad something good turned out from something negative :]


Deviched: Can you add "feel free to discuss anything" to OP, like what the Evans have

I can, but won't, because it's implicit. And because I'm not going to copy those lemo-- dragon stealing wh-- chore boys.
Posted: June 2011 Permalink
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With the new world Chaos I here I was able to start working on my new spearman.
Currently level 20 and hoping to reach 30 by the end of today.
Jun 30 2011
cookie4mesos Level 187 Windia Dark Knight
Hm, I don't think that we're going to repost all the old posts. While the warrior class is full of brilliant thinkers (somewhat ironically, as we're recommended to have 4 points in int), we suffer from severe cases of laziness. Instead, let's just make new memories in this new thread!

Jun 30 2011
darkspawn980 Level 177 Scania Jett 4
allright, this will take a while, this thread is very important to me, and it was deleted unjustly, because someone messed up and didn't bother to even check what the links where. i've never been one to not like the moderators, but this, seriously annoyed me a lot, i'm still mad, i will be mad every time i look at this thread, and remember this, this one was one of the oldest and longer living achievement threads, where we as dark knights not only shared achievements, but small talk and bonded together.

so let's get started, this will take a while, i know most people won't read these posts, but these are posts that should be here.
**RIP thread 1725768, september 30 2010 ~ june 27 2011**

I had to flush the thread. This is the THIRD time this thread has had to be dealt with. One more and this thread is getting locked for good. I don't give a crap who started what, or what the drama is. Keep it in game and off the forums. Sorry to those who have had to get their progression removed due to constant flames here.

Keep. it. off. this. forum.[/quote]

Heh, look at that, a post forgiving the thread for the ruckus a few users caused. guess it didn't matter much in the end.
Jun 30 2011
I hope this thread will be as great(er) as the old one.
@cookie4mesos Congratz for 1st post

@darkspawn980 Sorry ;x. Seems you really had some good memories in there. You can only hope for new/better ones along the way :o.
Jun 30 2011
Crap. I knew Saturday the 14th was unlucky. 'Tis a day of mourning.[/quote]

you'd be surprised cookie, i'm shooting up to page 5~6 today.
Jun 30 2011
I guess I'll start off with... I'm going to be 120 soon!
(I know, I know-- I'm not 120 *yet* so it's not an achievement)

I got Blade Fury 30 from monster drops today, too!
And on a more personal note, I reunited with an MS friend I haven't talked to in many years.
Jun 30 2011
darkspawn980 Level 177 Scania Jett 4
New chance to get all the thousands though n_n

And LOL @ Thread-flush![/quote]

congratulations silverleaf, and of course it's an achievement xD good about your pal.
Jun 30 2011
Not to mention the 100s, 69s, etc.[/quote]

is there anything on your head that isn't getting X post cookie? <.<
Jun 30 2011
darkspawn980 Level 177 Scania Jett 4
@cookie4mesos: Indeed.[/quote]

hey guess what, i shouldn't use post extenders, but this thread requires it, because all my posts are quotes. maybe if someone hadn't deleted the thread by mistake, i wouldn't have to break some rules.
Jun 30 2011
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