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lilchiq Level 200 Scania Phantom 4
Just like in any other section, let us help each other out and ask/answer questions. I will try my best to also personally answer people's questions. Hopefully we can prevent questions being asked over and over again in new threads with this!

[url=]Most general information can be found in the guide[/url]


Q.Are Phantoms Hero Class or Legend Class?
A.Phantoms are a HERO Class. Legends are Demon Slayer, Cannoneers and Mercedes. Mercedes is both a hero and a legend. Legends are the classes released in the LEGEND PATCH. Heroes are the classes that fought the black mage 100 years ago. Meaning that Phantom is one of them.

Q.When was Phantom released to GMS?
A.The Phantom class was released on the 9th of July.

Q. Do Phantoms have Link skill?
A.Yes they do!Phantom Instinct: With great insight, see the flaws of monsters and increase your critical chance by 10%.

Q. What weapon does a Phantom use?
A.Phantoms use Canes as a primary weapon and Cards as a secondary (similar to Mercedes)Answered by Novarain

Q. Are canes one hand weapons, or two hand weapons?

Q.Can you potential the cards like the Mercedes Arrows?
A.Yes, it can have potential.

Q.How do cards work?
A.Cards works as a Secondary weapon. You equip it like the Mercedes Arrows, but they function very differently. They are like a another cover of a weapon, for example, when you steal the skill Haste, when you use the skill the card lets the cane turn into a glowing claw that Night Lords use for the time that takes it to buff.

Q.Do I need to wear the Card to be able to use the skills?
A.Yes you do need to wear the card, just like how Mercedes class can't attack without their arrows.

Q. If I stole Lucky Seven, Hurricane or Rapid fire would I still need the Stars, Arrows or Bullets?
A.No, you won't need them because the Cards you wear with the Canes will do the job of the stars and etc.

Q.If I stole hurricane lvl 29 would mine be 29?
A.If your level of Impeccable Memory is 29 or higher, yes it will be. If not, the stolen skill level will be on the level which your Impeccable Memory is at.

Q. If you had Holy Symbol on, and you switched it out to use a different skill, like Combo Attack, will the Holy Symbol stay on?
A.No, the buff effects will disappear, BUT if you like to use Hyper Body and Combo Attack for example, in a party, it is possible to do it, but you ave to sacrifice a higher advancement equipped slot to be able to buff 2 of the lower skills.

Q.Can Phantoms share Cash Shop inventories?
No, they do not share Cash Shop inventories with any other jobs. Phantoms are a Hero class like the Aran and Evan class. Just because they steal skills from Explorers and make them seem like an Explorer class doesn't mean they can share Cash Shop inventories.

Q.So how does the skill stealing thing exactly work?
A. You can't steal from Legends, Heroes, Resistance or side Explorers (e.g Dual bladders and Cannon Shooters).
You can only steal skills from Explorers, Magicians, Archers, Warriors, Thieves and Pirates.
However there's this skill called Steal Skill in the beginner job section of a Phanom. What you do is, you use this skill and a circle frame will appear. You can move it with your mouse and click on the character in your map from which you want to steal a skill.

E.g. you want HS. Go find a priest/bishop, use the skill and click on him/her. The skill tab should appear and on the right bottom corner of each skill there should be a button that says Steal Skill. Press on that and tada! You have stolen a skill.

Q.When Phantom steal skills like HS or Sharp Eyes, can the stolen skills affect the whole party or is only a self-buff thing?
A.The stolen buffs work like how they should, they effect all the party members and yourself.

Q.Can you only steal skills from people on the same job as you, or same level?
A.You can steal skills from any Explorer Job, and you don't have to be the same level as the person you are stealing from.

Q.How many skills can you have stolen at once?
A.You have 4 slots for first and second job, 3 for third job, and 2 for fourth job. However, if you use a skill then switch active skills, the effect of the first skill will disappear.

Q.Can I steal skills from Resistence/Cygnus/Side Adventurers?
A.No, you cannot steal from them.

Q.Is it possible to steal skills from UA/UE classes? i.e. shark wave/flame gear etc.?
A.No, you can't steal them because they are in the beginner skill tab, and also they are skills from Cygnus knights.

Q.From the classes you can steal from, can you PICK a move out of their whole set?
A.Yes you can choose the skills you can steal but, you cannot steal passive skills or summons.

Q.Is it possible to macro three talent of the phantom thief , ie 1st 2nd 3rd job on one macro?
A.As long as it doesn't have a cool down it can be macro'd. Answered by @razormana


Let's help each other out and have fun

Try to answer as well as you can. Don't just guess, give sources. If you are making assumptions about something, make clear that you aren't sure. Let's not give people the wrong information!
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I am gonna play JMS on May 30 when they release it, June is to far away and it could be at the end of June. I think GMS should release it for their 7th anniversary which would be the best gift to give us.
Apr 29 2012
evyxx Level 200 Broa Evan 10th Growth
Will Phantoms be able to successfully pull off two- or three- man cWKPQ runs?
Apr 29 2012
Jq25wong Level 137 Bera Demon Slayer 4
Can someone explain to me how the skill steal works? (In terms of the level of the stolen skill)
Like if I stole hurricane lvl 29 would mine be lvl29 aswell?[/quote]

Still no idea on how skill steal works...
Apr 29 2012
Wubzey Level 187 Mardia Night Walker 4 Beloved Guild
@bleachgod1: I read somewhere hat ultimate drive was 3x 85% so 85+220 = 305? meh I was wrong bout the number of hits and %dmg per hit anyway
Apr 29 2012
@wubzey it was changed b4 it even ever came out to kms servers.
@drakelord999 LOL not end of June. we're getting it around May 30-June 6th. just because Michael from devblog said "as we're moving into June" doesnt mean June, could mean late May which would prove my predictions right, saying that we're 5 months behind kms.
Apr 30 2012
bombinator Level 200 Broa Night Lord See what games, anime & art bombinator is intobombinator
You might want to start putting FAQs in the starting post, as answers are going to get lost as this thread accumulates more pages and people asking the same thing.
Apr 30 2012
Wubzey Level 187 Mardia Night Walker 4 Beloved Guild
Do phantoms have naturally high damage ranges like Mercedes and Evan or inherently low ranges like pre justice shads? Just wondering so I can compare what my damage will be to my Mercedes because I'll have basically the same amount of %stat (a little more on my phantom)
Apr 30 2012
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