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The invisible Mu lung dojo champ! Screen

By Gildarts

Gildarts Level 212 Broa Kaiser 4 Influx Guild
Feb 20 2014 So just a few minutes ago, it was announced a well-known mapler by the ign, lamjojje, achieved the best record for mu lung dojo. A few seconds after that he appeared in my store invisible! and I was seriously saying to myself " what!? this guy is pretty godly I wonder how pro he looks?" ( He comes in my store invisible with a sweatshirt on lol). I'm not sure if its maplestory glitching or it's my computer lagging lol. Just a random moment

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Arazthoru Level 203 Galicia Aran 4 See what games, anime & art Arazthoru is intoArazthoru
+4 hes just too pro for you to be able to see him CX
Feb 21 2014

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