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The learning curve of the game is the main factor

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increveisuma Level 120 Bera Demon Avenger 1
Since a mapler learns that the button on the keyboard lets them replace the attack keys with what feels more comfortable, I enjoy playing a shadower since I can chain assault on ctrl, savage blow on shift, and the upward, poppy movement of band of thieves on z. If you try this combo on a demon avenger, your keys would get stuck when you use the sweeping move, you literally would be stuck to the floor when you attack very often, and the savage blow would be the fastest attack that is faster slightly when tested in comparison to the sweeping move of the avenger. If this was not the case that the learning curve of the game is what attracts myself to play the game, there are plenty of other mmorgs like Tree of Savior or SAO's that I could be willing to play, excepting I would have to start the game from scratch,meaning I would have to laminate the gamefaqs written from another person to be able to motivate myself to play them since the intent value of them is still good after realizing that the game designers left puzzles that train your brain to be more passive, since entranced, with pessimistic realism. Any criticism?
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