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The left over Sp

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Fyrus Level 182 Scania Shadower
I belive once I Get to level 18x I will have left over SP(as a shadower, not sure about the rest) Could I invest it in 3rd job skills?
Posted: October 2014 Permalink


FreeIcecream Level 211 KradiaEMS Dawn Warrior 4
You were able to do that before the RED patch but not anymore on Explorers.
Oct 09 2014
misslime Level 25 Bera Evan 2nd Growth
I think most, if not all classes are gonna be able to get all maxed skills as soon as you get the empress set effect (the +2 skill level one) so you shouldn't really worry about it
dunno how the shad skills end up after you finish investing sp into them, but that's what I noticed with most classes I checked except lumi
Oct 09 2014
coolbreeze69 Level 193 Bera Blaze Wizard 4
they just sit there and remain useless. I ended up maxing all the skills on my BW at 179 and on my F/P at like 182 I think
Oct 09 2014

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