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The mir puzzle Screen

By bomberb0i2

bomberb0i2 Level 210 Scania Bow Master
Aug 10 2012 So this was a project for wood shop almost 2 years ago. I had to make a puzzle out of wood so i decided to make a Mir puzzle. I had to draw Mir on to the wood first, then i had to carefully cut it out ( which was the most hard part so i had my friends cut it out for me). Then i just put in the small details on the drawing and paint it. =)

Side note: I was also making a Maple shield; an actual life size one that u can carry around, but i never got to finish it... I was so sad, it was turning out so good.

Anyways hope u guys enjoy it and all criticism is welcome

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Kinshima Level 120 Windia Paladin
+8 Looks difficult, haha.
Aug 11 2012
XronellX Level 139 Scania Night Lord
+5 Hmm...I think the egg shell goes on the bottom with the head and the body is on top because it just hatched a baby.
Aug 11 2012
thats so gorey ripping mir apart :L omg XD lol
Aug 11 2012
Awe man that looks cool, nice job.
Looks pretty accurate to the actual Mir ingame.
Aug 11 2012
narubaka13 Level 208 Scania Dark Knight
Lol this is cute... what if you actually made it difficult? LOL. Mir will get even more cut up in the process
Aug 11 2012
PhanniLynn Level 148 Renegades Phantom 4
Wow this is amazing! I have never seen anybody make this out of wood! Awesome!
Aug 11 2012

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