Sad Mask
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The mushroom Screen

By jstn

jstn Level 165 Broa Evan 10th Growth
Sep 21 2011 Well, this was a boring project :i i dont do as much maplestory stuff and havent been on basil in a long time :u

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FallenAsh Level 141 Windia Phantom 4
I'll never look at orange mushrooms the same away again.
Sep 21 2011
This is actually really cool You should do like an anatomy version of other maple monsters too, it'd be neat
Sep 21 2011
GingHan Level 148 Galicia Shadower
How does it go to the bathroom?
Sep 21 2011
TheNoDozOwl Level 49 Demethos Spearman

OT: Good idea, I would've never thought of that lol
Sep 21 2011

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