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The new lvl 200 limetrinity Screen

By bomberb0i2

bomberb0i2 Level 210 Scania Bow Master
Aug 24 2012 i thought when i would hit lvl 200 i would feel some kind of accomplishment, but i was like; "... ok now wat"

any ways after years of playing maple on and off i have finally reached Lv. 200. i'd just like to say BM's r not a boring class, the ppl who play them and quit them r the boring ppl. Now on to my next lvl 200 if possible b4 the new year.

anyways hope u guys enjoy this or w/e u do when ppl hit Lv. 200.
BM pride 333

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shortmech Level 200 Scania Aran 4
Aug 24 2012
Sweet im on the chat hahah! i didn't believe it you were level 200 that year f3 congrats vik lol
Jan 01 2015

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