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The new totem animation Screen

By mrxxkim

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RubberDonkey Level 68 Scania Assassin
+3 High horse away!
Nov 20 2013
Kuraitou Level 208 Elnido F/P Arch Mage Revenant Guild
Do you need all three totems or will you get an effect for each one equipped?
Nov 20 2013
Xaiosun Level 206 Kradia Dark Knight
+39 now all you need is 3 of those giant robo pets, a familiar, and the shadow style effect and everyone will hate when you walk around town!
Nov 20 2013
i wonder if the effect is perma ? if so thats op
Nov 20 2013
Crizit Level 221 Broa Corsair
+12 Please tell me you can turn off the effect somehow without taking off the totems.
Nov 20 2013
Satellite Level 146 Yellonde Bow Master
+22 MS was so much nicer to look at when we didn't have all these useless sprites around every single character...

Now we can have:

1. The actual player
2. Android
3. Pets x 3 and possible 3 pet effect
4. Mount
5. Nx effects
6. Nx Ring effects
7. Zhelm effect
8. Lightning God ring creature
9. Familiar
10. Soul Weapon (maybe soon in gMS)
11. ABR effects
12. Possible effects from flashy buffs
13. Effects from capes (Cherubims and the like)
14. Profession Effect (in kMS)
15. Finally, now the Totem effect

How the hell are we supposed to see anything soon? Lets not even talk about the lag issues when multiple people with all the above turned on enter a map.
Nov 20 2013

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