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The pink girl Screen

By pinksinsftw

pinksinsftw Level 177 Bera Night Lord
Nov 11 2010 The heroine of a Novel that I'm working on, which was inspired by past Maple experiences and real life.
-Return of the Ballpoint pen, yay!-
I'm aware the head's a little awkward.

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darklime Level 124 Windia Chief Bandit
Love the detail. Pretty hair. kewl crosshatching(or w/e it's called). Not [i]the best[/i] crosshatching, but [i]nicely befitted[/i] for this picture. +1

Cute mini version.
Nov 11 2010
Amazing. I love it.
Nov 12 2010
I find the head shape cute.
Nov 12 2010

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