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The proud onyx dragon Screen

By SpadeStyle

SpadeStyle Level 215 Khaini Evan 10th Growth
Mar 03 2012 First picture uploaded on basil It took me around three days, on and off, to finish this drawing (didn't keep track of the time lol) I hope you like it

Made in Paint Tool SAI

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yooshint Level 175 Bera Demon Avenger 4
Nice. I like it ^^ Moar pls?
Mar 03 2012
Evan Pride FTW!
Mar 03 2012
omfg shining charizard
Mar 03 2012
tHeBiguHH Level 88 Scania Evan 6th Growth
this is awesome!
Mar 03 2012
omg nice! I LOVE IT SO MUCH nice drawing! DRAGONS FTW

Edit: omg if just i could +like this 9001 times in a row
Mar 03 2012
Karkain Level 211 Broa Hero
Proud Onyx Dragon, meet Proud Onyx Dragon Slayer.
Mar 03 2012

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