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The richest person in maplestory

General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general probably the taxi-cab driver. For 8 years now, he has been repeatedly ripping people off for 1k mesos to drive somewhere, but he has never changed positions the past 8 years and sits on his lazy buttocks when people could be buying Return scrolls for cities for 500 mesos...

For 8 years he has been doing this, and he has probably over a couple trill if you take into account how lazy we are and depend on this criminal.

And if you think this is a troll, think about it, this man is rich, even though he isn't a player
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Keinsai Level 114 Windia Mihile 4
Who actually uses the cab though?
Apr 04 2013

No Basil, my post is not too short. Quit bugging me.
Apr 04 2013
nikeball123 Level 210 Windia Bow Master See what games, anime & art nikeball123 is intonikeball123
It's definitely the scroll seller in ludi tower. 10m for SSS.
Apr 04 2013
Who actually uses the cab though?[/quote]

The cool kids
Apr 04 2013
wanna ride on my cab? it's for free
Apr 04 2013
I'd say whoever gets the tax from trades.
Apr 04 2013
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