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The special has stressed india

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The special has stressed that children are not immune to the virus and, in fact, as many studies show, they are at least as contagious as adults. In this context, all the guests agreed that the return to school, despite the fact that it was necessary for the children, has occurred in a hasty manner.

"I love that children go to school, they have to socialize. It is a premise that I think we should comply with, but always with a certainty. The pity is that we have missed the train of time because, without the schools closed in March and now open in September, there has been an important time when things should have been done that have not been done. The roadmap is being improvised in some way in schools, continually changing protocols and stories that, in the long run, will not be good, has assured pediatrician Fernando García-Sala.Use laser hair removal treatment in

Now that one of the most critical guests with the return to the classroom has been Dr. José Miguel Gaona, who first said that "children should go to school. The problem is that things have not been done as they should have been done ". Likewise, the professional has pointed out that "one question is what we would like it to be and another thing is reality and with the reality in this country we have had some cakes from here I wait for you. The reality is that we are in September, we are the Wuhan of Europe, or particularly large cities in Spain such as Madrid ".
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