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Okay so when i log in on the website, it tells me that i need to reactivate my account. I go to my email and click on the reactivation link and it brings me to the password changing page, where i then enter my new password and click update password. However this error box which says "There has been an error with the service. Please try reloading the page." So i try reloading the page but it still gives me the same thing. Then i log out of my account and log back in with the new password and it tells me that i need to reactivate my account...... I've been doing this since the start of today's SC and ive gotten almost 20 reactivation emails. Can anyone please help me?

tldr: i got nexon'd
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I have learned that tickets aren't always going to be read.
Aug 05 2011
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i got this too... but what you can do is create a new account. naturally, once you open the account creation for that account and try to confirm, it will fail. but the new account's info will still exist, though unactivated. run the gamelauncher and go to the login screen, put in the info of your new account, and then it will say that its still pending. go to the nexon website, get a new reverification letter for your regular account by relogging, and it should let you change your password normally. repeat if it ever happens again.
hope this helped!
Aug 05 2011

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