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They closed Palace of the Master Level 200 Aran Npc place

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tailz2k6 Level 153 Windia Dark Knight
So I was doing riena strait on my PB and I decided to go visit my NPC since they were nearby, but then the portal was closed. So I got on my Aran and used my tele rock to get in since I had it saved in case I wanted to change my looks, which I was able to teleport to. Question is why would they focus their time on closing down the entrance to that map? The Evan one and all the other adventurer ones still have complete access to them.

Edit - wait they did that to all the adventurer ones too.
I guess they forgot about Evans then?
Posted: September 2015 Permalink


fumumu Level 250 Bellocan Aran 4
Prob forgot about a few. I don't know where I read it but I think they have plans to update that area. Probably to 250 players. Who knows.
Sep 01 2015
maplebhav Level 204 Khaini Aran 4
Yeah, I have not been able to see mine in a while. It was because of people complaining during the merge, and people who were not one of the top 10 wanting to make one.
Sep 01 2015
tailz2k6 Level 153 Windia Dark Knight
I don't. There's only two 250s, and we just got our 200 statues just a few months ago after a four year wait because they were glitched.
Sep 02 2015

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