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They lied about Jaira spawn time. Video

By SuperMaoMao

SuperMaoMao Level 236 Scania Kaiser 4
Mar 16 2011 Me and my friend Both Cought a Jaira around 9pm est. also they diespear in 15min. we found them every ch.

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Congrats! Was this yesterday? I really want one :x
Mar 16 2011
I wonder how it tastes, jaguar.
Mar 17 2011
YES we caught this yestoday
Mar 17 2011
o-o" uhmmm so is this 'jaria' faster than the rest or just its eyes glow
Mar 17 2011
mynamehere Level 135 Scania Phantom 4
I got mine at around 10:00pm EST :O
Mar 19 2011

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