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Assassin,Hermit,Nightlord Post Big-Bang

What's a Nightlord?

A Nightlord is a branch of the Thief class, starting from an Adventurer Beginner, and we path ourselves into the Path of a Thief where we become a Rogue, then we take the Path of an Assassin as opposed to a Bandit, routing ourselves to a Hermit and finishing off as a Nightlord. Our weapons consist of an arsenal of claws, which are 2-Handed weapons meaning we cannot equip shields, but we can equip the new Secondary Weapons. We excel at (primarily) single target DPS with high mobility.

Pros and Cons of a Nightlord


  • High mobility
  • Knockback/Rush-like skill at 2nd Job (Gust Charm) for mobbing
  • Nice single target DPS (Exceptional with RED Update)
  • Scales very nicely with funding
  • Very nice innate damage boosters, particularly in 4th job
  • Mastery Books are relatively cheap compared to other classes
  • No Skillbooks required (Maple Warrior is given when advancing to Nightlord; Hero's Will requires a quest line but is optional)
  • Semi-infinite stars with Shadow Stars


  • A little squishy without the help of Link skills and HP washing
  • Mediocre mobbing until RED Update.
  • Primarily active is single target rather than multi-target like other jobs
  • Requires a LOT of funding to be godly, even more so than other jobs
  • Stars are fairly expensive if you opt for flashier stars, but otherwise, they are dirt cheap but requires charging


Note that with the Unleashed patch, mob experiences have been nerfed to the ground, but some of the mobs are still viable training spots.

Important: With the Unleashed/Unlimited patch, EXP not scales until you are within level range of the monster. If your character level is more than 20 levels above or below the monster, you will receive lower EXP that scales the closer/farther you are from the monster's level. Meaning a level 30 and 35 are training/leeching on level 55 monsters, you will receive less EXP on the level 30, and you will get full EXP on the level 35, which discourages mob jumping like the old Jesters from level 50 to 70, then Aliens from 70-110.

Below is just the training guides. In conjunction to grinding, always mix in PQs if possible, and bosses as well, especially at the 140+ area for quick EXP

Level RangeGrind spot/Monsters
30-35Mushroom Kingdom Quest line
35-50Kerning Square (Quest and/or Grind)
50-60Drakes(Any)V/HoodoosJestersRobos/Master Robos
60-80Dessert Sand Bunnies (M or F)Omega SectorJestersAliensRobos/Master Robos
80-90Magatia (Roids, Mutaes)JestersAliens
90-100Captains & KruCrimsonwood Keep MobsAliensLudibrium
100-120Captains & KruCrimsonwood Keep MobsAliensLudibriumEvolution Lab
120-130Evolution LabForest of Dead Trees I-IV
130-140Evolution LabKampung Village
140-160/165Evolution LabGhost ShipDimension Invasion
160/165-170/173/175/177/179Stronghold: First/Second Drill HallStronghold: Armoury
170/173/175/177/179-196/200Stronghold: Hall of Honor
196/200-250Twilight Perion Stone/Dark/Mixed Golems


Note: Stronghold is a MAJOR potburn. Touch damage, magic damage, all of that adds up. Be prepared to be potting every other second because you'll be taking damage every time you're out of your iFrame. The only exception would be the spirits in Hallowed Grounds. I would recommend AT LEAST having 10k base HP before attempting. That would allow you to tank 2 hits, giving you a safety of 1 hit rather than running around with 7k HP which would mean you'd be dead if you pot lagged.

Again, pretty standard training spot after Temple of Time or LHC. Impractical to solo as an NL unless you're 2-3 shotting them.

  • Official Knights
Official Knight A, Level 168, HP 20,500,000, EXP 88,243
Official Knight B, Level 170, HP 21,500,000, EXP 91,290
Official Knight C, Level 172, HP 22,500,000, EXP 95,571
Official Knight D, Level 174, HP 23,500,000, EXP 99,186
Official Knight E, Level 176, HP 24,500,000, EXP 102,757

  • Advanced Knights
Advanced Knight A, Level 177, HP 25,000,000, EXP 105,481
Advanced Knight B, Level 179, HP 26,000,000, EXP 108,043
Advanced Knight C, Level 180, HP 26,500,000, EXP 109,786
Advanced Knight D, Level 182, HP 28,500,000, EXP 117,271
Advanced Knight E, Level 184, HP 30,500,000, EXP 124,671

Twilight Perion

With the Unlimited(KMS)/Unleashed(GMS) Patch, we have a level cap increase to 250, meaning a need for a new place to train. Here we have Twilight Perion. The regular mobs are actually fairly decent EXP, ranging from 15.5k to 17.5k EXP per mob. Of course it's not as great as party zone mobs like Stronghold and Twiligh Perion Golems but they're still decent. Our focus would be the party zone mobs:

  • Ancient Golem: Level 196, HP 85,000,000, EXP: 245,532
  • Ancient Dark Golem: Level 197, HP 87,000,000, EXP: 250,600
  • Ancient Mixed Golem: Level 198, HP 89,000,000, EXP: 255,640

NOTE: A forewarning, Twilight Perion Golems have an INSANE amount of touch and magic damage. On average, even with a full Empress set's %HP, topped with Level 2/3 Kaiser Link, HP Hyper, Weapon+Magic Def Hypers and a small extra bit of %HP, you will NOT be able to tank 2 hits, meaning if you're lagging, you will die. The touch damage is approximately 11k-12k, and the magic damage is 14k-16k, so unless you're stacking a ton of defense, and/or have self HB, and/or HP washed, and/or all of the above, it's recommended that you get a pet with a potion pot expanded a few times with your HP warning at 100% on top of a Safety Charm to really be able to train here.


The ratings of difficulty will have 1 being the easiest and 5 being difficult. Any ratings with a (?) at the end means that it depends on funding but the general rating would be the given rating.

For the Damage Range portion, the first set of numbers before the 2 parallel lines (like this || ) is the range without any boss damage. The 2nd set of numbers will be with 20-30% boss damage. 'XX' means that I wouldn't recommend doing it without any boss damage at all. If there's a 3rd number, that would represent 60% boss damage.

The damage ranges used would reflect the total buffed range and would also lean towards effective soloing. Say if I have a recommended range for 20k+, you can still solo with your 12k range, it's just that you won't get the same outcome in terms of time versus efficiency. Keep in mind that the damage range suggestion is for solos only.

I've also added a DPS Recommended portion to the harder major bosses. The DPS Recommended DOES NOT correlate with the recommended range. How do you find your DPS? Quad Star attacks 3 times in 2 seconds, so take an average of your damage with QS, and multiply it by 1.5. Then add on your damage per Toxic Venom x 2 (only applying 2 lines instead of 3 lines which is maxed). Total it up and that is your rough DPS.

NOTE: That PDR is now MULTIPLICATIVE, not additive as it was before with Unleashed.


Damage Range: 8000+
Level Suggestion: 120+
Location: Deep Inside the Clock Tower. Can only be entered twice every 24 hours of the first entry.
Summoned By/Spawn Time: Dropping a Crack of Dimension in the designated area of the map.
HP Required: 2200+
Time Sphere HP: 16,000
1st Form HP: 23,000,000
2nd Form HP: 1,590,000
Total HP: 24,606,000
Time Sphere EXP: 0
1st Form EXP: 596,000
2nd Form EXP: 970,000
Total EXP: 1,566,000
1st Form: 10,000
2nd Form: 12,000
PDRate: 50%
Solo difficulty: 1.5/5 (?)
Party/Dual difficulty: 1/5
TIP: The key to not getting stunned is to pin Pap to the left or the right and ensure that you're hitting Pap at MAXED range of Triple Throw/Quad Star. That way, once it hits you back, you'll have to move towards Pap again a little to get back into range to keep it pinned.

Black Crow

Damage Range: Any
Level Suggestion: 115+ (for 100% hit rate)
Location: Encounter with the Buddha
Summoned By/Spawn Time: 6 hours
HP Required: 2800+
Boss HP: 35,000,000
Boss Exp: 1,780,000
PDRate: 30%
Solo difficulty: 1/5
Party/Dual difficulty: 1/5
Tip: Kill one of the mobs in the map to trigger the spawn.

Female Boss/Anego

Damage Range: Any
Level Suggestion: 130+ (for 100% hit rate)
Location: Parlor
Summoned By/Spawn Time: 6-8 hours
HP Required: 2600+
Boss HP: 75,000,000
Boss Exp: 1,447,275
PDRate: 40%
Note: After the reorganization, Anego can attack again. Kill one of the mobs in the map to trigger the spawn.
Solo difficulty: 1/5
Party/Dual difficulty: 1/5


Damage Range: 22,000+ || 15,000+
Level Suggested: 50+
Solo Range Suggested: 20,000+ buffed
Location: Zakum's Altar--This map can only be accessed twice every 24 hours.
[B]NOTE:[/B] You are no longer required to have an expedition of 5 people or more to go in. You can walk in and solo as 1 person.
HP Required: 2700+
Boss HP:
(Arms are numbered top to bottom, right to left)
Arms 1 and 2: 33,000,000 each
Arms 3 and 4: 22,000,000 each
Arm 5: 27,500,000
Arm 6: 30,000,000
Arms 7 and 8: 25,300,000 each
Body 1: 66,000,000
Body 2: 88,000,000
Body 3: 110,000,000
Total HP: 482,100,000
Arms 1 and 2: 672,000 each
Arms 3 and 4: 448,000 each
Arms 5 and 6: 560,000 each
Arms 7 and 8: 515,200 each
Body 1: 0
Body 2: 0
Body 3: 3,603,400
Total EXP: 7,993,800
PDRate 50%
Note: As long as you have a 20k buffed range, you can solo Zak fairly quickly, especially now that you have 2 additional stars per attack (with Quad Star). Boss damage will definitely help.
Solo difficulty: 2.5/5
Party/Dual difficulty: 1/5

Scarlion & Targa(Under Construction)

Damage Range: 20,000+ || 15,000+
HP recommended: 5,000+
Level required: 80+
Level Suggested: 140+
Boss Level: 80/100/140
Boss HP:
Scarlion[1] HP: 60,000,000
Scarlion[2] HP: 90,000,000
Scarlion[3] HP: 150,000,000
Total Scarlion HP: 300,000,000
Targa[1] HP: 60,000,000
Targa[2] HP: 90,000,000
Targa[3] HP: 150,000,000
Total Targa HP: 300,000,000
Total HP: 600,000,000
Boss EXP:
Scarlion[1] EXP: 268,000
Scarlion[2] EXP: 403,200
Scarlion[3] EXP: 1,344,000
Total Scarlion EXP: 2,015,200
Targa[1] EXP: 268,000
Targa[2] EXP: 403,200
Targa[3] EXP: 1,344,000
Total Targa EXP: 2,015,200
Total Boss EXP: 4,030,400
PDR Rate: 30%
Solo Difficulty: 2.5/5 - 3.5/5
Party Difficulty: 1/5
Dual Difficulty: 1/5 - 2/5
Tips: Not a difficult boss. Just annoying and requires a bit of patience. Overall, it's a straight forward boss. Just spam QS and clear the summons with Shade Splitter or Shuriken Burst. Pin it. They run around and attack but it's minimal damage. They do cancel weapon and magic attack like Zakum bodies.

Crimsonwood Keep (CWKPQ) Bosses a.k.a. Versalian Grandmasters

Damage Range: 30,000+ || 20,000+
HP recommended: 5,000+
Level required: 90+
Level recommended: 120+
Boss Levels: 120
Boss HP:
Margana HP: 200,000,000
Red Nirg HP: 255,000,000
Rellik HP: 231,000,000
Hsalf HP: 233,000,000
Total Boss HP: 919,000,000
Boss EXP:
Margana EXP: 4,300,000
Red Nirg EXP: 4,550,000
Rellik EXP: 4,450,000
Hsalf EXP: 4,510,000
Total Boss EXP: 17,810,000
PDR Rate: 30% PDR
Solo Difficulty: 2/5 - 5/5
Party Difficulty: 1/5 - 2/5
Dual Difficulty: 1/5-3.5
Tips: Again, very straightforward. Just pin them to the walls and siege with QS. They do spawn Ocelots and Phoenixes which aren't that big a deal. Be careful of Margana's anti-potion. Best scenario would be to have someone rush them to a corner and you pick them off so that they don't all crowd on you. But definitely soloable.

Crimson Queen (Root Abyss)

Damage Range: XX || 60,000+ || 50,000+
Level Required: 100+ to do the prequest, 120+ to hit at a 100% rate
Level Recommended: As long as you fit the damage range
HP Recommended: 10,000+
Boss HP: 315,000,000
Boss EXP: 2,200,000
PDR Rate: 50%
Solo Difficulty: 4/5 - 5/5
Dual/Party Difficulty: 1/5-3/5
Tips: Basically watch for the turns of her face. As her head rotates, she basically has different abilities to her kit that activates. The only real thing to watch out for is her clawing at your face (snipe her out at all times to be safe), DR and her Mirror. Read the message that shows up as her face switches. Once the red aura is around her, don't attack, that's her version of DR. Once the mirror spawns, kill it immediately before you get seduced and 1 shotted. Your damage will be lower than usual, pretty much like Hilla in all the RA bosses. Also watch out for those little black rings on the floor. You take damage if you stay in them and you get sucked in towards the center. FJ out immediately and pot at the same time.


Damage Range: XX || 60,000+ || 50,000+
Level Required: 100+ to do the prequest, 120+ to hit at a 100% rate
Level Recommended: As long as you fit the damage range
HP Recommended: 10,000+
Boss HP: 315,000,000
Boss EXP: 2,200,000
PDR Rate: 50%
Solo Difficulty: 1/5 - 3/5
Dual/Party Difficulty: 1/5
Tips: Probably one of the 2 easiest RA bosses. Very straight forward. Live and kill. That's it. Watch the signals on the ground where the hats drop, and avoid them, especially when Pierre is doing his fire belly dance thing, or you'll die without auto HP. Other than that, if your hat is the same color as Pierre, don't attack him, or it'll heal him. I.E. if your hat is red and he's blue, you're good. If your hat is red and he's red, just avoid him until the color changes. Snipe from a distance in case he bashes you.

Von Bon

Damage Range: XX || 60,000+ || 50,000+
Level Required: 100+ to do the prequest, 120+ to hit at a 100% rate
Level Recommended: As long as you fit the damage range
HP Recommended: 10,000+
Boss HP: 315,000,000
Boss EXP: 2,200,000
PDR Rate: 50%
Solo Difficulty: 1/5 - 2/5
Dual/Party Difficulty: 1/5
Tips: Basically, you can't not kill this boss. This is the [B]EASIEST[/B] boss. Stand on the dark clocks and your time limit will increase. Stand on the white clocks, and your time limit with decrease. Basically, you can stand on the dark clocks all day, and stay in Von Bon all day if you want. Again, straight forward boss. Attack him, kill him, profit. Whenever he flies up in the air, just FJ to a distance so you don't take unnecessary damage. Again, snipe him from a distance in case he bashes you


Damage Range: XX || 100,000+ || 85,000+
Level Required: 100+ to do the prequest, 130+ to hit at a 100% rate
Level Recommended: As long as you fit the damage range
HP Recommended: 10,000+
Boss HP: 550,000,000
Boss EXP: 2,640,000
PDR Rate: 50%
Solo Difficulty: 5/5
Dual/Party Difficulty: 3/5 - 5/5
Tips: This is the most annoying son of a gun. This annoying snake majig burrows in the ground, meaning you can't attack him as he moves around, and pops up for a brief period until he's about 50% down. Basically you attack when he surfaces. Don't stand on the yellow ring as he surfaces or you'll get knocked back and waste precious DPS, pretty much snipe from a distance again like all other RA bosses. After he's brought down to 50% and below, he'll stand attacking by dropping acid on you, so you'll be trippin' if you stand on it (you take damage as you stand on it). Then he shoots those spirit bombs/kamehamehas at you like you saw in the cutscene during the prequest. Avoid them.

Another strat, would be to stand as close to Vellum as possible, but not touching or staying too close to the yellow rings and just spam Quad Throw. That way you won't get hit by the fireballs since he can't shoot directly under him or behind him, only at an angle away from him. Other than that, self explanatory boss after 1 or 2 go's. The reason the difficulty is capped is because of how he dodges. Even at the listed ranges, it's still fairly difficult to solo since you are dealing reduced damage like Hilla, same goes for all RA bosses. Invincible half the times = no damage being dealt = unproductive solo. Best done with 3-4 people or with a strong dualer.

Von Leon

Damage Range: XX || 40,000+ || 34,000+
DPS Recommended: 1.8m+
Location: Audience Room; Channels 13 and 18 ONLY
Level Required: 120+
Level Recommended: 140+
HP Recommended: 7000+
Boss HP: 550,000,000
Boss EXP: 884,000
PDR Rate: 50% PDR
Solo Difficulty: 4/5 - 5/5
Dual/Party Difficulty: 1/5 - 5/5
Tips: Don't underestimate the 550m HP from him. The main problems is the fact that he absorbs the summons, pot locks and damage reflects. To solo VL, spawn him, and attack him once, then Flash Jump to the left. Wait until he teleports to you, then die. DO NOT click OK to be sent back to the respawn map. Stay there until the server pushes you back to the respawn map automatically (takes about 3-4 minutes AFK). Come back in, then use [B]ONLY[/B] Quad Star to attack. Be wary of damage reflection. Don't worry about Von Leon's touch damage since you'll be taking touch damage from the mobs unless he just so happens to hit you right out of the invincibility frame (i-frame) from the mob touch damage.


Damage Range: 17,000+ || 12,000+
Level Suggestion: 170+ (for 100% hit rate)
Location: Ruins of Krexel II
Summoned By/Spawn Time: Whacking at From 1 on the map.
HP Required: 7000+
Form 1 HP: 10
Form 2 HP: 450,000,000
Form 3 HP: 450,000,000
Total HP: 900,000,010
Form 1 EXP: 0
Form 2 EXP: 11,000,000
Form 3 EXP: 11,000,000
Total EXP: 22,000,000
PDRate: 50%
Note: Krexel requires a quest line from Ulu City.
Solo difficulty: 2.5/5 (The boss is not hard per say, it's just time consuming since it does cancel weapon attack at its first form)
Party/Dual difficulty:1/5

Arkarium, non-KoC

Damage Range: XX || 80,000+ || 65,000+ (assuming you have a decent/godly mage)
DPS Recommended: 4.5m+
HP required: 15,000+
Level required: 120+
Level recommended: 170+ & 1 or more mage(s) that deals 5m+ DPS
Boss Level: 170
Arkarium HP- 2,100,000,000
Arkarium EXP- 50,000,000
PDR Rate: 60% PDR
Solo Difficulty: Impossible to all classes but mages
Party Difficulty: 2/5 - 5/5; impossible without a mage that deals 1m+ DPS
Dual Difficulty: 2/5 - 5/5; impossible without a mage that deals 1m+ DPS
Tips: MUST BRING A MAGE for Arkarium for Netherworld Monk (summons). The mage must be able to clear the Netherworld Monks quickly because he will absorb them to heal large chunks of his HP, and they're immune to physical attacks hence the need for a mage. If your mage can't deal enough damage to 1-3 shot them, Arkarium will absorb them and make the battle impossible. Careful for his damage reflect. Dying here will teleport you to a death map with a portal that you can re-enter the battle from.

Note: The monks only have 5 mil HP, which isn't a lot in today's standards. A decent FP can 1 shot them with a full or half combo. Evans can destroy them in a fraction of a second.

The Boss a.k.a Grandpa Boss a.k.a. GB

Damage Range: 45,000+ || 35,000+ || 28,000+
DPS Recommended: 1m+
Level Suggestion: 150+ (for 96% Bodyguard A, 90% Bodyguard B), 175+ (100% hit rate for all Bodyguards including Grandpa Boss/The Boss)
Location: Nightmarish Last Days
Summoned By/Spawn Time: Dropping Lady Boss's Comb on the treasure chest area (Note: You can simply pick up your comb once this boss is summoned) Available once every 24 hours of first entry
HP Required: 4000+/8000+
Boss HP: 400,000,000- Bodyguard A
Boss HP: 500,000,000- Bodyguard B
Boss HP: 150,000,000- Grandpa/The Boss
Total HP: 1,050,000,000
Boss Exp: 7,137,894- Bodyguard A
Boss Exp: 8,835,567- Bodyguard B
Boss Exp: 2,494,740- Grandpa/The Boss
Total EXP: 18,468,201
PDRate: 50%
Note: All phases of GB can attack again but with a twist. BGA can chain stun much harder than before since Dark Flare NO LONGER DE-AGGROS Bodyguard A. All in all, GB is no longer as feasible a boss to train on unless you have someone to tank all the aggro. But if you have a familiar, you can de-aggro it, but nonetheless, BGA is still very annoying from the constant stuns.
Solo difficulty: 3/5
Party/Dual difficulty: 1/5 (If you have someone to keep it rushed, it'll be a 3-4. Otherwise, if it's just straight attackers, it's a 5)

Chaos Zakum

Damage Range: XX || 70,000+ || 55,000+
DPS Recommended: 2.3m+
Location: Zakum's Altar Ch 11. Note: Zak and CZak both count towards your 2 entrances of the day.
Level Suggested: 150+
HP Required: 6500+
Boss HP:
Arms 1 and 2: 264,000,000 each
Arms 3 and 4: 176,000,000 each
Arms 5 and 6: 220,000,000
Arms 7 and 8: 202,400,000 each
Body 1: 528,000,000
Body 2: 704,000,000
Body 3: 880,000,000
Total HP: 3,836,800,000
Boss Exp:
Arms 1 and 2: 1,612,800 each
Arms 3 and 4: 1,075,200 each
Arms 5 and 6: 1,344,000 each
Arms 7 and 8: 1,236,480 each
Body 1: 0
Body 2: 0
Body 3: 14,000,000
Total EXP: 24,536,960
PDRate: 50%
Note: Make your way around with the arms. The top 2 arms are the seduction arms. The 2nd from the bottom on the left is the dispelling arm. After killing all the arms, move to the RIGHT of the body and continue to attack. Why? Because if Chaos Zakum seduces, you will be forced to move the right. To survive the 10 second duration of seduce, spam press the Quest menu macro (default Q) or Alt+Enter (Windows mode toggle) to lag your client. When lagging, you will not take any damage from Zak at all, making it a legitimate god mode and a legitimate way to survive seduction without Hero's Will or a Bishop healing.


Damage Range: XX || 52,000+ || 40,000+
DPS Recommended: 1.5m+ DPS
Level Suggested: 160+
HP required: 8,000+
[B]NOTE:[/B] You are no longer required to have an expedition of 5 people or more to go in. You can walk in and solo as 1 person.
Location: Cave of Life
Horntail's Left Head HP: 330,000,000
Horntail's Right Head HP: 330,000,000
Horntail's Head A HP: 330,000,000
Horntail's Head B HP: 490,000,000
Horntail's Head C HP: 330,000,000
Horntail's Left Arm HP: 230,000,000
Horntail's Right Arm HP: 230,000,000
Horntail's Wing HP: 270,000,000
Horntail's Legs HP: 130,000,000
Horntail's Tail HP: 80,000,000
Total HP: 2,750,000,000 including Pre-Heads
Horntail's Left Head EXP: 2,919,609
Horntail's Right Head EXP: 2,919,609
Horntail's Head A EXP:6,951,450
Horntail's Head B EXP: 6,720,000
Horntail's Head C EXP: 6,951,450
Horntail's Left Arm EXP: 4,844,950
Horntail's Right Arm EXP: 4,844,950
Horntail's Wing EXP: 5,573,799
Horntail's Leg EXP: 2,704,983
Horntail's Tail EXP: 1,685,200
Total EXP: 46,089,000 including Pre-Heads
PDR Rate: 40%
Solo difficulty: 3.5/5
Party difficulty: 1/5 (assuming everyone has a decent range)
Dual difficulty: 2/5 (assuming both of you have a slightly above average range)

Solo'd with 60% Boss damage and roughly a 45k range. (Forgot to carry All Cures and didn't snipe across from the left platform to hit the right head to avoid seals and curses)

71k range, max PDR, 30% boss. Solo

Tips: Work clockwise. At the main cave, once you've spawned HT, work from the bottom and around. Kill the legs and tails so you don't accidentally touch them, then work your way around. I personally like to keep an arm for last for the drop timer. If you're not in an expedition of 6 or more ACTIVE members, you have to wait 30 minutes from the spawn time of HT for drops. So if HT's spawn animation finishes at exactly say 58:26, you have to wait until 28:26 before you can kill it for drops. That's if you're looking for drops. Otherwise, just speed right through it.

Chaos Horntail

DPS recommended: 5m+ DPS
HP recommended: 13,000+
Level Required: 110+/160+ (110 to be part of the expedition, 160+ to hit it at a 100% rate)
Level Suggested: 177+ (Reason being is that you want the 20% Boss Damage)
Boss Level: 160
Boss HP:
Chaos Horntail (Pre-Head A) HP- 1,650,000,000
Chaos Horntail (Pre-Head B) HP- 1,650,000,000
Chaos Horntail Head A HP- 1,650,000,000
Chaos Horntail Head B HP- 1,950,000,000
Chaos Horntail Head C HP- 1,650,000,000
Chaos Horntail Left Arm HP- 1,150,000,000
Chaos Horntail Right Arm HP- 1,150,000,000
Chaos Horntail's Wings HP- 1,350,000,000
Chaos Horntail's Body HP- 650,000,000
Chaos Horntail's Tail HP- 450,000,000
Total HP- 13,300,000,000 HP
Boss EXP:
Chaos Horntail (Pre-Head A) EXP- 3,892,812
Chaos Horntail (Pre-Head B) EXP- 3,892,812
Chaos Horntail Head A EXP- 11,122,320
Chaos Horntail Head B EXP- 23,021,176
Chaos Horntail Head C EXP- 11,122,320
Chaos Horntail Left Arm EXP- 7,751,920
Chaos Horntail Right Arm EXP- 7,751,920
Chaos Horntail's Wings EXP- 9,100,080
Chaos Horntail's Body EXP- 4,381,520
Chaos Horntail's Tail EXP- 2,696,320
Total EXP- 84,733,200 EXP
PDR: 50%
Solo Difficulty: 3/5
Dual/Party Difficulty: 1/5

Solo'd CHT in just about 50 minutes clean through. Self-Buffs and 20 attack Halloween Event buff used. 71k range, max PDR, 30% boss. Solo

Notes: Not a difficult boss. The only annoying thing is that he has a ton of HP to sift through. Generally not hard. Just siege it. Same as regular Horntail. Get rid of the tail and body. Just don't touch anything because it's insta-gib if you do unless you have 30k+ HP or capped Avoid. Tail and Body first, work your way around. Nothing new from regular Horntail. The time limit is over 2 hours, so you'll have a bit of leeway. If you can solo regular Horntail in about 20 minutes completely, you should be able to finish CHT in under an hour and a half depending on how often you're seduced and such. I'd recommend Power Elixirs and/or Ginger Ales.

Pink Bean

DPS recommended: 5m+ DPS
HP recommended: 14,000+
Level required: 120+/160+ (120 to be a part of the expedition, 160 required for prequests)
Level recommended: 180+
Boss Level: 180
Boss HP:
Solomon the Wise (Left Statue) HP- 300,000,000 each * 5
Rex the Wise (Right Statue) HP- 300,000,000 each * 4
Hugin (Left Statue) HP- 450,000,000 each * 3
Munin (Right Statue) HP- 450,000,000 each * 2
Ariel (Center Statue) HP- 600,000,000
Pink Bean HP- 2,100,000,000
Total HP: 7,650,000,000
Boss EXP:
Stage 1 - Solomon EXP- 3,000,000
Stage 2 - Solomon + Rex EXP- 3,500,000
Stage 3 - Solomon + Rex + Hugin EXP- 3,000,000
Stage 4 - Solomon + Rex + Hugin + Munin EXP- 3,500,000
Stage 5 - Solomon + Rex + Hugin + Munin + Ariel EXP- 20,000,000
Pink Bean EXP- 62,900,000
Total EXP: 95,900,000
PDR Rate: 60% for all statues; 70% for Pink Bean
Solo Difficulty: 3/5 - 5/5
Party Difficulty: 2/5 - 4/5
Dual Difficulty: 2/5 - 5/5
Tips: Careful for the 1/1's, damage reflection, seduction, and zombify. Overall Pink Bean is just annoying because of all the magic attacks thrown at you. Again, surviving seduction and all just requires you to lag your client. Make sure you have a good amount of pots and All-Cures with you. As long as you don't touch them, you shouldn't have a problem dying with the recommended HP.

Empress Cygnus

Damage Range: XX || XX || XX || XX
DPS Recommended: Cap damage + 4 mil DoT + 40.5m Death Star and a lot of luck
HP recommended: XXX,XXX
Level required: 170+
Level recommended: 188+
Boss Levels: 188/188/188/188/188/190/190
Boss HP:
Eckhart/Oz/Hawkeye/Mikhail/Irena HP: 600,000,000 each
Shinsoo HP: 70,000,000
Cygnus Empress HP: 2,100,000,000
Total HP: 5,170,000,000
Boss EXP:
Eckhart/Oz/Hawkeye/Mikhail/Irena EXP: 3,500,000 each
Shinsoo EXP: 0 (No EXP rewarded)
Cygnus Empress EXP: 204,000,000
Total EXP: 221,500,000
PDR Rate: 50% for Chiefs, 70% for Shinsoo & Cygnus Empress
Solo Difficulty: 5/5
Party Difficulty: 1/5 - 3/5
Dual Difficulty: 2/5 - 4/5
Tips: Zombify, seduction, damage reflection, potential lock, potion lock (the main boss map itself has a potion lock), doom, and mass damage (especially Tornado). You name it, she has it. THE MOST annoying boss in our arsenal at the moment until Chaos PB and Empress are released. Mass damage, mass debuffs, mass magic attacks/skills. Be EXTREMELY careful with your HP. Possible but impractical solo.

Party Quests

With the Unleashed/Unlimited patch, PQs are back in favor because of the quick EXP that they give that scales well. Plus it is a party zone, so the mobs inside the PQ give bonus party experience as well.

One thing to mention beforehand, is that the new party quest system for party quests that range up to level 250 has a new experience system and level system incorporated. Also, there is a group level EXP scaling. In example, if you were to have a level 70 and a level 130 both be in a party doing Orbis PQ for example. The monsters in the party quest will be suited for 120+ because it takes account of the highest level member in your party, so try to keep your members within range of level such as 70-119 and 120+ separately unless the higher level player has no problem with you guys doing less work than him/her. In the end of the party quest, the overall quest experience will be given based on your level. Therefore, the level 130 will receive more experience than the level 70.

List of Party Quests
Note the PQs can be clicked on for your convenience, that way, you won't have to scroll down and can click your way to the specific PQ. And I did not include all the available PQs, simply the ones that

  • [s=/show/guide/396/#pqa]Monster Park 50+[/s]
  • [s=/show/guide/396/#pq2]First Time Together (Kerning City PQ): Level 50+[/s]
  • [s=/show/guide/396/#pq3]Dimensional Crack (Ludibrium PQ): Level 50+[/s]]**
  • [s=/show/guide/396/#pq7]Romeo and Juliet: Level 70+[/s]
  • [s=/show/guide/396/#pq9]Dragon Rider PQ: Level 120+[/s]
  • [s=/show/guide/396/#pq11]Resurrection of the Hoblin King: Level 120+[/s]
  • [s=/show/guide/396/#pq12]Kenta in Danger: Level 120+[/s]
  • [s=/show/guide/396/#pq13]Prison Break/Escape: Level 120+[/s]
  • [s=/show/guide/396/#pq14]Dimension Invasion: Level 140+[/s]

Most of these party quests are self-explanatory. They involve massacring monsters to pass the stage, solving a simple puzzle or collecting specific items.

Monster Park: Level 50+

Note: Each 'tier' of monster park requires a different ticket, with Zebra, Leopard, and Tiger for 120+. The monsters in Monster Park have a set level based on the type of Dungeon. Monster Park is a Party EXP zone, meaning the more members you have, the more party EXP you'll get.
Stage 1 - Last: Defeat all the monsters in each stage, and the boss and monsters in the last stage.

First Time Together Party Quest: Level 50+

Stage 1: Collect the same number of Coupons to fit the answer to your question from Clotto:
Stage 2: Hang of to 3 ropes to find the correct combination.
Stage 3: Each member will stand on 1 platform of Cats. The correct combination will clear the stage
Stage 4: Defeat all the Curse Eyes. The leader should collect one pass for bonus EXP from the Last Stage
Last Stage: Defeat King Slime

Dimensional Crack Party Quest: Level 50+

Stage 1: Defeat all the Black and White Ratz.
Stage 2: Collect 10 passes by using your auto-attack on the blue boxes
Stage 3: Enter the cracks within the tower, and defeat the monsters within
Stage 4: Climb up the tower by pressing UP on the correct boxes. The order is now random
Stage 5: Defeat the Rombots in this map
Stage 6: Talk to the Balloon, and answer the question by standing on the boxes that coincide with the numbers of the answer
Last Stage: Defeat Alishar and collect the Keys

Romeo and Juliet Party Quest: Level 70+

Stage 1: Click or use NPC Chat to go through the different objects in the room in search for the switch to open the door. You can also get 500 EXP and 500 Meso. Obtaining the Letter will provide bonus EXP
Stage 2: Defeat all the monsters in the room
Stage 3: Defeat the monsters in the room. Collect the Liquid and click on the beaker to fill. Note that the beakers will slowly lose the liquid, so kill the monsters until there are enough to fill a beaker, then add the liquid to the beaker
Stage 4: Defeat the Roids for the Card Keys. The left door requires Haste and/or TP. The right door requires TP/Haste/FJ. Collect the document in both rooms.
Stage 5: Find the correct sequence to get to the top. Use party chat to speed the process. If one person has 1 platform, the other 3 will not have the same platform. I.E. If player 1 has the order of 11111, player 2 CANNOT have 1's as the choice of any of their platforms
Last Stage: Protect Romeo/Juliet for Bonus EXP while defeating Frankenoid.


  • Has a 10 entry limit
Stage 1: Defeat all the monsters
Stage 2: Defeat all the monsters
Stage 3: Defeat Dragonoir
Stage 4: Fly through the obstacles
Last Stage: Defeat the Dragon Rider

Resurrection of the Hoblin King Party Quest: Level 120+

Stage 1: Defeat all the monsters
Stage 2: Escort Shammus
Stage 3: Escort Shammus
Last Stage: Defeat the Hoblin King

Kenta in Danger Party Quest: Level 120+

Stage 1: Defeat all the monsters
Stage 2: Defeat all the monsters
Stage 3: Protect Kenta and defeat the mob
Last Stage: Defeat TWO Pianus

Prison Break Party Quest: Level 120+

Stage 1: Jump Quest to the top
Stage 2: Defeat the monsters
Stage 3: Find the correct door and defeat the mob
Stage 4: Jump Quest to the top (same as Stage 1)
Stage 5: Defeat the mob. Collect the keys to open the gates
Last Stage: Defeat Ani the Prison Guard

Dimension Invasion: Level 140+

Simply killing mobs that spawn. Beware of stage 4, where the goblins will drop little green bombs that will 1-shot you. At the 4th stage, simply stand on the top 2 platforms until the nuking stops. Watch for the progress bar on the top (under the clock). Keep it as low as possible by killing off all the mobs. There are 5 actual stages to the PQ and 3 Bonus Stages. The mobs from stages 1-4 are where the EXP flow comes from, as well as the PQ stage EXP itself as well.

Skill Build

Rogue- 1st Job

LevelSkill Point Distribution
Level 10-17Lucky Seven +20(20/20); Haste +2 (2/20)
Level 18-23Haste +3(20/20)
Level 24-27Dark Sight +10(10/10); Nimble Body +2(2/10)
Level 28-30Nimble Body +3(10/10)

Final Build
  • Lucky Seven MAX
  • Haste MAX
  • Dark Sight MAX
  • Nimble Body MAX
  • Double Stab: Remaining EXP

Assassin- 2nd Job

LevelSkill Point Distribution
Level 30Shuriken Burst +1(1/20); Gust Charm +1(1/20); Physical Training +2(2/5)
Level 31Physical Training +3(5/5)
Level 32-33Claw Mastery +5(5/10); Claw Booster +1(1/20)
Level 34-36Claw Booster +9(10/10)
Level 37-46Critical Throw +30(30/30)
Level 47-48Claw Mastery +5(10/10); Flash Jump +1(1/5)
Level 49-50Flash Jump +4(5/5); Shuriken Burst +2(3/20)
Level 51-56Shuriken Burst +17(20/20); Gust Charm +1(2/20)
Level 57-60Gust Charm +3(14/20)

Final Build
  • Physical Training MAX
  • Claw Booster MAX
  • Critical Throw MAX
  • Claw Mastery MAX
  • Flash Jump MAX
  • Shurken Burst MAX
  • Gust Charm 14

Hermit- 3rd Job

LevelSkill Point Distribution
Level 60Triple Throw +1(1) Shade Splitter +1(1) Venom +1(1) Shadow Stars +1(1)
Level 61-63Shadow Stars +9(10/10)
Level 64-70Shadow Partner+20(20/20); Alchemic Adrenaline +1(1/10)
Level 71-73Adrenaline +9(10/10)
Level 74-77Enveloping Darkness +10(10/10); Expert Throwing Star Handling +2(2/10)
Level 78-80Expert Throwing Star Handling +8(10/10); Shade Splitter +1(2/20)
Level 81-86Shade Splitter +18(20/20)
Level 87-89Venom +9(10/10)
Level 90-93Dark Flare +10(10/10)

Final Build
  • Shadow Stars MAX
  • Shadow Partner MAX
  • Adrenaline MAX
  • Radical Darkness MAX
  • Expert Throwing Star Handling MAX
  • Shade Splitter MAX
  • Venom MAX
  • Dark Flare MAX
  • Triple Throw 1+
  • Shadow Web 1+
  • Gust Charm 14+

You get Quad Throw in 4th job anyways, so maxing Triple Throw wouldn't matter. The 19 points that you put into it isn't a huge damage factor, chances are, you probably won't even see the difference. Maxing out Gust Charm is optional, you might or might not use it, I personally don't use it at all so maxing it or not doesn't matter. Whatever you do after maxing Dark Flare is up to you, these points don't matter.

Nightlord- 4th Job

LevelSkill Point Distribution
Level 100Quadruple Throw +1(1/30); Fatal Venom +1(1/10); Claw Expert +1(1/30)
Level 101Sudden Raid (1/30); Frailty Curse +1(1/30); Shadow Shifter +1(1/30)
Level 102Taunt +1(1/30); Fatal Venom +2(3/10)
Level 103-104Fatal Venom +6(9/10)
Level 105-114Claw Expert +30(30/30); Fatal Venom +1(10/10)
Level 115-124Dark Harmony +30(30/30)
Level 125-134Quad Star +29(30/30); Shadow Shifter +1(2/20)
Level 135-144Shadow Shifter +28(30/30); Hero's Will +2(2/5)
Level 145Hero's Will +3(5/5)

This should be the general build. Post 145, you can go for Maple Warrior and max out all the other junk, but Maple Warrior isn't a must since you'll get a ton of people that have Nova Warrior or Hero's Warrior (Kanna). But for all general purposes, you can go for Level 10 Maple Warrior, and add an Empress 5 set effect (+2 skill levels) and a Leafre set (+1 skill level) for a Level 13 Maple Warrior, which isn't that far off of Maple Warrior 20 and is effective enough. Max if you have the funding.

You'll end up maxing everything (from 1st through 4th job) with a few points left over.

Hyper Skills

To be honest, I'd say Nightlord Hyper Skills are the most lackluster set of Hyper Skills. None of them really stands out at all. I mean an extra bit of damage is nice and all, but they focused 3 Hyper Passives around Purge Area (Frailty Curse), which is a waste and could be better spent on buffing something else to be frank. Actives are lackluster as well. Ultimates don't exactly go well with the speed of Nightlords, and wasting an active on buffing DoTs from Venom is a waste, and could've been made a passive instead. Not the best of Hyper skills.

Generic Stat Hyper Skills
  • Hyper Physical Guard: Passively increase your physical defense by 500. [required level: 165]
  • Hyper Magical Guard: Passively increase your magical defense by 500. [required level: 174]
  • Hyper Movement: Passively increase your speed by 10. [required level: 152]
  • Hyper Jump: Passively increase your jump by 10. [required level: 146]
  • Hyper Accuracy: Passively increase your accuracy by 20%. [required level: 158]
  • Hyper Critical Rate: Passively increase your critical rate by 10%. [required level: 198]
  • Hyper Dexterity: Passively increase your DEX by 50. [required level: 140]
  • Hyper Intelligence: Passively increase your INT by 50. [required level: 140]
  • Hyper Luck: Passively increase your LUK by 50. [required level: 140]
  • Hyper Strength: Passively increase your STR by 50. [required level: 140]
  • Hyper Max Heart Point: Passively increase your HP by 15%. [required level: 192]
  • Hyper Max Magic Point: Passively increase your MP by 15%. [required level: 186]
  • Hyper Max Demon Force: Passively increase your DF by 50. [required level: 180]

Nightlord Specific Passive Hyper Skills

  • Shade Split - Reinforce: Shade Split's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 183] Up from 143
  • Shade Split - Extra Target: Shade Split's number of monsters hit is increased by 2. [required level: 162]
  • Shade Split - Bonus Attack: Shade Split's attack count is increased by 1. [required level: 143] Down from 183
  • Purge Area - Enhance: Purge Area's attack and defense reduction is increased by 10%. [required level: 168] Up from 143
  • Purge Area - Slow: Purge Area's slow effect is increased by 10. [required level: 189] Up from 168
  • Purge Area - Cooltime Reduce: Purge Area's cooldown is decreased by 50%. [required level: 149] Down from 189
  • Quadruple Throw - Reinforce: Quadruple Throw's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 195] Up from 155
  • Quadruple Throw - Boss Killer: Quadruple Throw's damage to bosses is increased by 20%. [required level: 177]
  • Quadruple Throw - Bonus Attack: Quadruple Throw's attack count is increased by 1. [required level: 155] Down from 195

Nightlord Specific Active Hyper Skills

  • Bleeding Toxin: For 30 seconds, your weapon has a 100% chance to inflict a deadly poison that causes bleeding in your enemies, dealing 190% damage every second for 8 seconds. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds. [required level: 150]
  • Death Star: Summon four giant stars that are combined into one, raining stars down on up to 8 enemies around you for 250% damage 10 times. There is a cooldown of 8 seconds. The maximum damage for this skill is 3,000,000.
  • Epic Adventure: A buff that gives the legendary Adventurers of the Maple World 10% increased damage and the ability to pass the damage cap by 50,000 for 60 seconds. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds. [required level: 200]

Pretty standard build.

  • 1 point into Hyper Luck (obvious)
  • 1 point into Hyper Max Health for the slight HP buff and survivability.
  • 1 point into Quadruple Throw Reinforce for extra DPS
  • 1 point into Quadruple Throw Bonus Attack for an extra star. Quintuple Throw.
  • 1 point into Quadruple Throw Bonus Boss Damage.

Obviously put all the points into your active whenever possible since you get 3 and there are only 3. Death Star is really meh. I mean it's great that it's a nice AoE and such, and the damage is decent, but it's only great for clearing out summons from bosses. No real DPS behind it. 8 seconds CD, it's semi-spammable, but I'd rather stick with QT and SS.

The rest of the points are up to you. The passives don't really benefit you much outside of Health, LUK and Mana. DEX gives you a slight damage boost, but nothing to go ham on. Everything else is pretty much just meh. The passive points are up to you. Shade Split being a primary AoE skill, you can opt for bonus attack and reinforce. Extra Target isn't really necessary since even in HoH, you'd be stacking AoEs with someone else so all the mobs are covered, you can go for that if you Shade Split spam.

Frailty Curse Hypers are just straight up useless. -10% ATK/DEF. Not much difference to be honest. It'll shave off a few hundred damage. You can shave that off by putting your points into the DEF and M.DEF hypers. Slow effect increased by 10. What? Just replace this with power stance please..... Frailty Curse CDR. We don't use this skill anyways, why devote 3 slots to it?

Link Skills

Link Skills are a little bit of an added bonus towards your character. It requires a character to be level 70+, 120+ and 210+ for Levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively for the character GIVING the link skill. Below are some of the more useful link skills.

15 ALL and +5% HP/MP for Level 1
25 ALL and +10% HP/MP for Level 2
35 ALL and +15% HP/MP for Level 3

10% Bonus EXP for Level 1
15% Bonus EXP for Level 2
20% Bonus EXP for Level 3

Demon Slayer
10% Boss Damage for Level 1
15% Boss Damage for Level 2
20% Boss Damage for Level 3

10% Crit Chance for Level 1
15% Crit Chance for Level 2
20% Crit Chance for Level 3

10% PDR for Level 1
15% PDR for Level 2
20% PDR for Level 3

10% HP for Level 1
15% HP for Level 2
20% HP for Level 3

5% Damage for Level 1
10% Damage for Level 2
15% Damage for Level 3

Demon Avenger
5% Damage for Level 1
10% Damage for Level 2
15% Damage for Level 3

5% ALL for Level 1
10% ALL for Level 2
15% ALL for Level 3


There's no longer a need for secondary stats Post-Tempest update, everything requires strictly levels and LUK, no DEX. Some items may still have DEX requirements (only 1-2 AFAIK)


Remember that damage is not always king. It's about having fun, exploring, making friends, and maybe even new enemies (not really). Don't always worry about your damage.

Remember that no matter how much money you spend on getting the best possible items, there will always be one person who can get better, and this goes on and on, so why waste your efforts and money getting godly, when you're fine just the way you are.


Credits go to sources accordingly.
Major credits to BasilMarket and the community.

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