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Bandit Guide

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Hello fellow Maplers,
My name is Andres, also known as LatinBandit. Our long awaited revamp is finally at bay and I am happy to present my updated Post-Renegades Guide. Although written by me, this Guide gets its raw information from multiple sources that are not me. I am merely a compiler and the raw data is NOT mine. This Guide was created to compile all the information known about this new era and what it means to us Bandits. This Guide has evolved a lot from its humble beginnings and I owe it all to you. Thanks for reading my Guide and I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Hopefully you will feel that time flies as you read it just as time flies for me when I write it

If there is anything you think is incorrect or if you have any questions do not doubt in PM'ing me or posting it as a comment. I am going to try to keep up with all your questions but if for some reason it has been over 3 days and I haven't answer DO NOT hesitate in PM'ing me. But try commenting first to keep the Guide alive. Thanks and Enjoy.

I am keeping the Big Bang Skill Builds for all the eMS users out there. I <3 ya guys too with your sexy European accents, mmmph

Upcoming Guide Updates

Bold=Currently working on
Italic=Planning to work on but could take a while

  • Completion of 4th Job Build
  • Better view of Renegades vs. Big Bang Skill Builds. Sorry eMS users

Renegades - General Information

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for over five months, you should know that Thieves and Pirates have experienced one of its biggest patches in Maple Story history. This patch is in fact so huge it was divided into three parts; they are together known as the "Renegades". It is the first installment that brought our revamps which is why I am going to focus in the first part of Renegades.
For more information about Renegades please visit Orange Mushroom's blog at: [url=]Orange's Mushroom Blog[/url]
Most of my raw information comes from:
  • [url=]Orange's Mushroom Blog[/url]
  • [url=]Southperry's Renegades Thief Thread[/url]
A lot of information has also come from reading different threads both in Basil and Southperry as well as Max's blog.
Credits for any raw information go completely to them.

Myths and Facts

  • Myth: Renegades has made us DB clones.
  • Fact: We cannot copy one that came AFTER us. We keep all of our i-frames, meso Skills and uniqueness, also we gained more uniqueness with the killing point system. For more on the DB comparison please read here.
  • Myth: We are totally worst after the revamp.
  • Fact: We received many buffs, my favorite being Shadower Instinct and Assassinate's new damage. Third Job is sloppy, but as a whole we are better than we were before.
  • Myth: Assaulter and Band of Thieves got removed.
  • Fact: This is actually true. Band of Thieves got completely removed and Assaulter got changed into Phase Dash. Read Third Job Skill info for more on this.
  • Myth: LatinBandit has a non-homo crush on MrTouchnGo
  • Fact: The crush is non-hetero.
* Myth: Shadowers are overpowered.
  • Fact: Shadowers have received many boosts, but these boosts were done to balance us not to overpower us. Although I believe that we are the best class in Maple Story, this is a belief based on personal liking for mobility and fast-attack classes, not because we have the most damage in the game.

Skill Points Distribution for Bandits Created Pre - Renegades

When you use the SP Reset Scroll, you need to start raising Skill Points from First Job.
Here is a quick list of all the Skill Points per Job
  • First Job: 61 Skill Points
  • Second Job: 121 Skill Points
  • Third Job: 151 Skill Points
  • Fourth Job: Everything else.
I have heard of many Fourth Jobbers losing up to 6 Skill Points in previous patches. If that happens to you all I can say is send a ticket to Nexon or use another SP Reset Scroll.

Skill Descriptions and Builds

There is currently an error with the tables not showing for multiple Skills. I have notified Mr. Basil, please you guys tell him too so he realizes is not an isolated incident. If you find any other error please send a ticket to Mr. Basil and tell me too. Thanks

Not all of the skills were changed, but I am going to post all of them and talk about the changes made. I will also give ratings going from 0-10, where 0 is absolutely horrible, 5 is I don't care, and 10 is great I totally want this.
All animations and Skills information come from: [url=]Super Secret Link[/url]

*Note: All Delays are based on a Faster (2) for attacks, except when noted otherwise. Faster (2) is the speed of almost every Dagger with booster. Non-Attack Skills are not dependent upon Dagger Speed

Rogue - 1st Job


[Skill=Rogue=Nimble-Body]Nimble Body: Increases Accuracy and Avoid permanently. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Post-Renegades: Increases Accuracy and Avoid-ability by 220. Max Level 10.
ACC & Avoid: 22 * Skill Level
I was expecting for this Skill to be removed, just as Focus was for Archers. But 220 Avoid for only 10 First Job SP isn't too shabby. 7.5/10

[Skill=Rogue=Dark-Sight]Dark Sight: Hide in the shadows so you won't be seen by the enemy. However, you also can't attack. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 10: -5 MP, hide in the shadow for 200 seconds.
Post-Renegades: Speed of +10 at Max Level.
Delay: 100ms
+Speed: 3*Skill Level - 20; Duration: Skill Level*2
Not sure if this means that while in Dark Sight we can only move up to 110, or if our speed increases by 10. If we are on Haste and we activate Dark Sight, does our speed go down to 110? If you have any info on this please feel free to post it. If it means that it gives +10 speed once activated then 8/10 rating. If it means that once you are in Dark Sight your speed is brought to 110 speed, even if you had a higher speed, then 1.5/10.

[Skill=Rogue=Double-Stab]Double Stab: Swiftly stab an enemy twice with a dagger. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 20: - 14 MP, #Hits: 2
Post-Renegades: 165% Damage per hit.
Delay: 600ms - Faster[2]; 720ms - Fast[4]
Animations: [url=]Level 10-14[/url] [url=]Level 15-19[/url] [url=]Level 20-24[/url] [url=]Level 25+[/url]
Damage: 85%+4%*Skill Level
I guess a damage increase doesn't hurt, but I feel like having 4 different animations for a skill that we won't be using for more than a couple of days at most is pointless and the time used in making them could have been used in something else. 5.15/10

[Skill=Rogue=Lucky-Seven]Lucky Seven: Throw two stars to the enemy. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 20: -14 MP, #Hits: 2
Post-Renegades: 190% Damage per hit.
Delay: 720ms *The Delay is for a Fast (4) Claw, without Booster, since we don't have Claw Booster.
Damage: 110%+4%*Skill Level
This skill also has different animations depending on level which once again is pointless. In either case if you start as a Sin-Dit, you just got a nice damage boost in first job. 5.2/10

[Skill=Bandit=Haste]Haste: Increase the speed and jumping ability of everyone in the party. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info. Max Level 20: -30 MP, +40 speed, +20 jump for 200 seconds.
Post-Renegades: Skill Moved to First Job. Passive ability: +20 Speed Cap.
Delay: 1500ms
Animations: Effect Affected
Duration: 10*Skill Level; Speed: +2*Skill Level; Jump: +Skill Level; Speed Cap: +Skill Level
Finally we can break the speed cap, up to 160% speed. Absolutely love this change. But, I hate the new animation. I don't want to be DB 2.0, I want to be a Bandit, I am a Bandit so give me my Haste animation back. Animation: 0/10, Skill itself: 8.7/10. It would be a 10 if it also helped break Jump cap.


[Skill=Rogue=Keen-Eyes]Keen Eyes: Increases the range of throwing stars. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Post-Renegades: Deleted.
Does this mean that Night Lord's attacks now have less range? I am kind of intrigued about this. 5/10

[Skill=Rogue=Disorder]Disorder: Decreases the defense and physical attack of the enemy. The enemy will also stop attacking you. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Post-Renegades: Deleted.
I was hoping for a revamp of this Skill so it worked on Bosses. Deleting is easier than revamping I suppose. 4.1/10

Skill Builds for Rogues

LevelRegular BanditSin-Dit RECOMMENDED
10+1 Double Stab (1)+1 Lucky 7 (1)
11+3 Haste (3)+3 Haste (3)
12+3 Haste (6)+3 Haste (6)
13+3 Double Stab (4)+3 Lucky 7 (4)
14+3 Double Stab (7)+3 Lucky 7 (7)
15+3 Double Stab (10)+3 Lucky 7 (10)
16+3 Haste (9)+3 Haste (9)
17+3 Haste (12)+3 Haste (12)
18+3 Haste (15)+3 Haste (15)
19+3 Haste (18)+3 Haste (18)
20+2 Haste (20) MAXED, +1 Double Stab (11)+2 Haste (20) MAXED, +1 Lucky 7 (11)
21+3 Double Stab (14)+3 Lucky 7 (14)
22+3 Double Stab (17)+3 Lucky 7 (17)
23+3 Double Stab (20) MAXED+3 Lucky 7 (20) MAXED
24+3 Dark Sight (3)+3 Dark Sight (3)
25+3 Dark Sight (6)+3 Dark Sight (6)
26+3 Dark Sight (9)+3 Dark Sight (9)
27+1 Dark Sight (10) MAXED, +2 Nimble Body (2)+1 Dark Sight (10) MAXED, +2 Nimble Body (2)
28+3 Nimble Body (5)+3 Nimble Body (5)
29+3 Nimble Body (8)+3 Nimble Body (8)
30+2 Nimble Body (10) MAXED, +1 Lucky 7+2 Nimble Body (10) MAXED, +1 Lucky 7
ENDDouble Stab (20) MAXED, Dark Sight (10) MAXED, Haste (20) MAXED, Nimble Body (10) MAXED, 1 Lucky 7Lucky 7 (20) MAXED, Dark Sight (10) MAXED, Haste (20) MAXED, Nimble Body (10) MAXED, 1 Double Stab

Build Order Explanation
First Job is pretty straightforward. You start up with the first Skill Point in your attack Skill, Double Stab or Lucky 7, followed by Haste to Level 6 for mobility while training and traveling. Level 6 Haste gives 60 seconds of +12 speed which will help a lot at this level because walking at normal speed is very boring. We then raise our attack Skill to Level 10 to kill mobs faster if necessary, followed by maxing Haste. Alternatively you may max Haste right after your attack Skill is Level 1 if you feel like you already kill fast enough but need to move faster. After Haste is maxed you max your attack Skill to keep helping you go through this easy levels fast. We then max Dark Sight which won't be used much at this levels but is still nice to have. Lastly max Nimble Body for avoid, extra accuracy is useless for us, and dump your last point wherever. If for some reason you feel that avoid is really important then you can switch the order of Dark Sight and Nimble Body.

Regular Bandit vs. Sin-Dit
Whether you choose to go for the regular path or the Sin-Dit path will not affect your performance on future levels. Both of these Skills get quickly replaced by Steal and Savage Blow in 2nd Job, as a matter of fact Level 1 Savage Blow beats both Double Stab and Lucky 7 maxed. I recommend the Sin-Dit route simply because I enjoy doing random things like using Lucky 7 and confusing people to think I am an Assassin

Bandit - 2nd Job


[Skill=Bandit=Dagger-Mastery]Dagger Mastery: Improves the mastery of daggers. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 20: +50% Mastery, +60 Accuracy.
No changes were done to this Skill.

[Skill=Bandit=Dagger-Booster]Dagger Booster: Use MP to increase the weapon's attack speed by two stages. It can only be used with daggers. Requires Level 5 Dagger Mastery. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 20: Duration of 200 seconds.
Delay: 600ms
No changes were done to this Skill.

[Skill=Bandit=Steal]Steal: Hit multiple enemies one time, with a chance to steal one of the enemy's items, as well as stunning the enemies. Requires Level 5 Haste. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level: MP -24, attacks up to 4 enemies
Post-Renegades: Max Level 10: Steal chance 49%, Stun: 5 sec, Damage: 330%
Delay: 600ms
Animations: [url=]Steal Success[/url]
Damage: 290% + 4%*Skill Level; Steal Chance: 29+2*Skill Level; Stun Duration: 2+floor(Skill Level/3)
Steal is now only a 10 SP Skill which makes sense because it's a bad Skill. Steal now always hits 4 mobs regardless of Level and it received a small damage boost. 7.6/10

[Skill=Bandit=Savage-Blow]Savage Blow: Deal very fast consecutive attacks. It attacks 6 times. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level: #Hits: 6.
Post-Renegades: Max Level 20: -22 MP, 94% Damage per hit.
Delay: 720ms
Animations: Attack [url=]Hit 1[/url] [url=]Hit 2[/url] [url=]Hit 3[/url]
Damage: 75% + 1%*Skill Level
Finally Savage Blow becomes a 20 SP Skill instead of 30 SP, and it also got a small damage boost. I find the new animation really ugly though. Savage Blow is a trademark Skill for Bandits, it's the Skill that made me want to become a Bandit because of its looks and the new animation doesn't cut it. Animation: 2/10. Skill itself: 8.7/10.

[Skill=Chief-Bandit=Flash-Jump]Flash Jump: Performs a second jump in the air. The higher the Skill Level, the further you'll jump. You can also hit the jump button twice to use this Skill. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Post-Renegades: Max Level 10: -22 MP.
Flash Jump was moved to Second Job with a Mastery Level of 10, can't say I'm surprised but can't say I called it either. Overall I think this change is good because it leaves room for more skills on Third Job. 8.8/10

[Skill=Chief-Bandit=Shield-Mastery]Shield Mastery: Increase the Physical and Magic defense as well as the avoid-rate if a shield is equipped. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 10.
Post-Renegades: +110% Defense, +20% Avoid-Rate
Defense: +11%*Skill Level; Avoid-Rate: +2%*Skill Level
Shield Mastery belongs to Second Job much more than it did in Third Job in my opinion. It received a +10% Defense boost and a new feature, Avoid-Rate. Be aware that avoid-rate does not equal avoid or dodge. I explain the difference in the "Different Types of Avoid" section. 9/10

[Skill=Chief-Bandit=Meso-Guard]Meso Guard:Use Mesos to guard 50% of the Damage. Consumption rates vary by skill level. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 10: -37 MP.
Post-Renegades: Duration: 190 seconds, Meso to Damage Ratio: 50%
Delay: 900 ms
Animations: Cast [url=]If hit[/url]
Duration: 120+7*Skill Level; Meso to Damage Ratio: 80%-3%*Skill Level
Moving Meso Guard to Second Job surprised me, but the change is welcome nonetheless. The ratio has been improved by 11% and it lasts a bit longer, although 190 seconds seems like an oddball, why not just make it 200. The new animation is also surprisingly good. 9.5/10


Physical Training: Permanently increases LUK and DEX.
Max Level 10: +30 LUK & DEX.
LUK & DEX: +3*Skill Level
We all knew it was coming, and I like it. 9.6/10

Channel Karma: For a set duration of time, increase your attack.
Max Level 20: Duration of 180, +30 Attack.
Delay: 1500ms
Animations: [url= Karma.gif]Cast[/url]
Duration: 60+6*Skill Level; Attack=+Skill Level + floor(Skill Level/2)
Channel Karma is non-stackable Skill, which means that it won't stack with attack potions. But since Channel Karma gives 30 attack there is no easily-available attack potion that can beat it, therefore it's not entirely bad. 7.7/10


[Skill=Bandit=Shadow-Resistance]Shadow Resistance:Increases your affinity with the darkness by permanently increasing maximum HP and resistance to status afflictions and elemental attacks. Hover over the picture for Pre-Renegades info.
Post-Renegades: Deleted.
We get a better one on Third Job so I can't complain. Not like we super need the 10% HP on Second Job. 9.2/10.

Skill Builds for Bandits

Bandit - Early Levels

LevelBandit Training
30+1 Steal (1)
31+2 Mastery (2), +1 Savage Blow (1)
32+3 Mastery (5)
33+3 Booster (3)
34+3 Booster (6)
35+3 Flash Jump (3)
36+3 Flash Jump (6)
CumulativeSteal (1), Savage Blow (1), Dagger Mastery (5), Booster (6), Flash Jump (6)

Build Explanation
The first Skill Point is used on our mobbing Skill so that we may train much faster. I recommend doing one point in Savage Blow at Level 31 especially if you are a Sin-Dit so that you have a Skill to eliminate left over mobs with, also for bossing in PQ's such as LPQ. Next we unlock Dagger Booster by raising Dagger Mastery to Level 5 and make the duration of Booster one minute long so that we may attack faster without having to recast Booster very often. Level 6 Flash Jump should give you enough mobility for now and it will speed up training much faster than having a stronger attack at this point since most mobs are fairly weak.

Training Zones
Mushroom Kingdom. You receive a quest to start this themed dungeon once you make your Bandit Job Advancement. I recommend doing this line of quests as its pretty fast experience and the medal isn't bad at all. Also completing this will help you level up your Monster book for free stats.
LPQ is a also viable option after you are finished with the quest line.

Bandit - Middle Levels

LevelBalanced Damage RECOMMENDEDHigh StatsHigh Attack
37+3 Mastery (8)+3 Physical Training (3)+3 Channel Karma (3)
38+3 Mastery (11)+3 Physical Training (6)+3 Channel Karma (6)
39+3 Mastery (14)+3 Physical Training (9)+3 Channel Karma (9)
40+3 Mastery (17)+1 Physical Training (10) MAXED, +2 Mastery (7)+3 Channel Karma(12)
41+3 Mastery (20) MAXED+3 Mastery (10)+3 Channel Karma (15)
42+3 Physical Training (3)+3 Mastery (13)+3 Channel Karma (18)
43+3 Physical Training (6)+3 Mastery (16)+2 Channel Karma (20) MAXED, +1 Mastery (6)
44+3 Physical Training (9)+3 Mastery (19)+3 Mastery (9)
45+1 Physical Training (10) MAXED, +2 Channel Karma (2)+1 Mastery (20) MAXED, + 2 Channel Karma (2)+3 Mastery (12)
46+3 Channel Karma (5)+3 Channel Karma (5)+3 Mastery (15)
47+3 Channel Karma (8)+3 Channel Karma (8)+3 Mastery (18)
48+3 Channel Karma (11)+3 Channel Karma (11)+2 Mastery (20) MAXED, +1 Physical Training (1)
49+3 Channel Karma (14)+3 Channel Karma (14)+3 Physical Training (4)
50+3 Channel Karma (17)+3 Channel Karma (17)+3 Physical Training (7)
51+3 Channel Karma (20) MAXED+3 Channel Karma (20) MAXED+3 Physical Training (10) MAXED

So far: (Level 51)
Steal (1)
Savage Blow (1)
Dagger Booster (6)
Flash Jump (6)
Channel Karma (20) MAXED
Dagger Mastery (20) MAXED
Physical Training (10) MAXED

Stable vs. High Stats vs. High Attack
A stable damage decreases the maximum amount of times you need to hit a mob in order for it to die while a high damage decreases the minimum amount of times you need to hit a mob in order for it to die. The mobs that you should be training at will die in 1-2 hits. This means that you can't lower the minimum amount of hits any lower, but you can reduce the maximum number of hits. This is why I recommend doing the Stable Damage Build. If you do decide to not do the Stable Damage build then you can choose to increase Physical Training or Channel Karma first. Physical Training not only increases your range by quite a bit but it also gives you 30 DEX so that you don't have to increase your DEX to wear your equips and is only 10 Skill Points. Channel Karma will possibly give more Damage than Physical Training so I put it as an alternative but in my opinion Physical Training has more benefit at this level. All the paths end up exactly the same by Level 51 and those levels won't take you very long so don't over think the path too much and you just roll with whatever fits you.

Reasoning for not raising Steal but raising Channel Karma
9 Skill Points in Channel Karma give an extra 13 Attack while 9 Skill Points in Steal, from Level 1 to 10, give 36% extra Damage to Steal. The only way for that 36% extra Damage to Steal to be more effective than 13 extra Attack is if you have more than 106 attack without Channel Karma. Personally I think that having more than 106 Attack by Level 48 is unlikely and therefore I raise Channel Karma before Steal. Also, Channel Karma's Damage affects both Steal and Savage Blow while Steal would only affect Steal.

Training Zones
  • Kerning City Square, more specifically CD's. - High 30's.
  • Scarecrows in the Haunted Mansion. - 40's and 50's
Both of these mobs will take 1-2 HKO which makes the Stable Damage route the recommended route.
  • LudiPQ or any other PQ for 30+. PQ'ing with friends is always fun and it helps break the monotony of grinding.

Bandit - Mid 50's

LevelJump and Steal
52+1 Meso Guard (1), +2 Flash Jump (8)
53+2 Flash Jump (10) MAXED, +1 Steal (2)
54+3 Steal (5)
55+3 Steal (8)
56+2 Steal (10) MAXED, +1 Booster (7)
57+3 Booster (10)
58+3 Booster (13)
CumulativeMeso Guard (1), Savage Blow (1), Dagger Booster (13), Steal (10) MAXED, Channel Karma (20) MAXED, Flash Jump (10) MAXED, Dagger Mastery (20) MAXED, Physical Training (10) MAXED

Build Order
We add one Skill Point in Meso Guard in case you want to wander into Monster Park, this Skill will save you tons of HP potions and is definitely a trademark Skill for Bandits. We now Max Flash Jump because you will most likely be training right now in Monster Park or Scarecrows, both of which will really benefit from a better mobility. We finally max Steal to increase our Damage in case we aren't 1HKO'ing everything and then raise Booster a bit so that you may spend two whole minutes without recasting it. Note that at this level Meso Guard and Booster have very similar duration.

Training Zones
  • Scarecrows on NLC Haunted House - Until you get bored.
  • Monster Park - I recommend trying out Monster Park and see if you think is worth it.
  • Jesters on NLC Haunted Hause - I recommend Toy Room at this Level since you'll get ks'd on Chimney.
  • Party Quests.

Bandit - Late Levels

LevelDefense + Evasion RECOMMENDED1vs1 Damage
59+3 Meso Guard (4)+3 Savage Blow (4)
60+3 Meso Guard (7)+3 Savage Blow (7)
61+3 Meso Guard (10) MAXED+3 Savage Blow (10)
62+3 Shield Mastery (3)+1 Savage Blow (11), +2 Meso Guard (3)
63+3 Shield Mastery (6)+3 Meso Guard (6)
64+3 Shield Mastery (9)+3 Meso Guard (9)
65+1 Shield Mastery (10) MAXED, +2 Savage Blow (3)+1 Meso Guard (10) MAXED, +2 Shield Mastery (2)
66+3 Savage Blow (6)+3 Shield Mastery (5)
67+3 Savage Blow (9)+3 Shield Mastery(8)
68+2 Savage Blow (11), +1 Booster (14)+2 Shield Mastery (10) MAXED, +1 Booster (14)
69+3 Booster (17)+3 Booster (17)
70+3 Booster (20) MAXED+3 Booster (20) MAXED

Savage Blow (11)
Steal (10) MAXED
Channel Karma (20) MAXED
Flash Jump (10) MAXED
Meso Guard (10) MAXED
Shield Mastery (10) MAXED
Dagger Booster (20) MAXED
Dagger Mastery (20) MAXED
Physical Training (10) MAXED

Defense + Evasion vs. 1vs1 Damage Build
Meso Guard halves the Damage of EVERY attack done on you, Shield Mastery more than DOUBLES your defense and gives you 20% Avoid Rate. These two Skills combined make you a tank at a pretty early stage. If you only grind at Twisted Jesters then you probably won't see how awesome these two skills are since they barely do any Damage, but in any other training zone or PQ they will be of great help. Savage Blow, in the other hand, will ONLY be useful at bosses which are very limited in second Job. Savage Blow also gets replaced in Third Job by Midnight Carnival and is therefore not maxed. If you feel like you want the extra bit of Damage then you can get Savage Blow to Level 11 first but I really recommend doing Meso Guard and Shield Mastery before Savage Blow. Savage Blow is the only Skill that I would recommend not to max in Second Job. Most of you know about my dislike towards Steal but it's our only mob Skill in second Job and it is also used in Third Job so it has more uses than Savage Blow. Note that Meso Guard and Shield Mastery foreshadow one of our special abilities, high evasion and being able to tank.

Training Zones
  • Monster Park: This is much more fun than Jesters, I definitely recommend having Meso Guard before training here.
  • Twister Jesters at New Leaf City: One of the most popular training zones. With your maxed Flash Jump you should be able to hold your ground in the Chimney and is really good exp.
  • Party Quests.

Chief Bandit - 3rd Job


[Skill=Chief-Bandit=Assaulter]Phase Dash: The only aspect of this Skill that wasn't changed was the SkillID and the mastery Level because even the name was changed from Assaulter to Phase Dash. Hover over the image for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 20.
Post-Renegades: Attacks up to four enemies twice with incredible power and speed, rushing them back. MP: -45, Damage: 358%.
Name: Phase Dash
Delay: 900 ms; 1500 ms CD. *Note: This CD is longer than Boomerang Step's but shorter than the current Assaulter.
Animations: Attack Hit
Damage: 278%+4%*Skill Level
One of the most talked about changes in Renegades.*WARNING, EMOTIONAL REMINISCING AHEAD*
Personally, I liked Assaulter just like it was. Assaulter was such a "sneaky" attack and it fitted our role of Bandits to almost perfection. Almost every Guide for Chief Bandits gave the first Skill Points to Assaulter because it was just that cool and useful of a Skill. Before Flash Jump was given to us in Big Bang, Assaulter was our counterpart to Hermit's Flash Jump. It attacked at an incredibly speed, it allowed us to reach otherwise unreachable platforms and mobs faster than Flash Jump. It allowed us to go through a mob without taking Damage and it's a Skill that I as a "veteran Bandit" will definitely miss. This is one of the few Skills that make me regret wishing for a revamp because I didn't know what I had until I lost it
Buuut, that doesn't mean Phase Dash is a horrible Skill, not in the slightest. Many Shadowers were requesting for a Rush Skill and their wish was granted. The Damage is FAR from weak; in fact it's over 1.6x stronger than Band of Thieves. There only three downsides to this Skill:
  1. It hits ONLY 4 mobs. While most classes have a mob Skill of 6+ by Third Job, we are stuck with a 4-mob Skill until 4th Job.
  2. It rushes. While this is one of the features of the Skill, it is also a weakness. Every time we attack the mobs run the risk of getting rushed, and we with them. Besides Steal and Meso Explosion we have no mob Skill in Third Job that allows us to be immobile while attacking. Even if we jump-attack so that we won't move the mobs will still move, which is not always wanted. All rush Skills suffer from this but other rush Skills are *only* rush Skills and not main-mobbing Skills while Phase Dash is expected to be both a mobbing and a rush Skill, meaning that you don't only rush with that Skill but you also inflict Damage. You don't see warriors killing enemies with Rush, they rush and then use their mob Skill to kill, we got the 2 for the price of 1 deal, which might backfire on us. Not only that but rushing is not perfect, if someone is attacking the mob, we might get rushed while the mob stays behind us making us having to go back, or even worse some mobs move with us and some don't creating disorder.
  3. The animation is too big. I understand that because now the attack is not about being sneaky but pushing the animation should be bigger, but I really liked Assaulter's animation and this one just doesn't do it for me.
Animation: 2.1/10 Skill itself: 3.2/10 I WANT MY ASSAULTER BACK.

[Skill=Chief-Bandit=Pickpocket]Pickpocket: Mesos will fall off the enemy while attacking it. It requires Level 3 Meso Explosion. Hover over the image for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 10: 60% Chance for Mesos to fall.
Post-Renegades: Toggle Skill
Yeeeeesss!!!!!!!! Make Pickpocket much more friendly to activate and deactivate, I love it. Simple change, but is so good. Magicians get jelly, you wanted your silly Magic Guard as a Toggle Skill, begged for it and did not get it. We never asked for Pickpocket as a Toggle and we got it. 10/10

[Skill=Chief-Bandit=Meso-Explosion]Meso Explosion: Explodes Mesos on the ground to attack monsters. Damage may be stacked up to 10 times on regular monsters and up to 15 on Boss Monsters. Hover over the image for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 20: -35 MP, #Mobs: 10, #Bags: 15.
Post-Renegades: 186% Damage.
Delay: 750ms
Animations: [url=]Red Explosion[/url] [url=]Orange Explosion[/url] [url=]Yellow Explosion[/url]
Damage: 106%+4%*Skill Level
There is nothing exciting here, just 6% Extra Damage and a few flashy animations. Nothing to complain and the extra Damage is always welcome. The new animations are also nice. 9/10.

[Skill=Chief-Bandit=Dark-Flare]Dark Flare: Summon Dark Lord's giant Shuriken to reflect attacks. The Shuriken reflects damage whenever an enemy attacks nearby party members within range. It cannot reflect more than half of the target's maximum HP. Hover over the image for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 20: -100 MP, summons Dark Flare for 60 seconds, reflects 1300% of Damage dealt. Cool-down: 60 Seconds
Post-Renegades: Nothing changed, except for an animation given.
Delay: 600ms
Animations: Summon Edges
This Skill has outlived its usefulness. Assaulter and Band of Thieves got removed but THIS Skill gets to see the light of "Renegades", what is this?! Bravo, Nexon. Give it a nice little new animation that's exactly what the Skill needed. Oh wait, no. What the Skill needed is to stop being a 20 SP Skill and make the cool-down more continuous throughout Levels instead of acting like a freaking step function, no one likes step functions, they are ugly. If you are too lazy to improve this Skill then remove it. 0/10.

[Skill=Chief-Bandit=Shadow-Partner]Shadow Partner: Summon a shadow that will attack with you for a period of time. Hover over the image for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 20: Duration: 180s.
Post-Renegades: MP Cost: 64. 70% Damage. It no longer requires a Summoning Rock.
Delay: 1500ms
Damage: 10%+3%*Skill Level
No longer requiring Summoning Rocks? I already love it.
Damage increased to 70%? -maplegeekingout-
9/10. I would have liked an improvement on the animation or something.

[Skill=Shadower=Venomous-Stab]Venom: Permanently puts poison to the dagger. Poison can only bring down an enemy's HP to 1, not kill them. Damage does not stack. Hover over the image for Pre-Renegades info.
Post-Renegades: 3rd Job Skill. Max Level 20: 30% Activation Rate, 90% DoT for 6 seconds.
Animation: Poisoned
Activation Rate: 10%+1%*Skill Level; DoT: 50%*2%*Skill Level; Duration: 3+floor(Skill Level/6) seconds
This change makes sense to me. Split up Venom into two parts, thus giving more room for 4th Job Skills was a really nice idea and it works for me. 10/10

[Skill=Shadower=Meso-Mastery]Greed: Also known as Meso Mastery. Increases the efficiency of Meso-related skills. Hover over the image for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 10: +20% Meso drop rate, +20% Pickpocket chance, +10% Meso Guard guarded damage, 20% Meso Guard reduced cost, +60% Meso Explosion damage
Post-Renegades: Moved to Third Job
Greed used to make everything better, now it makes everything better even earlier. I love this change. This change makes me believe that one of the big ideas in Nexon's development team was to make Meso Explosion the definite trademark attack for Chief Bandits. Renegades gives Meso Explosion more animations, make Pickpocket a toggle Skill, makes Greed a Third Job Skill, makes Assaulter a rush Skill to make it easier to explode, get rid of Band of Thieves so we don't have another stationary mob attack and give us a better Savage Blow (Midnight Carnival). I can't be the only one seeing these connections, right? Anyway, 10/10.


Midnight Carnival: Wield your dagger at the speed of sound, severing your enemies by attacking them 8 times.
Max Level 20: MP Cost: 26; Damage: 122% eight times. Attacks one enemy only.
Delay: 780ms
Animations: Attack Hit
Damage: 62%+3%*Skill Level
I like the animation, I like the damage and I like the number of hits. The only thing that I don't like is that it replaces Savage Blow which makes Savage Blow no longer a must max, I would have much rather have an improvement over Savage Blow in Third Job than a new Skill in Third Job. 8.7/10

Enveloping Darkness: Through fellowship with the darkness, permanently increase your maximum HP, status effect resistance, and elemental resistance.
Max Level 20: Max HP: +20%; Status Resistance: +30%; Elemental Resistance: +30%
This is an improved version of our old Skill Shadow Resistance. This Skill fits Third Job much more than Shadow Resistance did for third Job because it's in Third Job where we start needing the extra HP and resistance as we start bossing and training in places with monsters that hit harder. A passive Endure addition would have been cool though. 9.5/10


[Skill=Chief-Bandit=Band-of-Thieves]Band of Thieves: Summon fellow robbers to hit multiple enemies. Hover over the image for Pre-Renegades info.
Post-Renegades: Deleted
It might just be because I spent a long time as a Chief Bandit so I got really attached to all the Third Job Skills but Band of Thieves is extremely important to me. I spent all of first and second Job without any mob Skill, I Savage Blow'd my way to Third Job and when I finally got Band of Thieves and got a taste of a mobbing Skill I fell in love with the Skill. Every new bandit was special and fun. It was exciting to discover the new Bandit whenever I would level up and it made me feel as if I was really a Chief Bandit because I had my crew of Bandits whenever I wanted. In Big Bang, we took Shadow Partner and Flash Jump from the Hermits, but we didn't steal it completely as they still got to keep it. Now in Renegades, Hermits got their payback but it was too much. They took our Band of Thieves, remodeled them and then stripped them away from us. Not fair, you went too far Hermits, too far. If this is Renegades then I am glad I am a Bandit and I avoid Renegades all the time. Chief Bandits we need to rebel against the Dark Lord!

Skill Builds for Chief Bandits

Early Chief Bandit Stage

LevelStarting as a Chief
70+1 Phase Dash (1)
71+3 Shadow Partner (3)
72+3 Shadow Partner (6)
73+3 Shadow Partner (9)
74+3 Shadow Partner (12)
75+3 Shadow Partner (15)
76+3 Shadow Partner (18)
77+2 Shadow Partner (20) MAXED
CummulativePhase Dash (1), Shadow Partner (20) MAXED

Build Order Explanation
Just as in the past our first Skill Point went to Assaulter now our first point goes to Phase Dash. Phase Dash is our mobbing Skill in Third Job and it is also a Rush Skill. Phase Dash has a small cool down in which I recommend using Steal (ie: Make a Phase Dash + Steal macro). For single mobs, like Bosses, Savage Blow is still your best Skill. Only one Skill Point is spent in Phase Dash at this Level because maxing Shadow Partner increases %DPS much faster than Phase Dash.

Training Zones and the Build
Most people at these Levels train at Jesters, Sand Rats or Macateons. I recommend not training at Jesters because they don't drop Monster Park ticket pieces which will be really useful later. Also, if you live in a populated World chances are you won't ever find a spot to train in Jesters while Macateons and Sand Rats don't have as heavy of traffic. You may also train at Monster Park if you can afford buying 3 tickets every day you train. Regardless of where you train, the first Skill Point being a rush Skill (Phase Dash) will greatly help.

Mid-Chief Bandit Stage

LevelNuclear Park RECOMMENDEDRushing out the Park
77+1 Meso Explosion (1)+1 Phase Dash (2)
78+2 Meso Explosion (3), +1 Pickpocket (1)+3 Phase Dash (5)
79+3 Meso Explosion (6)+3 Phase Dash (8)
80+3 Greed (3)+3 Phase Dash (11)
81+3 Greed (6)+3 Phase Dash (14)
82+3 Greed (9)+3 Phase Dash (17)
83+1 Greed (10) MAXED, +2 Meso Explosion (8)+3 Phase Dash (20) MAXED
84+3 Midnight Carnival (3)+3 Midnight Carnival (3)
85+3 Pickpocket (4)+1 Midnight Carnival (4), +2 Meso Explosion (2)
86+2 Meso Explosion (10), +1 Pickpocket (5)+2 Meso Explosion (4), +1 Pickpocket(1)
87+2 Meso Explosion (12), +1 Pickpocket (6)+2 Meso Explosion (6), +1 Greed (1)
88+2 Meso Explosion (14), +1 Pickpocket (7)+3 Greed (4)
89+2 Meso Explosion (16), +1 Pickpocket (8)+3 Greed (7)
90+2 Meso Explosion (18), +1 Pickpocket (9)+3 Greed (10) MAXED
91+2 Meso Explosion (20) MAXED, +1 Pickpocket (10) MAXED+2 Meso Explosion (8), +1 Pickpocket (2)
92+1 Venom (1), +2 Phase Dash (3)+2 Meso Explosion (10), +1 Pickpocket (3)
93+3 Phase Dash (6)+2 Meso Explosion (12), +1 Pickpocket (4)
94+3 Phase Dash (9)+2 Meso Explosion (14), +1 Pickpocket (5)
95+3 Phase Dash (12)+2 Meso Explosion (16), +1 Pickpocket (6)
96+3 Phase Dash (15)+2 Meso Explosion (18), +1 Pickpocket (7)
97+3 Phase Dash (18)+2 Meso Explosion (20) MAXED, +1 Pickpocket (8)
98+2 Phase Dash (20), +1 Midnight Carnival (4)+2 Pickpocket (10) MAXED, +1 Venom (1)

So far: (Level 98)
Venom (1)
Midnight Carnival (4)
Greed (MAXED)
Pickpocket (MAXED)
Meso Explosion (MAXED)
Phase Dash (MAXED)
Shadow Partner (MAXED)

Nuclear Park vs. Rushing out the Park
The main difference of these two builds is whether to first max your Bombing Skills, Meso Explosion + Pickpocket + Greed, or Phase Dash. If you train inside Monster Park and therefore you don't 1-2HKO everything in your sight then the Nuclear Build is the best build as Meso Explosion is a mine full of Damage. But if you train outside Monster Park then Meso Explosion is too much of an overkill at these Levels as you will most likely be 1-2HKO'ing everything with Phase Dash + Steal, which is why Phase Dash is raised first; to try to make every kill a 1HKO. Both builds end up the same by Level 98 because the Outside the Park build assumes that after Level 9x you will have obtained enough Monster Park tickets to give Monster Park a try. Also after Level 9x mobs start getting a bit stronger and Meso Explosion will definitely help even outside Monster Park.

Training Zones
Monster Park is by far the fastest way to Level up at these Levels, both solo or in a party, the only problem is that if you don't have enough ticket pieces you will have to buy them which assumes that you have enough money to buy them. Even if you have enough money you can only buy up to three tickets a day which if you are a hardcore trainer and want to Level for hours it won't be possible. As a personal experience though, when I solo Monster Park I make more money inside Monster Park than the cost of the ticket.
If you don't train in Monster Park, then here are some possible training zones:
High 7x to Low 8x: Scorpions (Magatia), Target Dummies (Mu Lung), Mutaes (Magatia).
High 8x to low 9x: Roids (Magatia), Mysterious Path 3 (Singapore).
High 9x: Mysterious Path 3 (Singapore), Homunculus (Magatia).
9x+: Aliens in NLC. I think they also drop Monster Park Tickets and they give a lot of exp.
I strongly recommend training at Monster Park as it is much faster and less annoying than other training places, ie: MP3 and its k'sers. If you really cannot afford to buy Monster Park tickets then I would recommend training at any place I suggested above, except for MP3, to hunt for ticket pieces and then cash them out as tickets to train at Monster Park. If you are going to go with my suggestion of hunting for piece tickets then I would still recommend the Nuclear Park build as it will make Monster Park much more fun and faster, maybe even allowing you to solo. Only do the Outside the Park Build if you plan to absolutely not step a foot in Monster Park before Level 9x or if you want to be a darn hipster.
In order to break the habit also give Party Quests a try, they are always fun to do every once in a while. At these Levels you have a choice of four different Party Quests, all of which give great rewards and experience.

Random Observations
  • Before Meso Explosion is Level 6 it will hinder damage rather than enhance it because Meso Explosion isn't strong enough and it doesn't explode enough bags before this Level.
  • After Meso Explosion is at Level 6 and Pickpocket is at Level 1, maxing Greed gives much more %DPS than either Meso Explosion or Pickpocket. Greed also enhances Meso Guard which is of great help because mobs in Monster Park deal much more Damage than any monster you've encountered before.
  • Every 2 Levels of Meso Explosion one more bag can be exploded which jumps its damage by a lot. This is why Meso Explosion and Pickpocket are added in a +2 Meso Explosion, +1 Pickpocket Sequence.
  • Because Midnight Carnival is much slower than Savage Blow it won't help until your Bombing Skills are strong enough or Midnight Carnival is Level 4+. This is why Savage Blow will be your primary 1vs1 Skill until Greed is Level 10 and you raise Midnight Carnival to Level 3. At this point Midnight Carnival + Meso Explosion will become your primary 1vs1 Skill rather than Savage Blow. If you don't use Meso Explosion then Midnight Carnival has to be raised to Level 4 to beat Savage Blow.
  • Venom Level 1 actually gives more %DPS than Raising Phase Dash one Level. Therefore if you train at a place where mobs won't die so fast (ie: Monster Park), then 1 Skill Point is added before Phase Dash is maxed. But if you train at a place where mobs die too fast then Venom doesn't help and is therefore not added until much later. This only applies for Level 1 Venom and raising Venom any further only adds ~2% per Level which is barely anything at this point.

Late Chief Bandit Stage

LevelI'm a TANK!! RECOMMENDEDCarnival with Bosses
99+3 Enveloping Darkness (3)+3 Midnight Carnival (7)
100+3 Enveloping Darkness (6)+3 Midnight Carnival (10)
101+3 Enveloping Darkness (9)+3 Midnight Carnival (13)
102+3 Enveloping Darkness (12)+3 Midnight Carnival (16)
103+3 Enveloping Darkness (15)+3 Midnight Carnival (19)
104+3 Enveloping Darkness (18)+1 Midnight Carnival (20) MAXED, +2 Enveloping Darkness (2)
105+2 Enveloping Darkness (20) MAXED, +1 Midnight Carnival (5)+3 Enveloping Darkness (5)
106+3 Midnight Carnival (8)+3 Enveloping Darkness (8)
107+3 Midnight Carnival (11)+3 Enveloping Darkness (11)
108+3 Midnight Carnival (14)+3 Enveloping Darkness (14)
109+3 Midnight Carnival (17)+3 Enveloping Darkness (17)
110+3 Midnight Carnival (20) MAXED+3 Enveloping Darkness (20) MAXED

LevelFinishing Touches - Close to the Shadow
111+3 Venom (4)
112+3 Venom (7)
113+3 Venom (10)
114+3 Venom (13)
115+3 Venom (16)
116+3 Venom (19)
117+1 Venom (20) MAXED, +2 Dark Flare (2)
118+3 Dark Flare (5)
119+3 Dark Flare (8)
120+3 Dark Flare (11)
ENDDark Flare (11), Greed (10) MAXED, Pickpocket (10) MAXED, Shadow Partner (20) MAXED, Meso Explosion (20) MAXED, Phase Dash (20) MAXED, Enveloping Darkness (20) MAXED, Midnight Carnival (20) MAXED, Venom (20) MAXED

Tanking vs. Boss Damage
Enveloping Darkness is a great Skill that adds to our Tanking abilities. At these Levels monsters in Monster Park, and also Party Quests, start dealing a fair amount of damage and the 20% HP and 30% Resistance from Enveloping Darkness will definitely help. In the other hand, Midnight Carnival is our main 1vs1 Skill in Third Job together with Meso Explosion and maxing it will definitely help in the Boss stages of Monster Park and Party Quests. Personally I feel like Midnight Carnival can wait a few more levels so I would recommend doing Enveloping Darkness before Midnight Carnival.

Build Order: Venom and Dark Flare
Venom past the first level only adds ~2% DPS per level so personally even on the Damage Boss build I wouldn't add it before Enveloping Darkness. If you are really striving for that extra ~38% DPS from Level 2-20 you may add it before Enveloping Darkness but I don't recommend it as it isn't that big of a deal. Dark Flare is left un-maxed because every other Skill is really needed for 4th Job while Dark Flare has outlived its usefulness and personally I am mad at Nexon thinking that giving it a new animation made the Skill worth anything at all, because it didn't.
Lastly, for training spots just keep up on Monster Park or go to LHC. Both are great at maximizing the uses of Meso Explosion.

Shadower - 4th Job


[Skill=Shadower=Maple-Warrior]Maple Warrior: Increases the stat of all party members. Hover over the name for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 30: -70 MP, Duration: 900 seconds. All Stats +15%
Delay: 1500ms.
Post-Renegades: New animation.
Animation: [url=]Sexy Lady[/url]
I don't care about the new animation. 5/10

[Skill=Shadower=Assassinate]Assassinate: Attack an enemy four times with incredible damage. The final hit is guaranteed to be critical. Hover over the name for pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 30: -44 MP.
Post-Renegades: If used after Dark Sight, bonus damage will be inflicted. If 5 Body Count are collected 2.5x damage will be inflicted, (+150% Damage).
Damage: 740%, 4 hits. +150% damage if Dark Sight was on.
Delays: 1170ms. +240ms if Dark Sight was on.
Animations: [url=]Five Kill Points[/url] Attack [url=]Special Hit[/url]
Damage: 500% + 8%*level; +Dark Sight Bonus: 30% + 4%*level
This Assassinate is completely OP, and I love it. +150% Damage for Dark Sight and 250% Damage for 5 Body Count. Know what that means? 4x Damage on top of the already high 740%. That's a total of 2960% PER HIT. 6.8m Damage per Assassinate tastes so good! I just wish Assassinate could break the Damage Cap so that it may be completely OP. Oh did I mention that Assassinate is faster now? Well it is!! Anyway, they did a fine job on Assassinate and I am happy. 9.5/10.

[Skill=Shadower=Shadow-Shifter]Shadow Shifter: Increases the chance of evading enemy attacks by replacing yourself with a wooden puppet. Hover over the name for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 30: 45% Dodge Chance.
No changes were done to this Skill.
Nexon was it really too much to ask for 5-10% more Dodge? -greedy- 4.5/10

[Skill=Shadower=Smoke-screen]Smokescreen: Throw a smoke bomb and hide in the smoke around you. All party members will not be hit while being in the smoke. Hover over the name for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 30: -46 MP, Duration: 60 seconds
Post-Renegades: All critical hits done while inside the smoke will deal extra damage. +20% Critical Damage, Cooldown: 300 seconds.
Delay: 1440ms
Animation: Cast Smoke
Duration: 30 + Skill Level; +%Critical Damage: 2%*ceil(Skill Level/3); Cooldown: 360-2*Skill Level
Not bad. Reduced the Cooldown time by one whole minute at max Level and added a nice extra feature for Damage. I am not a particular fan of the new animation but it doesn't affect the Skill much. 8.9/10

[Skill=Shadower=Boomerang-Step]Boomerang Step: Move quickly to hit enemies twice with a chance to stun them. Permanently improves the damage of lower job skills that are used in conjuction with Boomerang Step. Hover over the name for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 30: -40 MP. 90% Stun Rate for 4 seconds.
Post-Renegades Damage: 710% twice. Max Targets: 6. +25% damage to Savage Blow, Steal, Phase Dash and Midnight Carnival.
Delay: 690 ms. Cooldown of 1140ms.
Animations: Attack Hit
Damage: 590%+4%*Skill Level, 2 hits; Mobs: 3+floor(Skill Level/3); Passive Damage: 5%+2%*floor(Skill Level/3)
A nice 40% increase in Damage and I actually like the new animation. It's not super flashy so it still keeps a beat of the sleekness of Boomerang Step while adapting to a newer generation of animations. 10/10.

[Skill=Shadower=Hero's-Will]Hero's Will: Shrug off some abnormal conditions like Seduce, however it cannot clear every abnormal condition. Hover over the name for Pre-Renegades info.
Max Level 5: -30 MP, Cool Down: 360 secs.
Post-Renegades: Animation change.
Animations: Casting
I don't care. 5/10


Sudden Raid: Call forth a band of hidden allies to drown your enemies in a sea of flames, up to 15 enemies may be hit at once.
Max Level 30: -290 MP, 1150% Damage, DoT: 210%/s for 10 seconds. Cool down: 30 seconds.
Delay: 2370ms.
Animations: Attack Hit
Damage: 700%+15%*Skill Level; DoT: 90%+4%*Skill Level; Duration: 5+floor(Skill Level/6); Cool down: 60-2*floor(Skill Level/2)
This is Nexon's ultimate proof of lazyness. Instead of trying to give us a unique Skill they give us the most standard not-giving-a-fudge kind of Skill, an ultimate. Not only that but they gives us Dual Blade's ultimate. This Skill is super slow and a pain to cast. Bravo Nexon you never disappoint at disappointing me. 0/10

Toxic Venom: Improve the effect of Venom by increasing its damage, rate of success and allowing it to stack with itself.
Max Level 10: 50% activation rate, 160% DoT for 8 seconds, stacks up to three times.
Activation Rate: 30%+2%*Skill Level; DoT: 110%+5%*Skill Level; #of Stacks: 2+floor(Skill Level/6)
If you have ever played a Night Lord or Shadower pre-BB then you know how strong stacking Venom can be. For 10 Skill Points this Skill sure is a great %DPS boost. 10/10

Dagger Expert: Passively increases Dagger mastery, Weapon Attack, accuracy, and avoid. Level 20 Dagger Mastery required.
Max Level 30: +70% Dagger Mastery, +30 Weapon Attack, +15% Accuracy and Avoid.
+%Mastery: 55+ceil(Skill Level/2); Attack: +Skill Level; +%Accuracy and +%Avoid: ceil(Skill Level/2)
While this Skill might not win an originality prize it is definitely a great Skill to have. Dagger Expert jumps our Mastery to a whopping 90% and the passive weapon attack is great. 15% Accuracy and Avoid are not that useful but it doesn't hurt either. Personally I would have given us %critical chance and at least a bit more of dodge though. We are the only thieves with 5% critical chance, there is something wrong. 8.7/10

Shadower Instinct: Through repeated assassination your shadow instincts awaken, increasing your attack and your ability to penetrate an enemy's defenses. Passively gain Body Count to gain more attack and perform more assassination damage. For every killing point accumulated prior to casting, Shadower Instinct adds an extra 6 attack; up to 5 Body Count may be accumulated.
Max Level 20: -22 MP, 60 seconds duration, +20 attack, +20% PDR ignore.
Animation: Cast
Duration: 40+Skill Level; +Attack & +%PDR: Skill Level
This Skill is one my favorite Skills in this revamp. The animation looks really cool and the name is just awesome. At max Level this Skill gives us up to 50 attack and even at Level 1 it already gives us 31 attack thanks to the five Body Count. This Skill introduces the Body Count system which is a bit similar to the Heroes' combo system. For more on Body Count please read the Body Count section.


[Skill=Shadower=Taunt]Taunt: Provoke up to 6 enemies. Targets acquire increased defense and higher experience and item drop rates. It requires Shadow Shifter Level 10. Hover over the name for Pre-Renegades info.
Post-Renegades: Deleted.
Good riddance, it doesn't work on bosses so it makes it useless in LHC or Monster Park. 8.9/10

[Skill=Shadower=Ninja-Ambush]Ninja Ambush: A group of ninjas hiding in the bushes will ambush up to 6 monsters at once. HP cannot fall below 1. Hover over the name for Pre-Renegades info.
Post-Renegades: Deleted.
I would have MUCH rather see this Skill revamped than deleted. I would have liked to see Ninja Ambush working in unison with Shadow Shifter so that whenever a mob misses you it gets randomly attacked by Ninjas. I would have preferred this much more than the crap we got with Sudden Raid. 3.7/10

Skill Builds for Shadowers

Fourth Job is the time for variety, fun and personal choice. Following I will present a very standard build. Fourth Job builds depend heavily on funds to afford Mastery Books, which is why I will only present a rough skeleton of a Build for you to be guided upon.

Early Shadower Stage

Very Early Levels
LevelStarting in the Shadows
120+1 Boomerang Step (1), +1 Assassinate (1), +1 Shadower Instinct (1)
121+1 Dagger Expert (1), +1 Toxic Venom (1), +1 Shadow Shifter (1)
122+3 Boomerang Step (4)
123+3 Boomerang Step (7)
124+3 Boomerang Step (10)
125+3 Toxic Venom (4)
126+2 Toxic Venom (6), +1 Smokescreen (1)
CummulativeAssassinate (1), Shadower Instinct (1), Dagger Expert (1), Shadow Shifter (1), Smokescreen(1), Toxic Venom (6), Boomerang Step (10)

Build Order Explanation
Fourth Job is the time to have fun and experience new stuff in Maple Story so we begin your Shadowhood with 3 new Skills all at once, here I'll outline each Skill and why is 1 Skill Point so important on them.
  • Boomerang Step: 1 Skill Point in Boomerang is already over +400% stronger than Phase Dash.
  • Assassinate: The first Skill Point allows for the collection of Body Count, needed for Shadower Instinct bonus below. It is also completely OP in 1vs1.
  • Shadower Instinct: The first Skill Point gives +31 attack.
These three new Skills will set up your whole way of attacking in 4th Job.
Instead of Phase Dash+Steal you will do Boomerang Step + Phase Dash.
Instead of Phase Dash + Midnight Carnival you will do Boomerang Step + Midnight Carnival.
In addition to this, in 1vs1 situations, once 5 Kill Points have been collected you will use Assassinate. This will make Assassinate 2.5x stronger, and may be even stronger if you use Dark Sight right before Assassinate. Also don't forget to cast Shadower Instinct with 5 Body Count for a whooping 31 Attack.
On Level 121 we will introduce three new passive Skills that will also greatly help you along the way:
  • Toxic Venom: The first Skill Point gives you +140% DPS by allowing Venom to stack twice, in other words the first Skill Point to Toxic Venom raises your %DPS the same as Level 30 Venom in Pre-Renegades, fatal indeed.
  • Shadow Shifter: The first Skill Point gives you 16% Dodge!! This is one of the greatest Skills in our Shadower Skill book.
  • Dagger Expert: The first Skill Point increases our Mastery to 76%! Which is a lot!
We now have three new active Skills and three new passive Skills. The problem is that Boomerang Step only hits 3 mobs at Level 1 so we raise it to Level 10 right away. At Level 10 Boomerang Step hits 4 mobs just as Phase Dash so we take a quick break from Boomerang Step to maximize our Damage output with Toxic Venom on Level 6. Level 6 Toxic Venom allows for Venom to stack up to three times and we leave it there because any more Toxic Venom won't let you stack Venom any further. We also raise Smokescreen to Level 1 to gain 31 seconds of god mode every 6 minutes.

Mid-Early Levels
LevelBalanced DamageHigh Damage
127+3 Dagger Expert (4)+1 Dagger Expert (2), +3 Boomerang Step (12)
128+3 Dagger Expert (7)+3 Boomerang Step (15)
129+3 Dagger Expert (10)+3 Boomerang Step (18)
130+3 Dagger Expert (13)+3 Boomerang Step (21)
131+3 Dagger Expert (16)+3 Boomerang Step (24)
132+3 Dagger Expert (19)+3 Boomerang Step (27)
133+3 Dagger Expert (22)+3 Boomerang Step (30) MAXED
134+3 Dagger Expert (25)+3 Dagger Expert (5)
135+3 Dagger Expert (28)+3 Dagger Expert (8)
136+2 Dagger Expert (30) MAXED, +1 Boomerang Step (11)+3 Dagger Expert (11)
137+3 Boomerang Step (14)+3 Dagger Expert (14)
138+3 Boomerang Step (17)+3 Dagger Expert (17)
139+3 Boomerang Step (20)+3 Dagger Expert (20)
140+3 Boomerang Step (23)+3 Dagger Expert (23)
141+3 Boomerang Step (26)+3 Dagger Expert (26)
142+3 Boomerang Step (29)+3 Dagger Expert (29)
143+1 Boomerang Step (30) MAXED, +2 Shadower Instinct (3)+1 Dagger Expert (30) MAXED, +2 Shadower Instinct (3)

LevelSpidey Instincts!
144+3 Shadower Instinct (6)
145+3 Shadower Instinct (9)
146+3 Shadower Instinct (12)
147+3 Shadower Instinct (15)
148+3 Shadower Instinct (18)
149+2 Shadower Instinct (20) MAXED, +1 Sudden Raid (1)
CummulativeSudden Raid (1), Assassinate (1), Shadow Shifter (1), Smokescreen (1), Toxic Venom (6), Shadower Instinct (20) MAXED, Dagger Expert (30) MAXED, Boomerang Step (30) MAXED

Build Order
Now that we have all of our basic Skills is time to start prioritizing what to max, first and foremost is damage. The two Skills that give the most Damage are Dagger Expert and Boomerang Step, one increasing our mastery and free attack while the other increases %Damage and the number of mobs hit. After Dagger Expert and Boomerang Step are both maxed we max Shadower Instinct for an extra 19 attack and a total of 20% PDR Ignore, note that this is our only %PDR ignore Skill and is therefore very important. We also raise Sudden Raid to Level 1 for the luls since it's an Ultimate Skill and might come in handy in certain situations, personally though I don't see myself casting it often.

Balanced Damage vs. High Damage pt. II
On theory, Dagger Expert gives more %DPS than Boomerang Step per mob BUT a maxed Boomerang Step allows you to hit up to 6 mobs which means more total damage. The difference between both though is not that great and I recommend going which whatever book is cheaper or you already have/passed. ie: If you are stuck at Boomerang Step Level 10 because you can't pass Boomerang Step 20 but you have a Dagger Expert book then start raising Dagger Expert while you find and pass Boomerang Step Mastery book. BUT, if you've already maxed Dagger Expert and you still can't pass or find Boomerang Step then I recommend saving Skill Points until you pass it. If Mastery Books are not an issue then I recommend doing Balanced Damage because 4 mobs is the same number of mobs Phase Dash hits and it works fine for now.

Middle Shadowhood Levels

LevelCan't Touch This BuildLet me Touch your Build
150+3 Shadow Shifter (4)+3 Assassinate (4)
151+3 Shadow Shifter (7)+3 Assassinate (7)
152+3 Shadow Shifter (10)+3 Assassinate (10)
153+3 Shadow Shifter (13)+3 Assassinate (13)
154+3 Shadow Shifter (16)+3 Assassinate (16)
155+3 Shadow Shifter (19)+3 Assassinate (19)
156+3 Shadow Shifter (22)+3 Assassinate (22)
157+3 Shadow Shifter (25)+3 Assassinate (25)
158+3 Shadow Shifter (28)+3 Assassinate (28)
159+2 Shadow Shifter (30) MAXED, +1 Hero's Will (1)+2 Assassinate (30),1 Hero's Will (1)
160+3 Assassinate (4)+3 Shadow Shifter (4)
161+3 Assassinate (7)+3 Shadow Shifter (7)
162+3 Assassinate (10)+3 Shadow Shifter (10)
163+3 Assassinate (13)+3 Shadow Shifter (13)
164+3 Assassinate (16)+3 Shadow Shifter (16)
165+3 Assassinate (19)+3 Shadow Shifter (19)
166+3 Assassinate (22)+3 Shadow Shifter (22)
167+3 Assassinate (25)+3 Shadow Shifter (25)
168+3 Assassinate (28)+3 Shadow Shifter (28)
169+2 Assassinate (30) MAXED, +1 Hero's Will (2)+2 Shadow Shifter (30) MAXED, +1 Hero's Will (2)

So far: (Level 169)
Sudden Raid (1)
Smokescreen (1)
Hero's Will (2)
Toxic Venom (6)
Shadower Instinct (20) MAXED
Boomerang Step (30) MAXED
Shadow Shifter (30) MAXED
Dagger Expert (30) MAXED
Assassinate (30) MAXED

Build Discussion
By Level 150 you have already experienced all of the Shadower's Skills at some level so this one is completely up to you. I recommend doing Shadow Shifter first but you could do whatever Skill you feel like would help you the most. My argument for Shadow Shifter is that it helps in everything, training and bossing. It gives us the massive evasion we Shadowers are known for. With this Skill and the i-frames from Boomerang Step we are practically untouchable. After Shadow Shifter I recommend adding one Skill Point in Hero's Will because by this Level you should start to try out Horntail if you haven't already and a Level of at least 1 in Hero's Will is very much recommended if not required to survive seduce. Also if you get seduced and you can't use Hero's Will yet then Shadow Shifter will definitely save your life at many instances. At this point you should start to try out a lot of bosses and even the bosses in Monster Park get harder and Assassinate is our main 1vs1 Skill and it deals a LOT of damage. Granted if your Damage Range is very high then you *might* not need to max Assassinate.

Late Shadowhood Levels

LevelCan't Touch This Build IIParty Warrior Build
170+3 Smokescreen (4)+3 Maple Warrior (3)
171+3 Smokescreen (7)+3 Maple Warrior (6)
172+3 Smokescreen (10)+3 Maple Warrior (9)
173+3 Smokescreen (13)+3 Maple Warrior (12)
174+3 Smokescreen (16)+3 Maple Warrior (15)
175+3 Smokescreen (19)+3 Maple Warrior (18)
176+3 Smokescreen (22)+3 Maple Warrior (21)
177+3 Smokescreen (25)+3 Maple Warrior (24)
178+3 Smokescreen (28)+3 Maple Warrior (27)
179+2 Smokescreen (30) MAXED, +1 Hero's Will (3)+2 Maple Warrior (29),1 Hero's Will (3)
180+3 Maple Warrior (3)+3 Smokescreen (4)
181+3 Maple Warrior (6)+3 Smokescreen (7)
182+3 Maple Warrior (9)+3 Smokescreen (10)
183+3 Maple Warrior (12)+3 Smokescreen (13)
184+3 Maple Warrior (15)+3 Smokescreen (16)
185+3 Maple Warrior (18)+3 Smokescreen (19)
186+3 Maple Warrior (21)+3 Smokescreen (22)
187+3 Maple Warrior (24)+3 Smokescreen (25)
188+3 Maple Warrior (27)+3 Smokescreen (28)
189+2 Maple Warrior (29) , +1 Hero's Will (4)+2 Smokescreen (30) MAXED, +1 Hero's Will (4)

LevelPerfecting the Shadow
190+1 Hero's Will (5) MAXED, +2 Toxic Venom (8)
191+2 Toxic Venom (10) MAXED, +1 Sudden Raid (2)
192+3 Sudden Raid (5)
193+3 Sudden Raid (8)
194+3 Sudden Raid (11)
195+3 Sudden Raid (14)
196+3 Sudden Raid (17)
197+3 Sudden Raid (20)
198+3 Sudden Raid (23)
199+2 Sudden Raid (26)
200+3 Sudden Raid (29)

Sudden Raid (29)
Maple Warrior (29)
Hero's Will (5) MAXED
Toxic Venom (10) MAXED
Shadower Instinct (20) MAXED
Assassinate (30) MAXED
Smokescreen (30) MAXED
Dagger Expert (30) MAXED
Shadow Shifter (30) MAXED
Boomerang Step (30) MAXED
  • Note: If you have Decent CO, then I recommend having MW30 and Sudden Raid 28. Also don't forget about the Leafre Monster Book set (:

Player Information

Defense Calculations

The Defense formulas are as follow:
Weapon Defense: 0.4*INT + 0.5*DEX + 0.5*LUK + 1.2*STR + Weapon Defense from equips.
Magical Defense: 0.4*STR + 0.5*DEX + 0.5*LUK + 1.2*INT + Magical Defense from equips.

The way to calculate Damage diminished by Defense is tricky. There are two different formulas that Maple Story runs and then picks the one that helped Diminish Damage most and uses it. I am going to do a quick view as to how this formulas work but I am not going to in-depth into it.
1st Formula: Damage = Monster's Attack - (Round Down(Defense/4))
2nd Formula: Damage = Round-Up(Monster's Attack * (100-(0.5*SquareRoot(Defence)))/100)
Whichever formula results in the less Damage will be the formula used to calculate how much Damage the Monster dealt on you.
For us, Bandits, the formula is a little messier. Because Shield Mastery increases our Defense by a percentage and Meso Guard decreases Damage by half and Greed increases the Meso Guard Diminishing abilities.
Instead of keep boring you all with formulas and numbers here is an example:

Attack Calculations

Our high range formula is:
Max Base Attack: 1.3*(4*LUK + DEX+ STR)*Weapon Attack/100
Notice that 1 LUK = 4 DEX = 4 STR Damage-wise.

Miss-Rate System

The Monster Misses - Oh Yeah!
Regular Evasion has two factors, Level and Avoid-ability. For every Level you are below a monster, the Avoid-Rate goes down by a fixed percentage. This number is not exactly known but is presumed to be 2%.
Avoid-Rate: RoundDown(Sqrt(Player's Avoid-ability)) - RoundDown(Sqrt(Monster's Accuracy))

There exists different kinds of extra stats that improve our overall Avoid, and they are given by Different Skills. From worse to best:
* +Avoid: Simply increases your avoid stat. This is given by Nimble Body. The highest possible avoid is 999999
* +%Avoid: Adds a percentage of avoid stat based on your current avoid stat. This is given by Dagger Expert.
* +%Avoid-Rate: Based on your current evasion-rate, increase that evasion rate. ie: If a snail misses you 50% of the time due to your avoid stat and his accuracy, if you have +20% avoid-rate, then instead of missing 50%, the snail will miss you 50%*1.20=60%. This is given by Shield Mastery.
* +%Dodge: Flat chance of mob missing you. 45% Dodge, 45% of the time the mob will miss you due to dodge. This is given by Shadow Shifter.

Ability Points

This is simple guys, look:
HP/MP: Add Nothing
Int/Str: Add nothing
Dex: Enough to wear the equips you want to wear and no more
Luk: Everything else
I don't get why so many people have trouble with this, seriously. It ain't rocket science.

But for those of you who REALLY want a detailed explanation, here are the most basic ways to have Dex Post-Renegades:
  • Physical Training: 30 Dex
  • Will of the Alliance: 5 Dex
  • Targa LUK or cZhelm : 15 Dex (or 21 all stat).
  • Monster Book Codex: 5-7 Dex
  • Cannon Shooter: 15 Dex
  • Silent Crusader Medal: 5 Dex
These skills and equips alone are already 75 Dex, and these are VERY basic things to have.
For more on equips here s what MrTouchnGo said in his [url=]Ask a Shadower a Question Tread.[/url]

Depending on your funding, get the following items:
  • MoN(5 Allstats), HTP(22), or cHTP(25, 40 [can no longer be made], 70 [can no longer be made])
  • Top (Event shops usually come out with Armor DEX scrolls, which you can use to scroll helmets, tops, bottoms, and shoes; however, even clean tops usually come with some DEX) (~5-10)
  • Cape scrolled with DEX (~5-10).
  • Mask, either event mask or Reverse DB Mask (~3-7)
  • Shoes (Event shops usually come out with Armor DEX scrolls, which you can use to scroll helmets, tops, bottoms, and shoes; however, even clean shoes usually come with some DEX) (~5-10)
  • Bottom scrolled with DEX (~10-15)
  • Gloves scrolled with ATT (hopefully they have like 2-3 DEX on it or something). Don't scroll your glove for DEX.
  • Eye Accessory (3-7). Recommended: Kenta's Goggles.
  • Evo Rings 1 & 2 (+7 STR/DEX each), Evo Ring 3 (+10 STR/DEX) Rising Sun Ring (+6 STR/DEX)
  • Shoulder (1-10). Recommended: Silent Crusade Shoulder Pad.
  • Belt (5-15). (Event shops usually come out with Accessory DEX scrolls, which you can use to scroll belts; however, even clean crafted belts usually come with some DEX)
  • Earrings (0-10). You can scroll them with DEX; Rex and Gold Emerald Earrings are the only ones that come clean with DEX, I believe.
  • Pocket item (1-5). Recommended: Gallant Battle Manual . Note that this is pretty hard to obtain and you need 30 Charm to equip a pocket item anyways.

MrTounchnGo: Q: Where should I cap my DEX/STR in order to wear STR equips?
A: Cap STR at 4. Don't raise it. The reasoning behind that is simple; in recent times, we've gotten so many +stat equips added into the game that it's extremely easy to raise your total STR from 4 to 75.
On the other hand, capping DEX still depends on your funding. There are two things you need to take into consideration: are you going to stick with your Shadower through thick and thin, and how much funding do you have? If the answer to the first question is "yes," then by all means cap very low, from 4-30. Getting the DEX requirements can take some patience. Here's a few notes:

• Event full AP resets allows you to reset DEX to 4. UAs are made with 4 base DEX.

Suggested capping:
• No/low funding (less than 100m): 50-80 DEX.
• Average funding (100-300m): 25-50 DEX
• Anything above that: 4-25 DEX

A quick note to what MrTouchnGo said, I recommend scrolling for LUK rather than for DEX if the LUK scrolls are cheaper. No point spending a lot of Mesos in a DEX scroll ifs its LUK counterpart is cheaper.

Extra Skills' Information

Pickpocket + Meso Explosion Extra Details

  • Meso Explosion always KB's to the left, regardless of where you are standing or what direction are you facing.
  • Meso Explosion always explodes the oldest coin within range, this means that if you aren't careful in your Pickpocketing you will probably waste coins.
  • Pickpocket only drops 1 meso.
  • Pickpocket's mesos last for 200 seconds.

Assassinate + Shadower Instinct - Body Count FAQ

What are Body Count?
Body Count are a new system for Shadowers that was brought on Renegades that aims to improve Assassinate's Damage and Shadower Instincts attack buff.
How do I get Body Count?
Every time you attack you get 1 Body Count, regardless of the attack. This applies to every attack except for Assassinate. Assassinate does not give you any Body Count, instead it consumes the points.
Up to how many Body Count can I have?
You can have up to 5 Body Count at once.
How do I know if I have accumulated Body Count?
Every time you obtain a Killing Point a little orb will appear on top of you and will stay with you until the Kill Points are used in Assassinate or Shadower Instinct.
How does Assassinate benefit from Body Count
If Assassinate is used when you have 5 Body Count the Damage done by Assassinate will be multiplied by 2.5x
How does Shadower Instinct benefit from Body Count?
Whenever Shadower Instinct is casted, your current Body Count are counted and you will get +6 attack per Kill Point in addition to the regular attack given by Shadower Instinct. You can only get up 5 Body Count, therefore up to an extra +30 attack may be obtained.

1vs1 Combos - Effective Range Dependant

As you guys know our main 1vs1 Skill is Assassinate. Sadly, this Skill is strongly hindered by Damage cap therefore at high damage ranges Assassinate's awesomeness starts to wane down. My buddy @MrTouchnGo created this little chart from numbers I calculated because he is cool. Before I introduce the chart I want to give some warnings:
  • Boomerang Step, Midnight Carnival and Assassinate are all assumes to be maxed.
  • This is merely EFFECTIVE top range. This means you must calculate %Dmg, %Boss and %PDR. I cannot stress enough how important this is. If you simply say "oh my range is above 30k therefore I should do blah blah", then you are using it wrong. If you are on a boss with let's say 50% PDR and you have 20% PDR ignore then your range needs to be 50k and not 30k! Empress has 75% PDR and she is strong against Physical Damage so all your damage is reduced by half after %PDR to therefore your damage range needs to be a LOT higher than what this chart is going to say.
Anyway, enjoy it and use it with caution


Skill Builds for Rogues

LevelRegular BanditSin-Dit RECOMMENDED
10+1 Double Stab (1)+1 Lucky 7 (1)
11+3 Double Stab (4)+3 Nimble Body (3)
12+3 Double Stab (7)+3 Keen Eyes (3)
13+3 Double Stab (10)+2 Keen Eyes (5) MAXED; +1 Lucky 7 (2)
14+3 Double Stab (13)+3 Lucky 7 (5)
15+3 Double Stab (16)+3 Lucky 7 (8)
16+3 Double Stab (19)+3 Lucky 7 (11)
17+1 Double Stab (20) MAXED; +2 Disorder (2)+3 Lucky 7 (14)
18+1 Disorder (3); +2 Dark Sight (2)+2 Lucky 7 (16); +1 Disorder (1)
19+3 Dark Sight (5)**+2 Disorder (3), +1 Dark Sight (1)
20+3 Dark Sight (8)+3 Dark Sight (4)
21+2 Dark Sight (10) MAXED; +1 Nimble Body (1)+3 Dark Sight (7)
22+3 Nimble Body (4)+3 Dark Sight (10) MAXED
23+3 Nimble Body (7)+3 Nimble Body (6)
24+3 Nimble Body (10)+3 Nimble Body (9)
25+3 Nimble Body (13)+3 Nimble Body (12)
26+3 Nimble Body (16)+3 Nimble Body (15)
27+3 Nimble Body (19)+3 Nimble Body (18)
28+1 Nimble Body (20) MAXED; +2 Disorder (5)+2 Nimble Body (20) MAXED; +1 Disorder(4)
29+3 Disorder (8)+3 Disorder (7)
30+2 Disorder (10) MAXED; +1 Extra Skill Point+3 Disorder (10) MAXED
End ResultsDouble Stab (20) MAXED; Dark Sight (10) MAXED; Disorder (10) MAXED; Nimble Body (20) MAXED; 1 Extra Skill PointLucky 7 (16); Keen Eyes (5) MAXED; Dark Sight (10) MAXED; Disorder (10) MAXED; Nimble Body (20) MAXED

Build Order Explanation
First Job is pretty straightforward. You start up with you attacking Skill (Double Stab for Regular Bandits and L7+Keen Eyes for Sin-Dits) then unlock and max Dark Sight as soon as possible in order to use Dark Sight while training without losing any speed. Once Dark Sight has been maxed you Max, max Nimble Body and Disorder for the lolz and be done. If you are a regular Bandit, you will have one Skill Point to dump wherever. For a Sin-Dit, you Max Keen Eyes first because at that level you can probably 1-Hit KO everything already so what matters the most is killing more mobs faster (without moving) so Keen Eyes help a lot there.

Regular Bandit vs. Sin-Dit
Whether you choose to go for the regular path or the Sin-Dit path will not affect your performance on future levels. A maxed Double Stab gets replaced quickly by Level 1 Savage Blow and Lucky 7 will only be used on 2nd Job for a couple of levels. Going Sin-Dit allows for the usage of Lucky 7 and Keen Eyes for fun, but you won't actually use it to train past Level 32. If you are a Sin-Dit you will have to kill leftover mobs with Steal, since you can't be changing to claw to use Lucky 7 every 5 seconds. Going regular Bandit allows you to use Double Stab to kill leftover mobs while you still don't have Savage Blow. But as soon as you get Savage Blow to Level 1, Double Stab becomes useless.

Skill Builds for Bandits

Bandit - Early Levels

Very Early Levels
LevelRegular BanditSin-Dit
30+1 Mastery (1)+1 Haste (1)
31+3 Haste (3)+3 Haste (4)
32+2 Haste(5); +1 Steal (1)+1 Haste (5); +1 Mastery (1); +1 Steal (1)

So far: (Level 32)
Dagger Mastery (1)
Haste (5)
Steal (1)

Regular Bandit Build Explanation
Level 1 Dagger Mastery increases Mastery by 12% making it the best spot to place the Level 30 Skill Point at. Then we unlock Steal by placing 5 Skill Points into Haste and place one Skill Point into Steal to have a mobbing Skill.

Sin-Dit Build Explanation
Placing the first Skill Point into Dagger Mastery doesn't help if you are a Sin-Dit because you don't have any Dagger Skills yet so we first unlock Steal. After unlocking Steal we place one Skill Point on it and one on Dagger Mastery. Sin-Dits should stop using Lucky 7 as a main attack as soon as Steal and Mastery are Level 1.

Bandit - Mid-Early Levels
LevelBalanced Damage RECOMMENDEDHigh Damage
33+3 Mastery (4)+3 Steal (4)
34+1 Mastery (5); +2 Booster (2)+3 Steal (7)
35+3 Steal (4)+3 Mastery (4)
36+3 Steal (7)+1 Mastery (5); +2 Booster (2)
37+3 Booster (5)+1 Booster (3); +1 Savage Blow; +1 Steal (8)
38+1 Booster (6); +1 Savage Blow (1); +1 Mastery (6)+3 Steal (11)
39+3 Mastery (9)+3 Dagger Booster (6)
40+3 Mastery (12)+3 Mastery (8)
41+3 Mastery (15)+3 Mastery (11)
42+3 Mastery (18)+3 Mastery (14)
43+2 Mastery (20) MAXED; +1 Steal (8)+3 Mastery (17)
44+3 Steal (11)+3 Mastery (20) MAXED

So far: (Level 44)
Dagger Mastery (20) MAXED
Dagger Booster (6)
Steal (11)
Haste (5)

Stable Damage Build Explanation
We start by adding Dagger Mastery to increase our minimum Damage, but once it is Level 5 we place two Skill Points into Booster to increase our attacking Skill. These two Skill Points into Booster does more for our minimum DPS than two more points in Dagger Mastery. Then we add Steal up to Level 7 so that it can hit up to three mobs instead of lame 2 mobs. Having to recast Dagger Booster every 20 seconds is an annoyance so we increase up to Level 6. We also add one Skill Points into Savage Blow for two main reasons, it is works better than Double Stab in killing leftover mobs and it looks cool. Now that Steal hits a decent 3 mobs, booster lasts a full minute and we possess one of the best looking Skills in Maple we make Renegades to the Build name and Max Dagger Mastery for further stable damage.

High Damage Build Explanation
We immediately start raising Steal up to Level 7 to hit up to three mobs. Then we unlock Dagger Booster by raising Dagger Mastery up to Level 5 and place 3 Skill Points on Dagger Booster. We then add one Skill Point into Savage Blow to kill leftover mobs with style and then continue raising Steal. Once Steal is Level 14 it can hit up to 4 mobs and it has reached its maximum amount of mobs possible at any level. Having to recast Dagger Booster every 30 seconds is bothersome and we sometimes forget so we increase it up to Level 6 for one full minute. We now max Dagger Mastery so that our damage can finally be somewhat stable.

Stable vs. High Damage
A stable damage decreases the maximum amount of times you need to hit a mob in order for it to die while a high damage decreases the minimum amount of times you need to hit a mob in order for it to die. Both builds end up the same at Level 45 and the this levels should feel like a breeze to you so don't over think what Build to choose, just go for what feels good in your mind.

Bandit - Middle and Late Levels

LevelLevel 11 Steal RECOMMENDEDLevel 14 Steal
45+3 Haste (8)+3 Steal (14)
46+2 Haste (10); +1 Savage Blow (2)+3 Haste (8)
47+3 Savage Blow (5)+2 Haste (10); +1 Savage Blow (2)
48+3 Savage Blow (8)+3 Savage Blow (5)
49+3 Savage Blow (11)+3 Savage Blow (8)
50+3 Savage Blow (14)+3 Savage Blow (11)
51+3 Savage Blow (17)+3 Savage Blow (14)
52+3 Savage Blow (20)+3 Savage Blow (17)
53+3 Savage Blow (23)+3 Savage Blow (20)
54+3 Savage Blow (26)+3 Savage Blow (23)
55+3 Savage Blow (29)+3 Savage Blow (26)
56+1 Savage Blow (30) MAXED; +2 Haste (12)+3 Savage Blow (29)
57+3 Haste (15)+1 Savage Blow (30) MAXED; +2 Haste (12)
58+3 Haste (18)+3 Haste (15)
59+2 Haste (20) MAXED; +1 Booster (7)+3 Haste (18)
60+3 Booster (10)+2 Haste (20) MAXED; +1 Booster (7)
61+3 Booster (13)+3 Booster (10)
62+1 Booster (14); +2 Shadow Resistance (2)+3 Booster (13)
63+3 Shadow Resistance (5)+1 Booster (14); +2 Shadow Resistance (2)
64+3 Shadow Resistance (8)+3 Shadow Resistance (5)
65+3 Shadow Resistance (11)+3 Shadow Resistance (8)
66+3 Shadow Resistance (14)+3 Shadow Resistance (11)
67+3 Shadow Resistance (17)+3 Shadow Resistance(14)
68+2 Shadow Resistance (20) MAXED+3 Shadow Resistance (17)
69+3 Booster (17)+2 Shadow Resistance (20) MAXED
70+3 Booster (20) MAXED+3 Booster (17)
End ResultsMastery (20) MAXED; Haste (20) MAXED; Shadow Resistance (20) MAXED; Savage Blow (30) MAXED; Dagger Booster (20) MAXED; Steal (11)Mastery (20) MAXED; Haste (20) MAXED; Shadow Resistance (20) MAXED; Savage Blow (30) MAXED; Steal (14); Dagger Booster (17)

Level 11 vs. Level 14 vs. Maxed Steal
A Maxed Steal will speed up training on Second Job a bit, but you will have to recast Dagger Booster every 110 seconds forever, unless you wanna spend 3rd or 4th Job Skill Points on Booster, which is extremely not recommended. A Level 11 Steal allows you to fully max Dagger Booster but Steal will only hit up to three mobs which will slow training a little bit on second job. Level 14 Steal allows you to hit up to four mobs just as a maxed Steal but with lower damage and keep a relatively long Dagger Booster of 170s. Post - Big Bang Second Job training is relatively fast so even though Level 11 or 14 Steal does hinder training speed, you will reach Third Job so fast you probably won't even notice. I would suggest to leave Steal at Level 11, and if you really can't handle a low level attack skill keep it at Level 14 at most since second job is a breeze Post - Big Bang. Dagger Booster will always get used while Steal is only useful for one job so it doesn't make much sense to me to sacrifice 9 Skill Points off Dagger Booster to Max Steal. There are a few people that argue about Steal's usefulness on Fourth Job, but as a Level 16x Shadower I can tell you that I have not once felt the need of Steal at training or bosses.

Skill Builds for Chief Bandits

Early Chief Bandit Stage

LevelShadow Partner FirstBand of Thieves First RECOMMENDED
70+1 Assaulter (1)+1 Assaulter (1)
71+3 Shadow Partner (3)+3 Band of Thieves (3)
72+3 Shadow Partner (6)+3 Band of Thieves (6)
73+3 Shadow Partner (9)+3 Band of Thieves (9)
74+3 Shadow Partner (12)+3 Band of Thieves (12)
75+3 Shadow Partner (15)+3 Band of Thieves (15)
76+3 Shadow Partner (18)+3 Band of Thieves (18)
77+2 Shadow Partner (20) MAXED; +1 Chakra (1)+2 Band of Thieves (20) MAXED; +1 Chakra (1)
78+2 Chakra (3); +1 Meso Guard (1)+2 Chakra (3); +1 Meso Guard (1)
79+3 Band of Thieves (3)+3 Shadow Partner (3)
80+3 Band of Thieves (6)+3 Shadow Partner (6)
81+3 Band of Thieves (9)+3 Shadow Partner (9)
82+3 Band of Thieves (12)+3 Shadow Partner (12)
83+3 Band of Thieves (15)+3 Shadow Partner (15)
84+3 Band of Thieves (18)+3 Shadow Partner (18)
85+2 Band of Thieves (20) MAXED; +1*+2 Shadow Partner (20) MAXED; +1*

So far: (Level 85)
Band of Thieves (20) MAXED
Shadow Partner (20) MAXED
Chakra (3)
Meso Guard (1)
1 Extra Skill Point*
*You will have an Extra Skill Point after maxing both Band of Thieves and Shadow Partner. For more information on where to place that extra Skill Point please read under Mid-Chief Bandit Section

Build Order Explanation
Place the first point into Assaulter for mobility purposes. Level 1 Assaulter beats a Maxed Savage Blow in raw damage and helps you to not only kill the leftover mobs but move through them. Then max either Shadow Partner or Band of Thieves to increase our damage. After one of these Skills is maxed unlock Meso Guard by placing three Skill Points into Chakra and then raise Meso Guard to Level 1. Level 1 Meso Guard reduces damage just as much as a maxed Meso Guard and lasts for over two minutes. This is done to save money on pots and reduce chances of dying. Then max Band of Thieves or Shadow Partner depending on which one you maxed first. As an alternative you could unlock and raise Meso Guard to Level 1 after both Band of Thieves and Shadow Partner are maxed.

Shadow Partner First vs. Band of Thieves First
With Shadow Partner first you will see an increase on damage starting on the first point you place on Shadow Partner while if you go with Band of Thieves First you won't see any increase in damage until Band of Thieves reaches Level 10 and starts hitting 4 mobs. A person that goes Shadow Partner first will train faster than a person with Band of Thieves first until Level 77, which is when a person that went Band of Thieves first will have it maxed. After Band of Thieves is maxed, whoever went Band of Thieves first will train faster than a person that went Shadow Partner first until Level 85 which is when both Skills are maxed. If you only raised Steal up to Level 11 going Band of Thieves first will be the best option definitely. If you raised Steal up Level 14 or Maxed then they are both viable options. Personally I would prefer Band of Thieves first because, although you will do less damage for the first 7 Levels, training with Band of Thieves is much more fun than Steal since it attacks around you and not only in front of you.

Alternative Build - Early Nuke
If you went for Shadow Partner first, there is an alternative Build to those presented above. After maxing Shadow Partner and adding one Skill Point to Meso Guard, instead of maxing Band of Thieves, max Meso Explosion and Pickpocket. Add 3 Skill Points to Meso Explosion then 6 to Pickpocket and then go +2 Meso Explosion/+1 Pickpocket per Level until they are both maxed and then max Band of Thieves. Although I do not recommend this, if you have enough control and ability to use Pickpocket and Meso Explosion efficiently with Steal then you will in theory train a bit faster than with the regular builds above.

Mid-Chief Bandit Stage

LevelNuclear BuildRed Bull Build
85+1 Meso Explosion (1)+1 Assaulter (2)
86+2 Meso Explosion (3); +1 Pickpocket (1)+3 Assaulter (5)
87+3 Pickpocket (4)+3 Flash Jump (3)
88+1 Pickpocket (5); +2 Meso Explosion (5)+3 Flash Jump (6)
89+1 Pickpocket (6); +2 Meso Explosion (7)+3 Flash Jump (9)
90+1 Pickpocket (7); +2 Meso Explosion (9)+3 Flash Jump (12)
91+1 Pickpocket (8); +2 Meso Explosion (11)+3 Flash Jump (15)
92+1 Pickpocket (9); +2 Meso Explosion (13)+3 Flash Jump (18)
93+1 Pickpocket (10) MAXED; +2 Meso Explosion (15)+2 Flash Jump (20) MAXED; +1 Meso Explosion (1)
94+3 Meso Explosion (18)+2 Meso Explosion (3); +1 Pickpocket (1)
95+2 Meso Explosion (20) MAXED; +1 Assaulter (2)+3 Pickpocket (4)
96+3 Assaulter (5)+1 Pickpocket (5); +2 Meso Explosion (5)
97+3 Flash Jump (3)+1 Pickpocket (6); +2 Meso Explosion (7)
98+3 Flash Jump (6)+1 Pickpocket (7); +2 Meso Explosion (9)
99+3 Flash Jump (9)+1 Pickpocket (8); +2 Meso Explosion (11)
100+3 Flash Jump (12)+1 Pickpocket (9); +2 Meso Explosion (13)
101+3 Flash Jump (15)+1 Pickpocket (10) MAXED; +2 Meso Explosion (15)
102+3 Flash Jump (18)+3 Meso Explosion (18)
103+2 Flash Jump (20) MAXED; +1 Meso Guard (2)+2 Meso Explosion (20) MAXED; +1 Meso Guard (2)
104+3 Meso Guard (5)+3 Meso Guard (5)

So far: (Level 104)
Band of Thieves (20) MAXED
Shadow Partner (20) MAXED
Meso Explosion (20) MAXED
Flash Jump (20) MAXED
Pickpocket (10) MAXED
Assaulter (5)
Chakra (3)
Meso Guard (5)

Nuclear Build Explanation
Meso Explosion is purely amazing; it deals great damage, attacks up to 10 mobs and its range is phenomenal. Meso Explosion acts as our second Shadow Partner by increasing our damage output of both training and bossing. And to make it better we possess a Skill that drops the coins necessary for Meso Explosion at a nice 60% rate when maxed called Pickpocket. Think of Meso Explosion as the overall raw damage of an explosive, the higher the Meso Explosion level the higher the damage the more bombs can be exploded and the more mobs can be affected. Pickpocket is the rate at which we can explode the bombs and create new bombs. We start by adding three points into Meso Explosion to unlock Pickpocket and then add 3 Skill Points onto Pickpocket to have a decent 30% Meso generation rate. Then we add 2 Skill Points into Meso Explosion and 1 Skill Point into Pickpocket such that every Level Meso Explosion is able to explode 1 more coins per explosion and the rate of Pickpocket goes up by 5%. Once Pickpocket is maxed we max Meso Explosion and unlock Flash Jump by raising Assaulter up to Level 5. Flash Jump will not increase your damage but it will greatly increase your training speed which is why we max it right after Meso Explosion. Raise Meso Guard up to Level 5 for Meso-saving and so that both Meso Guard and Pickpocket have the same duration and can easily be Macro'd.

Red Bull Build Explanation
Ever felt that going from one place to another is slow, even with Maxed Haste? Well it is, unless you have Flash Jump. Flash Jump will greatly increase training speed by reducing the time spent in traveling from platform to platform, pack of mobs to pack of mobs, etc. We unlock Flash Jump by raising Assaulter up to Level 5 and then max it right away. Then we start raising our next attack Skill to increase our Damage output. Meso Explosion deals great damage but it needs Pickpocket to become an efficient way of training so we unlock Pickpocket by raising Meso Explosion to Level 3 and then raise Pickpocket to Level 4. Then we add 1 Pickpocket and 2 Meso Explosion per Level until Pickpocket is maxed and then finish maxing Meso Explosion. Raise Meso Guard up to Level 5 for Meso-saving and so that both Meso Guard and Pickpocket have the same duration and can easily be Macro'd.

Nuclear vs. Red Bull Build
Deciding between a Nuclear and a Red Bull Build is trying to decide between Damage and Speed. By Level 103 they will both have the same set of Skills but a Nuclear build chooses damage first by maxing Meso Explosion and Pickpocket right after both Band of Thieves and Shadow Partner have been maxed. In the other hand a Flash Jump first build chooses speed first since you are mostly going to be training at those Levels and not bossing and speed is just as much of a factor in training as damage. If you planning to train on a place with different platforms that require you to jump and move around quite a lot then I would suggest to do Flash Jump first because it really helps out at training. But if the place you are training it doesn't require you to move much then Flash Jump will not be utilized too much so going with Meso Explosion first is probably the best option. In any case both builds end up the same.

Late Chief Bandit Stage

LevelDark Flare FirstAssaulter First
105+3 Dark Flare (3)+3 Assaulter (8)
106+3 Dark Flare (6)+3 Assaulter (11)
107+3 Dark Flare (9)+3 Assaulter (14)
108+3 Dark Flare (12)+3 Assaulter (17)
109+3 Dark Flare (15)+3 Assaulter (20) MAXED
110+3 Dark Flare (18)+3 Dark Flare (3)
111+2 Dark Flare (20) MAXED; +1 Assaulter (6)+3 Dark Flare (6)
112+3 Assaulter (9)+3 Dark Flare (9)
113+3 Assaulter (12)+3 Dark Flare (12)
114+3 Assaulter (15)+3 Dark Flare (15)
115+3 Assaulter (18)+3 Dark Flare (18)
116+2 Assaulter (20) MAXED; +1 Meso Guard (6)+1 Dark Flare (20) MAXED; +1 Meso Guard (6)
117+3 Meso Guard (9)+3 Meso Guard (9)
118+1 Meso Guard (10) MAXED; +2 Shield Mastery+1 Meso Guard (10) MAXED ; +2 Shield Mastery (2)
119+3 Shield Mastery (5)+3 Shield Mastery (5)
120+3 Shield Mastery (8)+3 Shield Mastery (8)

End Results
Band of Thieves (20) MAXED
Shadow Partner (20) MAXED
Meso Explosion (20) MAXED
Flash Jump (20) MAXED
Assaulter (20) MAXED
Dark Flare (20) MAXED
Pickpocket (10) MAXED
Meso Guard (10) MAXED
Shield Mastery (8)
Chakra (3)

Order Explanation
We max both Dark Flare and Assaulter right after rising Meso Guard to Level 5 and then Max Meso Guard for further meso-saving. We are then left with Shield Mastery and Chakra and only 8 Skill Points left. I chose Shield Mastery over Chakra because Shield mastery will always be increasing our defense and reducing damage intake while Chakra is used very scarcely. Chakra is mostly used at Dojo since we are pot-lock but besides that using pots is much more effective than using Chakra. Since we have Chakra at Level 3 since our early Third Job Levels you've had about 40 to test Chakra at Level 3. If you feel that you do use Chakra very frequently you could add a few more points into it and take a few points out of Shield Mastery, but try to not to reduce Shield Mastery below Level 5.

Dark Flare vs. Assaulter First
Dark Flare is helpful if you are training in map small enough for all the monsters to be in Dark Flare's range. Dark Flare is immobile; therefore if you place it in one platform and then move to another spot Dark Flare won't be of any help. If you are bossing Dark Flare will help out since bosses don't tend to move a lot. A high Level of Assaulter in the other hand will be helpful when you have to kill a monster in one clear hit. Savage Blow works better than Assaulter in general bossing because it produces more coins per second thus allowing Meso Explosion to occur more often, but this does not render Assaulter useless. Assaulter works great when you are planning to kill a monster in one-hit and then move somewhere else to keep training. I would personally choose Dark Flare first merely because it's a new Skill and I am eager to try it out.

Skill Builds for Shadowers

Fourth Job is the time for variety, fun and personal choice. Following I will present a very standard build, but please keep in mind that I have not reached Fourth Job yet. Fourth Job builds depend heavily on funds to afford Mastery Books, which is why I will only present a rough skeleton of a Build for you to be guided upon.

Early Shadower Stage

LevelRecommended Build
120+1 Boomerang Step (1); +1 Assassinate (1); +1 Shadow Shifter (1)
121+2 Boomerang Step (3); +1 Smokescreen (1)
122+3 Boomerang Step (6)
123+3 Boomerang Step (9)
124+3 Boomerang Step (12)
125+3 Boomerang Step (15)
126+3 Boomerang Step (18)
127+3 Boomerang Step (21)
128+3 Boomerang Step (24)
129+3 Boomerang Step (27)
130+3 Boomerang Step (30)
131+3 Greed (3)
132+3 Greed (6)
133+3 Greed (9)
134+1 Greed (10); +2 Shadow Shifter (3)
135+3 Shadow Shifter (6)
136+3 Shadow Shifter (9)

So far: (Level 136)
Boomerang Step (30) MAXED
Greed (10) MAXED
Assassinate (1)
Shadow Shifter (9)
Smokescreen (1)

Build Order Explanation
We are finally in Fourth Job, so it is time to have fun; which is why we are raising 4 different Skills in the first two levels. Boomerang Step will be your main training and bossing Skills from now on so we add 1 Skill Point at Level 120, and two more in 121 and then go as high as possible from there. Assassinate will not be used in training, but it will be used in Papulatus when he goes into hiding and for fun a lot. Shadow Shifter at Level 1 evades 16% of all hits, not counting all avoid you already had; it helps save a lot of pots, and evade 1/1 and Dispel from Papulatus. Smokescreen is like Assassinate, is for the lolz; it can help in bossing, but it has a 6 minute cool-down and only lasts 31 seconds at Level 1. I used to have Venom Level 1 in Level 121 in the build, but from experience I can now say that having 1 more points in Boomerang Step is by far way more helpful. You will be killing everything in 1-2 B-Step + BoT Macros so Venom won't help, and the ~3k damage it does on pap is not worth it. If you had added 1 Venom you would have to wait until Level 126 to hit 3-targets instead of 125 and Level 131 for Maxed Boomerang Step instead of Level 130. After Maxing Boomerang Step we go into our "secondary" attack Skill, Meso Explosion. By Maxing Greed we amplify the power of Meso Explosion and how often it can be used which is a major boost to our overall Damage. After this I recommend increasing Shadow Shifter for even more pot saving, and smiling awesomeness.

Other Levels - Shadower

These are the main paths Shadowers take at later levels:
Route 1:Shadow Shifter (RECOMMENDED)
A Maxed Shadow Shifter is so much love and it helps at almost everything. You can kill faster because you get pushed back less, you save pots because you get hit less and smiling 40% of the time its just funny
Route 2: Assassinate
Get Shadow Shifter to Level 10 and then Max Assassinate.
If in your server the Assassinate glitch hasn't been fixed yet (making more Damage with Shadow Partner) then I believe that this is not a totally outrageous decision, but in those servers Assassinate 20 is extremely rare, so good luck on finding and passing it
If in your server the glitch has already been fixed then Assassinate should not be maxed this early B-Step+SB is just much more Damage.
Route 3: Maple Warrior
Get Shadow Shifter to Level 10 and then Max Maple Warrior.
This build is going to be really expensive, because both MW 20/30 are really expensive and failing 1 could make you go berserk. But in any case, Maple Warrior will help both in training and Bossing. I recommend doing MW19 after Shadow Shifter if you have the funds or were lucky enough to find and pass one in Red Dragon Turtles.
Route 4:Venom
This is the route I chose because I am low on funds and Venom is very cheap. It is not a HUGE damage increase, but it's about +140% free DPS because it takes no time to cast.

Be aware that Taunt and Ninja Ambush are close to useless so I do not recommend putting more than 1 SP in each unless you have nothing else to add. If anything even Ninja Ambush is better than Taunt.

Post-Tempest Skill Builds

Important Info:
  • All secondary ability requirement for equips has been removed. No more need for DEX/STR capping.
  • 4 Skill Point is won in every Job Advancement.
  • 3rd Job Advancement now at Level 60.
  • 4th Job Advancement now at Level 100.
  • Mastery Levels of the following Skills were reduced:
  • Bandit:
  • Dagger Mastery: Max Level 10
  • Dagger Booster: Max level 10
  • Physical Training: 5
  • Flash Jump:5
  • Chief Bandit:
  • Enveloping Darkness: Max level 10
  • Greed: Max level 5
  • Venom: Max level 10
  • Pickpocket: Max level 5

Skill Builds for Bandits

Bandit - Early Levels

LevelBandit Training
30+1 Steal (1), +1 Savage Blow (1), +2 Mastery (2)
31+3 Mastery (5)
32+3 Booster (3)
33+3 Flash Jump (3)
CumulativeSteal (1), Savage Blow (1), Dagger Mastery (5), Booster (3), Flash Jump (3)

LevelBalanced Damage RECOMMENDEDHigh Stats
34+3 Mastery (8)+3 Physical Training (3)
35+2 Mastery (10) MAXED, +1 Physical Training (1)+2 Physical Training (5) MAXED, +1 Mastery (6)
36+3 Physical Training (4)+3 Mastery (9)
37+1 Physical Training (5) MAXED, +2 Flash Jump (5) MAXED+1 Mastery (10) MAXED, +2 Flash Jump (5) MAXED

So far: (Level 37)
Steal (1)
Savage Blow (1)
Dagger Booster (3)
Flash Jump (5) MAXED
Physical Training (5) MAXED
Dagger Mastery (10) MAXED

Bandit - Middle Levels

LevelPower up!!
38+3 Channel Karma (3)
39+3 Channel Karma (6)
40+3 Channel Karma (9)
41+3 Channel Karma (12)
42+3 Channel Karma (15)
43+3 Channel Karma (18)
44+3 Channel Karma (20) MAXED, +1 Meso Guard (1)
45+3 Steal (4)
46+3 Steal (7)
47+3 Steal (10) MAXED
48+3 Booster (6)
49+3 Booster (9)
CumulativeMeso Guard (1), Savage Blow (1), Flash Jump (5) MAXED, Physical Training (5) MAXED, Steal (10) MAXED, Dagger Booster (9), Dagger Mastery (10) MAXED, Channel Karma (20) MAXED

Bandit - Late Levels

LevelCan't Touch This RECOMMENDEDLet me Touch You
50+1 Booster (10) MAXED, +2 Meso Guard (3)+1 Booster (10) MAXED, +2 Savage Blow (3)
51+3 Meso Guard (6)+3 Savage Blow (6)
52+3 Meso Guard (9)+3 Savage Blow (9)
53+1 Meso Guard (10) MAXED, +2 Shield Mastery (2)+3 Savage Blow (12)
54+3 Shield Mastery (5)+2 Savage Blow (14), +1 Meso Guard (2)
55+3 Shield Mastery (8)+3 Meso Guard (5)
56+2 Shield Mastery (10) MAXED, +1 Savage Blow (2)+3 Meso Guard (8)
57+3 Savage Blow (5)+2 Meso Guard (10) MAXED , +1 Shield Mastery (1)
58+3 Savage Blow (8)+3 Shield Mastery (4)
59+3 Savage Blow (11)+3 Shield Mastery (7)
60+3 Savage Blow (14)+3 Shield Mastery (10) MAXED

Savage Blow (14)
Flash Jump (5) MAXED
Physical Training (5) MAXED
Steal (10) MAXED
Meso Guard (10) MAXED
Shield Mastery (10) MAXED
Dagger Booster (10) MAXED
Dagger Mastery (10) MAXED
Channel Karma (20) MAXED

Skill Builds for Chief Bandits

Early Chief Bandit Stage

LevelStarting as a Chief
60+1 Phase Dash (1), +3 Shadow Partner (3)
61+3 Shadow Partner (6)
62+3 Shadow Partner (9)
63+3 Shadow Partner (12)
64+3 Shadow Partner (15)
65+3 Shadow Partner (18)
66+2 Shadow Partner (20) MAXED, +1 Venom (1)
CummulativeVenom (1), Phase Dash (1), Shadow Partner (20) MAXED

Mid-Chief Bandit Stage

LevelNuclear Park RECOMMENDEDRushing out the Park
67+3 Meso Explosion (3)+3 Phase Dash (4)
68+1 Meso Explosion (4), +1 Pickpocket (1), +1 Greed (1)+3 Phase Dash (7)
69+3 Greed (4)+3 Phase Dash (10)
70+1 Greed (5) MAXED, +2 Meso Explosion (6)+3 Phase Dash (13)
71+2 Meso Explosion (8), +1 Pickpocket (2)+3 Phase Dash (16)
72+2 Meso Explosion (10), +1 Pickpocket (3)+3 Phase Dash (19)
73+2 Meso Explosion (12), +1 Pickpocket (4)+1 Phase Dash (20) MAXED, +2 Midnight Carnival
74+2 Meso Explosion (14), +1 Pickpocket (5) MAXED+3 Midnight Carnival (5)
75+3 Midnight Carnival (3)+3 Meso Explosion (3)
76+3 Meso Explosion (17)+1 Meso Explosion (4), +1 Pickpocket(1), +1 Greed (1)
77+3 Meso Explosion (20) MAXED+3 Greed (4)
78+2 Midnight Carnival (5), +1 Phase Dash (2)+1 Greed (5) MAXED, +2 Meso Explosion (6)
79+3 Phase Dash (5)+2 Meso Explosion (8), +1 Pickpocket (2)
80+3 Phase Dash (8)**+2 Meso Explosion (10), +1 Pickpocket (3)
81+3 Phase Dash (11)+2 Meso Explosion (12), +1 Pickpocket (4)
82+3 Phase Dash (14)+2 Meso Explosion (14), +1 Pickpocket (5) MAXED**
83+3 Phase Dash (17)+3 Meso Explosion (17)
84+3 Phase Dash (20) MAXED**+3 Meso Explosion (20) MAXED

So far: (Level 84)
Venom (1)
Midnight Carnival (4)
Greed (5) MAXED
Pickpocket (5) MAXED
Meso Explosion (20) MAXED
Phase Dash (20) MAXED
Shadow Partner (20) MAXED

Late Chief Bandit Stage

LevelCan't Touch This Build II RECOMMENDEDLet me Touch your Build II
85+3 Enveloping Darkness (3)+3 Midnight Carnival (8)
86+3 Enveloping Darkness (6)+3 Midnight Carnival (11)
87+3 Enveloping Darkness (9)+3 Midnight Carnival (14)
88+1 Enveloping Darkness (10) MAXED, +2 Midnight Carnival (7)+3 Midnight Carnival (17)
89+3 Midnight Carnival (10)+3 Midnight Carnival (20) MAXED
90+3 Midnight Carnival (13)+3 Enveloping Darkness (3)
91+3 Midnight Carnival (16)+3 Enveloping Darkness (6)
92+3 Midnight Carnival (19)+3 Enveloping Darkness (9)
93+3 Midnight Carnival (20) MAXED, +2 Venom (3)+3 Enveloping Darkness (10) MAXED**, +2 Venom (3)

LevelFinishing Touches - Close to the Shadow
94+3 Venom (6)
95+3 Venom (9)
96+1 Venom (10), +2 Dark Flare (2)
97+3 Dark Flare (5)
98+3 Dark Flare (8)
99+3 Dark Flare (11)
100+3 Dark Flare (14)
ENDDark Flare (14), Greed (5) MAXED, Pickpocket (5) MAXED, Venom (10) MAXED, Enveloping Darkness (10) MAXED, Shadow Partner (20) MAXED, Meso Explosion (20) MAXED, Phase Dash (20) MAXED, Midnight Carnival (20) MAXED

Credits and Copyright Statement

Credits go to:
  • Orange Mushroom
  • SouthPerry's Community.
  • Basilmarket's Shadower Community.
Thanks for all your comments to keep the Thread/Guide alive <3

Unnecessary but still Present Copyright Statement:
All the material presented in both parts of the Guide is not to be distributed without a proper link to the Guide and a statement declaring where the information came from. Although the raw information in this Guide was not acquired by me, the Skill Builds, tables, format of the Guide, etc was done by me with a great deal of time.

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