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Night Walker Poison Bomb Training

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I have quit MapleStory so the only way to contact me is to PM me or comment on this thread.

We now have a Wolf Spider Poison Bomb Training guide thanks to Meyanmai!


Welcome to iiHasNoName's PB Training guide for Night Walkers! In this guide, I will talk about the skill Poison Bomb and how to train on Jr. Newties / Nest Golems, Crimson Guardians and Typhons (Thank you ONinjaO for writing the Typhon guide)! This is my very first guide and I hope it helps some Night Walkers!

What is Poison Bomb?

[url=]Poison Bomb[/url] (AKA - PB) is a skill for Night Walkers. When used, it creates a [url=]purple poisonous cloud[/url]. Monsters that run into the cloud continuously take damage until it disappears. The amount of health lost depends on the skill level of Poison Bomb. The monsters will not die, but instead will be lowered down to only 1 HP (This will only happen if the cloud lasts long enough). This skill is maxed at level 30.

Why should I max Poison Bomb first?

You should max Poison Bomb first as it helps you to level A LOT faster compared to other jobs and players at the same level. This is because you can PB train on high level monsters (Jr Newties / Nest Golems and Crimson Guardians). However, if you prefer damage, max [url=]Shadow Partner[/url] (Shadow Partner will not make you level faster, but give you higher damage).

Note: Right after maxing PB, Shadow Partner is highly recommended to be maxed.

What is required for PB training?

To PB train, you MUST have maxed [url=]Dark Sight[/url] ,1 skill point into Vanish and maxed Haste. However, if you forgot or didn't know about PB training and didn't put up Vanish, you are lucky that you can still PB train in the top left platform of CGs (Dark Sight is still required though).

Dark Sight allows you to hide in the shadows so you can run past monsters without being hit. Maxed Dark Sight is required because Vanish cannot be obtained without it being maxed. Vanish is a skill which lets you use a skill straight out of Dark Sight instead of needing to disable it. It also increases your damage by 3% at level 1 (when coming out of Dark Sight with an attack). Without Vanish, you will not be able to use Poison Bomb in Dark Sight. Therefore, you cannot PB train as you will get hit. Maxed haste is self-explanatory for the jump and speed.

Skill Level of Poison Bomb[skill=Night-Walker-3=Poison-Bomb]

Level 1) MP -21, 4 seconds, 51% Probability, 100% Range
Level 2) MP -22, 4 seconds, 52% Probability, 100% Range
Level 3) MP -23, 4 seconds, 53% Probability, 100% Range
Level 4) MP -24, 8 seconds, 54% Probability, 100% Range
Level 5) MP -25, 8 seconds, 55% Probability, 100% Range
Level 6) MP -26, 8 seconds, 56% Probability, 100% Range
Level 7) MP -27, 12 seconds, 57% Probability, 100% Range
Level 8) MP -28, 12 seconds, 58% Probability, 100% Range
Level 9) MP -29, 12 seconds, 59% Probability, 100% Range
Level 10) MP -30, 16 seconds, 60% Probability, 100% Range
Level 11) MP -31, 16 seconds, 61% Probability, 100% Range
Level 12) MP -32, 16 seconds, 62% Probability, 100% Range
Level 13) MP -33, 20 seconds, 63% Probability, 100% Range
Level 14) MP -34, 20 seconds, 64% Probability, 100% Range
Level 15) MP -35, 20 seconds, 65% Probability, 100% Range
Level 16) MP -36, 24 seconds, 66% Probability, 100% Range
Level 17) MP -37, 24 seconds, 67% Probability, 100% Range
Level 18) MP -38, 24 seconds, 68% Probability, 100% Range
Level 19) MP -39, 28 seconds, 69% Probability, 100% Range
Level 20) MP -40, 28 seconds, 70% Probability, 100% Range
Level 21) MP -41, 28 seconds, 71% Probability, 100% Range
Level 22) MP -42, 32 seconds, 72% Probability, 100% Range
Level 23) MP -43, 32 seconds, 73% Probability, 100% Range
Level 24) MP -44, 32 seconds, 74% Probability, 100% Range
Level 25) MP -45, 36 seconds, 75% Probability, 100% Range
Level 26) MP -46, 36 seconds, 76% Probability, 100% Range
Level 27) MP -47, 36 seconds, 77% Probability, 100% Range
Level 28) MP -48, 40 seconds, 78% Probability, 100% Range
Level 29) MP -49, 40 seconds, 79% Probability, 100% Range
Level 30) MP -50, 40 seconds, 80% Probability, 100% Range

Poison Bomb Training at Jr. Newties / Nest Golems

[url=]Jr. Newt[/url]:
Level: 105
HP: 68,000
EXP: 3,800
Average Damage on me: (Touch DMG) 1.8k+, (Magic DMG) 1.9k+
Found at: [url=]Mini Dungeon - Newt Secured Zone[/url]
[url=]Nest Golem[/url]:
Level: 110
HP: 80,000
EXP: 4,450
Average Damage on me: (Touch DMG) 2.5k+, (Magic DMG) 2.6k+
Found at: [url=]Mini Dungeon - Newt Secured Zone[/url]
[url=]Transformed Nest Golem[/url]:
Level: 110
HP: 80,000
EXP: 8,050
Average Damage on me: (Touch DMG) 2.5k+, (Magic DMG) 2.6k+
Found at: [url=]Mini Dungeon - Newt Secured Zone[/url]
How do I get there?: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.

Recommended pots:
[url=]Ice Cream Pops[/url] - Heals 2000 HP
[url=]Sorcerer Elixir[/url] - Heals 1500 MP
[url=]Magic Seed[/url] - You may teleport from Ellinia to Leafre or Leafre to Ellinia by buying these seeds for 30,000 mesos each. You can buy these seeds in Leafre by talking to [url=]Chief Tatamo[/url]. You can use these seeds at 2 different places - Leafre or Ellinia.

Recommended Level to Start: 77 with 22 Points into PB

PB training at Jr. Newts / Nest Golems for Lv. 77's
I recommend you to train in the dungeon map called [url=]Mini Dungeon - Newt Secured Zone[/url]. This is in Leafre. Pick a channel and enter the dungeon. When inside, use Dark Sight. Make a route your comfortable with around the map. Place a bomb on every Jr. Newt you see, after each bomb, use Dark Sight ASAP (It would help a lot if you put the PB hot-key next to the Dark Sight hot-key). If you happen to come across a Nest Golem, be in range of a 'Jump + Fully Charged PB Throw' (Fully charge up your PB to the max range, [url=]jump and plant[/url] a bomb as far as you can) because these big monsters can attack you with its magic attacks if you are too close while planting the bomb (not even Dark Sight will stop it), it is most likely to finish you off with a whopping 2.6k damage. When the whole map has been bombed, you should be at the place where you have first started. Instead of changing channels, do the same thing in the same channel. This is because level 22 PB does not last long enough for some Newts / Nest Golems. So you need to bomb them twice before they die. The EXP is still GREAT for Lv. 77's.
Note: If a Jr. Newt hasn't spawned yet, still plant a bomb on where it spawns because after you kill other Jr. Newts, they will appear.

PB training at Jr. Newts / Nest Golems for Lv. 80+
PB training at Jr. Newts / Nest Golems is the same as PB training at Lv. 77. The only difference is that after you bombed the whole map, you change channels and do the same there. When you come back to the first channel, the monsters will all be on 1 HP. Remember to be in range of a 'Jump + Fully Charged PB Throw' (Fully charge up your PB to the max range, [url=]jump and plant[/url] a bomb as far as you can) while bombing Nest Golems.
Note: If a Jr. Newt hasn't spawned yet, still plant a bomb on where it spawns because after you kill other Jr. Newts, they will appear.

Which ones are the Transforming Jr. Newts that turn into Transformed Nest Golems?
1) [url=]Transforming Newt 1[/url]
2) [url=]Transforming Newt 2[/url]
3) [url=]Transforming Newt 3[/url]
4) [url=] Transforming Newt 4[/url]
5) [url=]Transforming Newt 5[/url]

Poison Bomb Training at Crimson Guardians

[url=]Crimson Guardian[/url]:
Level: 120
HP: 120,000
EXP: 6,100
Average Damage on me: (Touch DMG) 3k+ (Magic DMG) 3.1k+
Found at: [url=]Crimsonwood Mountain - Crimsonwood Keep[/url]
How do I get there?: [url=]0:00 - 5:39[/url]

Recommended Pots:
[url=]Sorcerer Elixir[/url] - Heals 1500 MP
[url=]All Cures[/url] - CG's seal a lot
[url=]Holy Water[/url] - Cures for seal
Bring HP Pots of your choice as you walk to Crimson Guardians. No HP pots will be required as you train on them because it's a 1 HIT KO.

Recommended Level to Start: 76 with 19 Points in PB OR 77 with 22 Points into PB

The map you PB train in is called [url=]Crimsonwood Keep[/url]. Using shoes with [url=]+3 Jump[/url] are recommended as you can jump higher and bomb Crimson Guardians which are far away. There are two places you can use to PB train in this map - The bottom or the [url=]top left[/url]. First of all, pick 2 or 3 channels where no other 'PB Trainer' is using. You can tell by turning on your Monster HP bar and hitting the monster once. After you have found 2 or 3 empty channels, you can start.

PB-ing the Bottom CG's

Put on your +3 jump shoes if you have them. Put on Dark Sight each time you jump so you do not experience the CG's touch damage. Use this ledge and this ledge to jump higher so the bomb can reach the top. While jumping from the ledges plant the bomb and try to lure the armed monsters to one side. While they are all on 1 side, plant 2 or 3 bombs and make sure they are all poisoned. Change channels and do the same. Then come back to the first channel, the Crimson Guardians should all be on 1 HP now. Finish them off with a Poison Bomb.
Do not plant a bomb from this ledge as CG's spawn here. They can also hit you with their [url=]magic attack[/url].

PB-ing the Top Left CG's

You can only PB here without Vanish. Only Dark Sight is required. Put on your +3 jump shoes if you have them. Pick 2 or 3 channels that another 'PB Trainer' isn't using. Go to the map on the first channel. Dark Sight is not required if you choose to bomb them from the top left, but it is required so you can get up there. ALWAYS stay behind this black bowl. Lure the CG's on the right by hitting them with PB. When they are huddled in a group, plant 2 or 3 bombs and make sure all CG's are poisoned. Change to the other channel you chose and do the same thing. Come back to the first channel and the CG's on the top should all be on 1 HP. Finish them off with Poison Bomb.

Sometimes, you do not realise it but you walk in-front of the black bowl. The CG's will be in range of an attack by slamming their spikey ball. DON'T JUST STAND THERE, FLASH JUMP AWAY WHILE YOU STILL HAVE TIME!

Michael0522 has also recommended staying at the bottom of the map and jumping up to Poison Bomb. But one thing he noticed is that after a short time, the spawn turns really crappy as they start to accumulate up at the top middle. What he does instead of killing off the bottom ones as he changes channels, he just starts at the top and bombs all the ones at top and 'cc' and repeat. Once you come back to your first channel kill off the top and move back down to the bottom.
Thank you very much Michael0522!

Poison Bomb Training at Typhons (Thank you VERY much for making this guide, ONinjaO)

Recommended level: 80+ with maxed Poison Bomb / 30 Points into PB

What are Typhons? How much HP do they have? -

All right get ready to train with the most annoying monster in all of MS - Typhons.
You should have maxed PB by now, because that will be helpful. You must also have maxed Dark Sight with 1 Vanish
Recommended: Mark of Heroism. It lets you pass through the jump quest. You should get this because while training on Typhons, YOU WILL FALL A LOT. If you fall, you will be teleported back to the jump quest.
Buy at least 500 red potions or any potion you can spam while you fall.

Unlike other jobs that train here, Night Walkers are the speediest and since you can only kill within 40 sec, it is recommended you go and "gather" them.

Fall Down and Come Back Up... HOW?:
Right under the entrance to the Typhon's map, there is a little space where you can fall and re-spawn back up at the top of the map.
  • You cannot be in Dark Sight while spamming red potions
  • You can Flash Jump onto the top map if you don't want to go back up... very hard though (EXPERTS ONLY )

Go into the map called Lower Ascent. Then enter the top portal.
Now if you see 3 or more Typhons, use Vampire to gather them so they follow you.
TIP: If you move around a lot, Typhons cannot knock you back (Jumping, going left and right, etc)
As you go to the top, start gathering as much as you can spam Poison Bomb on the way.
Work your way down to the middle of the map, this is you safe spot for ALL jobs who train here so kill them all down there.
I noticed a kept missing a lot at levels 80-85, that's okay, it just means you have to use vampire to gather and kill (cause they attack the opponent like 6 times).

What is required for Mark of Heroism?:
  • 10 Stormbreaker badges (Thank you yaminoodles for correcting this error) PROOF
  • 10 Gold ores
  • 4 Typhon feathers
  • 1 power crystal ore

Do the quest "The Brewing Storm" at Phantom Forest: Phantom Road

How to get there:
Start by going to Lower Ascent, BUT... you know the NPC's you see on like the 3rd or 2nd Map and you usually turn right there? TURN LEFT! Now go to the farthest map left <--. Once you enter that room, go to the farthest map left <-- again.

The guy on the map needs 10 Windraider badges (they are untradeable so don't even bother asking for them from other people)

After you're done, work your way to John Barricade at the Clock Tower located in NLC.

Once again, thank you VERY much for making this guide, ONinjaO

If you have a question, suggestion or found an error in this guide, please [url=]PM ONinjaO[/url] or me.

Poison Bomb Training at Wolf Spiders (Thank you VERY much for making this guide, Meyanmai)

What are Wolf Spiders? How much HP do they have? -

You just tag all the spiders with PB to make them follow you. After that, you get to the ledges that they cannot get to and wait till the poison effect wears off; when the poison is gone you drop another PB off the edge until they die.

There are 6 safe ledges to PB off of, one on each side of the "pit" at the bottom, one on each top "Arm" of the spider (the map is shaped like a spider) and the last is the ledge to get in/out of the WS map (the left and right side of that platform make it two ledges so that's all six). The other "legs" you need to DS and PB carefully (DS turns off when the bomb LANDS so be careful when throwing).

That's all to PB'ing at WS. Simple Eh?

[url=¤t=Wolf_Spider.jpg]Here are the 6 spots of where you can PB off for Wolf Spiders[/url]

Once again, thank you VERY much for making this guide, Meyanmai

If you have a question, suggestion or found an error in this guide, please [url=]PM Meyanmai[/url] or me.

How much ACC do I need to hit these monsters?

[url=]Use the Accuracy Calculator[/url]

(Thanks Bill897)

It has been approved by yummricex that it is hard for non / low-funded dexless Night Walkers to PB Train due to their low amount of accuracy. He is Lv. 76 and has 204 ACC, it is still difficult for him to hit Crimson Guardians. His equips are:

Valefor Hat - 12 LUK, 8 ACC
Advanced Knight Medal - 1 LUK, 1 DEX, 1 STR, 1 INT
Leaf Earrings - Some MP
Old Raggedy Cape - 1 DEX
Work Gloves - 2 DEX, 4 ACC
Speigelman's CPQ 1 Necklace - 1 DEX, 2 LUK
Shinobi Bracer - 7 LUK (He didn't state ATT but I don't think it matters since this is about ACC + DEX)
Lilin's Ring (3) - 3 INT, 3 STR, 3 LUK, 3DEX

If you have the similar equips, maybe you can merchant for more mesos. DEX and ACC equips would be the best to increase your Accuracy.

Yummricex has also suggested that low / non funded dexless Night Walkers should PB Train at Wolf Spiders from level 77 - 80. Another thing he said was to get the Pharaoh Protector Medal because it gives 5 accuracy! Thank you Yummricex!


[url=]Poison Bomb Training at Jr. Newts / Nest Golem 1[/url]
[url=]Poison Bomb Training at Jr. Newts / Nest Golems 2[/url]
[url=]Poison Bomb Training at CG's[/url]
[url=]Poison Bomb Training at Typhons[/url]
[url=]How do I get to CG's?[/url] - 0:00 - 5:39

I am also looking for someone to make Wolf Spider PB Training video!

Other helpful Guides (About NightWalkers and Cygnus Knights)

[url=]Ratatosk's AWESOME Night Walker Guide[/url]
[url=]Cygnus Knight: Defining it All[/url]

Credits / Special thanks to:

Rhys (Basil ID: Inadequate) - For helping me with the CG section and being my Maple bestie
Basil ID: ffchaosx - For helping me with the commands, picking out a few errors in the guide and helping me out on the Newts Section
Basil ID: iguy - On making the Aran guide so I could get an overview of what the latest guides look like
Ign: xzarrow (Dennis) - For being a good master (Family rep thing) and coming along with me to Newts
Basil ID: Cold - For pointing out Sorcerer Elixirs are cheaper and heals more than Pure Waters
Basil ID: smartguy11 - For criticizing my guide and giving me good advice on what to improve on.
Basil ID: Ratatosk - For making the awesome Night Walker guide >
Basil ID: Papulatus - For telling me how to post the PB Skill picture in the "Skill Level of Poison Bomb" Section.
Basil ID: Bill897 - For telling me about the [url=]Accuracy Calculator[/url] and for picking out an error in the guide.
Basil ID: Yummricex - For telling low / non funded dexless Night Walkers to PB Train at Wolf Spiders (Lv 77 - 80) and to get the Pharaoh Protector Medal because it gives 5 accuracy
Basil ID: Tokenofdeath - For pointing out a minor spelling error in my Newts section
Basil ID: Yaminoodles - For finding a error in the Typhon section
Basil ID: Michael0522 - For suggesting some tips in the CG's section

Everyone that comments or reads this guide!
Mr. B + Mods for keeping BasilMarket a good and fun place!
Basil ID: kyle0147 - For making this AWESOME guide on PB Training at CG's.
Basil ID: ONinjaO for writing the Typhon Poison Bomb Training guide!
Basil ID: Meyanmai for writing the Wolf Spider Poison Bomb Training guide!


This is my very first guide. I've tried my best and I hope it helps some Night Walkers with their PB Training. If you have a suggestion, question or there is an error in my guide, please [url=]PM me[/url] ASAP.

If you are going to paste this guide anywhere else, please give me some credit by copying + pasting the link. Thank you

[url=]Thank you[/url] VERY much for reading my guide Basil!

~ iiHasNoName / Loko