Sad Mask
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Phantom Guide

0.0 Phantom Introduction

Phantom is one of the thief heroes that was introduced in kMST v1.2.411. One of its unique features is the fact that it can steal skills of other adventurers and use them to aid him in combat. He also possesses a link skill and a flying ship to allow him to move throughout the Maple World as quickly as possible. He was released in kMST on December 9th, 2011 and released in kMS on December 27th, 2011. It was released in gMS on July 9th, 2012.

0.1 Phantom Creation

Before I start with the creation process of making a Phantom, allow me to address the pros and cons of the class.

  • Able to steal skills, giving it a variety of playstyles and abilities.
  • Final Feint is basically a free wheel.
  • One of the fastest classes of the game.
  • Able to use both magic and physical skills.
  • Typically speaking, low defense.
  • Slow to level up to a certain degree.
  • Low HP, easy to die if you don't know what you're doing.
  • Skill steal is limited to a certain skill set per job.

Phantom creation starts out with you on your boat, Crystal Garden, about to go Ereb to stop Hilla from taking the title of Empress of Ereb from Empress Cygnus. The tutorial then starts out with a Metal Gear Solid like stealth quest in which you bypass the guards by using your disappearing skill or throwing mesos to distract the guards. Don't get too worked up if you can't get this tutorial to finish the first time, as it can take a bit to finally finish it entirely. After you're done with the tutorial itself, you'll see the NPCs talking to you about Hilla saying she is the true Empress of Ereb as she has the real Skyia. This leads to a video cutscene to play showing off what Phantom can do. This video can be found here. After the video plays, you will return to Crystal Garden and begin the actual leveling.

When you enter Crystal Garden, you will have a quest from someone named Alfred. Alfred will ask you to kill 30 orange mushrooms located in Crystal Garden itself. Once you're done killing your 30 mushrooms, Alfred will give you a level up potion. This potion will level you up to level 18. Once you're done with your excessive clicking to gain 6 levels, you will receive another quest from Alfred to kill 50 stumps. Finally, after that you're done with the entry quests.

1.0 Phantom Skills

Phantom has a total of 37 skills from beginner to 4th job.

1.1 Phantom Beginner

Skill NameDescription
Skill SwipeWhen used, you will enter Skill Swipe Mode, which allows you to click on an Adventurer (except Dual Bladers and Cannon Shooters) and choose which skills you want to steal in the Target Skill window. You cannot steal a passive skill, a summon, or a movement skill. Stolen skills will stay with you until you decide to delete them yourself.
LoadoutManage your stolen skills, choosing which to be active and which to delete. You have 4 slots for first and second job, 3 for third job, and 2 for fourth job. However, if you use a skill then switch active skills, the effect of the first skill will disappear.
Judgment IWhen the Card Stack is full, this skill can be used. All the cards will be used up and a buff will be given for 30 seconds depending on the card drawn. When used, 5 Blanc Cartes are thrown.
Judgment IIAutomatically upgraded at fourth job. When used, 10 Noir Cartes are thrown.
Shroud WalkConceal yourself and move quickly through a map. The arrow keys are used to define which direction to teleport in.
To The SkiesReturn to Phantom's flying ship, Crystal Garden, instantly.
Dextrous TrainingPermanently increase DEX by 40, evasion rate by 20%, Diligence level to 20, and Insight level to 20.
Deadly InstinctWith great insight, see the flaws of monsters and increase your critical chance by 10%. (Link Skill)

Card NameJudgment Draw I EffectJudgment Draw II Effect
Destin Card+5% critical chance+10% critical chance
Malheur Card+10% Item and Meso drop rate+20% Item and Meso drop rate
Endurance CardNot available+20% status and elemental resistance
Drain CardNot available3% of damage used to heal HP
Tuteur CardNot available+100% Weapon Defense

1.2 Phantom (I)

Skill NameDescriptionMax
Double EntendreQuickly attack up to 4 enemies in front of you for 160% damage twice.20
Phantom SwiftnessWhile in the air, you can jump a certain distance (distance will increase as skill level increases). Passively increase your speed by 35, your maximum speed by 20, and your jump by 20.15
Feather FootIncrease your evasion rate permanently by 20%.10
Impeccable Memory IThe stolen first job skill. If the skill has a passive effect, you do not receive that passive effect. You can change the settings of your stolen skills with Loadout. Stolen skills will not exceed the current level of this skill.20

1.3 Phantom (II)

Skill NameDescriptionMax
Carte MilleThrow a wave of cards to push back up to 10 enemies in front of you and hit them for 320% damage.20
Calling CardThrow Phantom's secondary weapon, Cards, forward to attack up to 3 enemies for 170% damage 3 times.20
Carte BlancWhenever Phantom has a critical hit, there is a 60% chance that enemies will be automatically hit by a Card for 160% damage. The Card Stack will be increased by 1.10
Cane MasteryIncrease your mastery over the Cane by 50% and your accuracy by 200.20
Cane BoosterIncrease the speed of your weapon by 2 stages for 240 seconds.(pre-requisite: 5 Cane Mastery)20
Devil's LuckPermanently increase your LUK by 40.10
Impeccable Memory IIThe stolen second job skill. If the skill has a passive effect, you do not receive that passive effect. You can change the settings of your stolen skills with Loadout. Stolen skills will not exceed the current level of this skill.20

1.4 Phantom (III)

Skill NameDescriptionMax
Blason FantomeQuickly cut up to 8 enemies in front of you for 225% damage 4 times.20
Rapier WitRush up to 10 enemies and hit them for 270% damage 2 times, then shortly after moving hit them with a crescent moon cut for 270% damage 3 times. You can link this attack after Carte Mille, and if you do, Carte Mille's delay will be reduced. Passively increase Carte Mille's damage by 50%.20
Mist MaskHave an additional 30% dodge rate.20
Piercing VisionPermanently increase your chance to hit a critical by 50%.20
Final FeintIf you were to die while this buff was active, your HP would be restored, you would receive 4 seconds of invincibility, and the buff would be consumed instead. Passively increase your LUK by 60. There is a cooldown of 900 seconds.20
Bad Luck WardFor 240 seconds, protect yourself from misfortune by increasing your HP and MP by 30% and your resistance to states and elements by 40%.20
LuneUsing the power of the blue moon, increase your attack by 30 and your accuracy by 200 for 240 seconds.20
Impeccable Memory IIIThe stolen third job skill. If the skill has a passive effect, you do not receive that passive effect. You can change the settings of your stolen skills with Loadout. Stolen skills will not exceed the current level of this skill.20

1.5 Phantom (IV)

Skill NameDescriptionMax
Mille AiguillesContinuously attack up to 6 enemies in front of you with your Cane for 130% damage 2 times, you can move while holding the skill key down but your walking speed will be decreased while using it.30
PenombreJump back and attack up to 10 enemies with powerful Cards for 600% three times. You can link this attack after Rapier Wit, and if you do, Rapier Wit's delay will be reduced. Passively increase Rapier Wit's damage by 50%.20
Carte NoirWhenever Phantom has a critical hit, there is a 100% chance that enemies will be automatically hit by a Card for 220% damage. The Card Stack will be increased by 1. Passively increase dodge rate by 20%. (pre-requisite: 20 Carte Blanc)20
Cane ExpertIncrease your Cane Mastery to 70%, your attack by 30, and your minimum critical damage by 15%. (pre-requisite: 20 Cain Mastery)30
Aria AmourAria's prayers allow you to ignore 30% of an enemy's defense and increases your damage by 30% for 240 seconds.30
TempestA growing storm of powerful Cards attacks up to 8 enemies around Phantom for 400% damage continuously for as long as the skill key is held down. There is a cooldown of 12 seconds, which starts once you release the skill key.30
Pouvoir EmprunteSteal the buffs of up to 12 monsters around you. If the monster has no buff, there is no effect. If you steal an attack related buff, you receive a 40 attack boost. If you steal a defense related buff, you reduce your damage taken by 40%. If you steal a damage reflection buff, you reflect 600% of the damage you take. If you steal an invincibility buff, you receive temporary invincibility. There is a cooldown of 60 seconds.20
Impeccable Memory IVThe stolen fourth job skill. If the skill has a passive effect, you do not receive that passive effect. You can change the settings of your stolen skills with Loadout. Stolen skills will not exceed the current level of this skill.30
Maple WarriorIncreases all players' stats within the party by 15% for 900 seconds.30
Hero's WillBy focusing your mind, you can ignore abnormal status effects. There is a cooldown of 360 seconds.5

2.0 Skill Build

This is the skill build that has been copy pasted here at least 3 times. So I'm sure you've seen it.

2.1 Phantom (I)

  1. 1 Double Entendre (1), 4 Phantom Swiftness (4)
  2. 3 Phantom Swiftness (7)
  3. 3 Phantom Swiftness (10)
  4. 3 Phantom Swiftness (13)
  5. 2 Phantom Swiftness (MAX), 1 Feather Foot (1)
  6. 3 Feather Foot (4)
  7. 3 Feather Foot (7)
  8. 3 Feather Foot (MAX)
  9. 3 Double Entendre (4)
  10. 3 Double Entendre (7)
  11. 3 Double Entendre (10)
  12. 3 Double Entendre (13)
  13. 3 Double Entendre (16)
  14. 3 Double Entendre (19)
  15. 1 Double Entendre (MAX), 2 Impeccable Memory I (2)
  16. 3 Impeccable Memory I (5)
  17. 3 Impeccable Memory I (8)
  18. 3 Impeccable Memory I (11)
  19. 3 Impeccable Memory I (14)
  20. 3 Impeccable Memory I (17)
  21. 3 Impeccable Memory I (MAX)

End result: Everything is maxed.

Since you start at level 18, you add one point into Double Entendre to be able to attack and max out both your mobilty and evasion skill to get it over with. Afterwards you finish off Double Entendre and move on to maxing your Impeccable Memory due to the fact there aren't many first job skills worth stealing to place it in an earlier precedence.

2.2 Phantom (II)

  1. 1 Carte Blanc (1, automatic), 1 Calling Card (1)
  2. 1 Carte Mille (1), 2 Cane Mastery (2)
  3. 3 Cane Mastery (5)
  4. 3 Cane Booster (3)
  5. 3 Cane Booster (6)
  6. 3 Cane Mastery (8)
  7. 3 Cane Mastery (11)
  8. 3 Cane Mastery (14)
  9. 3 Cane Mastery (17)
  10. 3 Cane Mastery (MAX)
  11. 3 Impeccable Memory II (3)
  12. 3 Impeccable Memory II (6)
  13. 3 Impeccable Memory II (9)
  14. 3 Impeccable Memory II (12)
  15. 3 Impeccable Memory II (15)
  16. 3 Impeccable Memory II (18)
  17. 2 Impeccable Memory II (MAX), 1 Calling Card (2)
  18. 3 Calling Card (5)
  19. 3 Calling Card (8)
  20. 3 Calling Card (11)
  21. 3 Calling Card (14)
  22. 3 Calling Card (17)
  23. 3 Calling Card (MAX)
  24. 3 Carte Blanc (4)
  25. 3 Carte Blanc (7)
  26. 3 Carte Blanc (MAX)
  27. 3 Devil's Luck (3)
  28. 3 Devil's Luck (6)
  29. 3 Devil's Luck (9)
  30. 1 Devil's Luck (MAX), 2 Cane Booster (8)
  31. 3 Cane Booster (11)
  32. 3 Cane Booster (14)
  33. 3 Cane Booster (17)
  34. 3 Cane Booster (MAX)
  35. 3 Carte Mille (4)
  36. 3 Carte Mille (7)
  37. 3 Carte Mille (10)
  38. 3 Carte Mille (13)
  39. 3 Carte Mille (16)
  40. 3 Carte Mille (19)
  41. 1 Carte Mille (MAX), 2 Left over SP.

End Result: Everything is maxed and you have two SP left over. Don't worry, you can still job advance.

Add your first point into Calling Card in order to get a better attacking skill from Double Entendre, Carte Blanc is given automatically. You may have noticed at this point that you now possess a deck of cards next to you. This means that you've unlocked the ability to use Judgment Draw 1. Your card stack adds cards for every critical FA hit you make. After adding a point into Blanc Calling Card, begin to work into Mastery until it's at 5 to add points into booster. Booster is needed to allow you to attack quicker and thus train faster. After adding points to booster, add points into Mastery to give you a boost in damage. Impeccable Memory is maxed to allow you receive buffs to help you train quicker, such as Thunderbolt. Carte Mille is left for last because it has a very large delay associated with it and Carte Blanc is added late due to the fact that you don't have a high critical rate for it to be useful. The rest should be self-explanatory as it is.

2.3 Phantom (III)

  1. 1 Rapier Wit (1)
  2. 1 Mist Mask (1), 1 Blason Fantome (1), 1 Piercing Vision (1)
  3. 3 Impeccable Memory III (3)
  4. 3 Impeccable Memory III (6)
  5. 3 Impeccable Memory III (9)
  6. 3 Impeccable Memory III (12)
  7. 3 Impeccable Memory III (15)
  8. 3 Impeccable Memory III (18)
  9. 2 Impeccable Memory III (MAX), 1 Lune (1)
  10. 3 Lune (4)
  11. 3 Lune (7)
  12. 3 Lune (10)
  13. 3 Lune (13)
  14. 3 Lune (16)
  15. 3 Lune (19)
  16. 1 Lune (MAX), 2 Blason Fantome (3)
  17. 3 Blason Fantome (6)
  18. 3 Blason Fantome (9)
  19. 2 Blason Fantome (11), 1 Piercing Vision (2)
  20. 3 Piercing Vision (5)
  21. 3 Piercing Vision (8)
  22. 3 Piercing Vision (11)
  23. 3 Piercing Vision (14)
  24. 3 Piercing Vision (17)
  25. 3 Piercing Vision (MAX)
  26. 3 Mist Mask (4)
  27. 3 Mist Mask (7)
  28. 3 Mist Mask (10)
  29. 3 Mist Mask (13)
  30. 3 Mist Mask (16)
  31. 3 Mist Mask (19)
  32. 1 Mist Mask (MAX), 2 Bad Luck Ward (2)
  33. 3 Bad Luck Ward (5)
  34. 3 Bad Luck Ward (8)
  35. 3 Bad Luck Ward (11)
  36. 3 Bad Luck Ward (14)
  37. 3 Bad Luck Ward (17)
  38. 3 Bad Luck Ward (MAX)
  39. 3 Final Feint (3)
  40. 3 Final Feint (6)
  41. 3 Final Feint (9)
  42. 3 Final Feint (12)
  43. 3 Final Feint (15)
  44. 3 Final Feint (18)
  45. 2 Final Feint (MAX), 1 Rapier Wit (2)
  46. 3 Rapier Wit (5)
  47. 3 Rapier Wit (8)
  48. 3 Rapier Wit (11)
  49. 3 Rapier Wit (14)
  50. 3 Rapier Wit (17)
  51. 3 Rapier Wit (MAX)

End Result: Everything is maxed except Blason Fantome, which is left at level 11.

Reasoning: Your first points are distributed to all the important skills. Impeccable Memory is maxed ASAP due to Holy Symbol to help you train faster. Lune is next for added damage. Blason Fantome is left at 11 because it is replaced instantly. Piercing Vision is afterwards to improve critical rate and help activate Carte Blanc, and soon Carte Noir, faster to fill up your stack of cards for Judgment Draw buff use. Mist Mask, Bad Luck Ward, and Final Feint are all defensive skills that help your limited survival as a Phantom and can resurrect you upon death. Rapier Wit is last due to its large delay without the chaining of Penombre making it almost unusable.

2.4 Phantom (IV)

  1. 1 Mille Aiguilles (1), 1 Penombre (1), 1 Impeccable Memory IV (1), 1 Carte Noir (1, automatic)
  2. 1 Pouvoir Emprunte (1), 1 Tempest (1), 1 Aria Amour (1)
  3. 3 Aria Amour (4)
  4. 3 Aria Amour (7)
  5. 3 Aria Amour (10)
  6. 3 Aria Amour (13)
  7. 3 Aria Amour (16)
  8. 3 Aria Amour (19)
  9. 3 Aria Amour (22)
  10. 3 Aria Amour (25)
  11. 3 Aria Amour (28)
  12. 2 Aria Amour (MAX), 1 Cane Expert (1)
  13. 3 Cane Expert (4)
  14. 3 Cane Expert (7)
  15. 3 Cane Expert (10)
  16. 3 Cane Expert (13)
  17. 3 Cane Expert (16)
  18. 3 Cane Expert (19)
  19. 3 Cane Expert (22)
  20. 3 Cane Expert (25)
  21. 3 Cane Expert (28)
  22. 2 Cane Expert (MAX), 1 Impeccable Memory IV (2)
  23. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (5)
  24. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (8)
  25. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (11)
  26. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (14)
  27. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (17)
  28. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (20)
  29. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (23)
  30. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (26)
  31. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (29)
  32. 1 Impeccable Memory IV (MAX), 2 Penombre (3)
  33. 3 Penombre (6)
  34. 3 Penombre (9)
  35. 3 Penombre (12)
  36. 3 Penombre (15)
  37. 3 Penombre (18)
  38. 2 Penombre (MAX), 1 Carte Noir (2)
  39. 3 Carte Noir (5)
  40. 3 Carte Noir (8)
  41. 3 Carte Noir (11)
  42. 3 Carte Noir (14)
  43. 3 Carte Noir (17)
  44. 3 Carte Noir (MAX)
  45. 3 Mille Aiguilles (4)
  46. 3 Mille Aiguilles (7)
  47. 3 Mille Aiguilles (10)
  48. 3 Mille Aiguilles (13)
  49. 3 Mille Aiguilles (16)
  50. 3 Mille Aiguilles (19)
  51. 3 Mille Aiguilles (22)
  52. 3 Mille Aiguilles (25)
  53. 3 Mille Aiguilles (28)
  54. 2 Mille Aiguilles (MAX), 1 Maple Warrior (1)
  55. 3 Maple Warrior (4)
  56. 3 Maple Warrior (7)
  57. 3 Maple Warrior (10)
  58. 3 Maple Warrior (13)
  59. 3 Maple Warrior (16)
  60. 3 Maple Warrior (19)
  61. 3 Maple Warrior (22)
  62. 3 Maple Warrior (25)
  63. 3 Maple Warrior (28)
  64. 1 Maple Warrior (29), 2 Pouvoir Emprunte (3)
  65. 3 Pouvoir Emprunte (6)
  66. 3 Pouvoir Emprunte (9)
  67. 3 Pouvoir Emprunte (12)
  68. 3 Pouvoir Emprunte (15)
  69. 3 Pouvoir Emprunte (18)
  70. 2 Pouvoir Emprunte (MAX), 1 Hero's Will (1)
  71. 3 Hero's Will (4)
  72. 1 Hero's Will (MAX), 2 Tempest (3)
  73. 3 Tempest (6)
  74. 3 Tempest (9)
  75. 3 Tempest (12)
  76. 3 Tempest (15)
  77. 3 Tempest (18)
  78. 3 Tempest (21)
  79. 3 Tempest (24)
  80. 3 Tempest (27)
  81. 3 Tempest (MAX)

End Result: Everything is maxed, except Maple Warrior which is left at 29. This is essentially maxed anyway.

Reasoning: Since we all love fourth job so much, we always tend to add a point into every skill we have to play around with. Mathematical reason for build will be given below. Fourth Job allows you to unlock Judgment Draw 2 and gives you three more cards to your set. Your card stack is also automatically upgraded from 20 to 40. Make sure to read the note on Aria Amour vs Mastery to know which one to max first.
Ult Drive: 130%/101% = 1.287x
Carte Noir: (assuming 65% crit rate)
65% * 62% = 40.3% activation
65% activation at max = 65%/40.3% = 1.613x increase in activation rate.
220%/163% = 1.350x increase in damage.
Penombre: 600%/505% = 1.188x increase in damage. 50%/12%
Aria Amour: 1.3x (on 20% defense, 1.3975x this skill exhibits diminishing returns)
Mastery: (1 + (0.5 + 0.20) + y) / (1 + (0.5 + 0.20)), in which y is the increase of mastery from 4th job.
(1 + (0.5 + 0.20) + .2) / (1 + (0.5 + 0.20)) = 1.118x + 30 attack. (1.1624x + 30 attack including 15% critical min)
Aria Amour vs Mastery: 30/.118 = 254 attack needed for Aria Amour > Mastery.
Using the value of 20% defense: 1.3975/1.162 = 1.2023x 30/0.2023 = 148 attack needed for Aria Amour > Mastery.
Tempest: 400%/226% = 1.75x (15s cd, 8s duration)

3.0 Stolen Skill Index

This section will provide you with a list of every skill that can be stolen and which skills are worth stealing. It will also tell you exactly how you steal skills. In the upcoming sections, there will be a list of skills that can be stolen. The list will be split up by the classes Warrior, Archer, Magician, Thief, and Pirate. Skills will have the icon on there, so long as basil doesn't mess that up, and will have symbols next to their name. An (O) means that the skill is a recommended Offensive skill to take, while (S) will detonate that this is a recommended Support skill to take. If the (S) and (O) tags are not bolded, then that means the skill is worthwhile to steal but isn't prioritized. This is just a recommendation, however. You may do whatever you please as they are your stolen skills.

3.1 How to Steal Skills

In order to steal skills, you must use your Skill Swipe. You can either hotkey this key or double click it, just like every other skill. Once your skill is used you will be controlling a cursor. Point your cursor to the person you want to steal skills from and you will receive their skill book of steal-able skills. Press the "Steal" button and the skill will appear into your Loadout. Once again, this can be hotkey'd or double clicked to be accessed. An interesting thing to note about this skill is that when you are sealed you cannot use it. So if you are bossing it is a good idea to leave it open to switch to Dispel or similar skills. Anyway, once you access the Loadout you will have the list of skills in the UI window. Double click the skill inside the UI window in order to use the skill. The skill will replace the hotkey for Impeccable Memory I-IV.

3.2 Warrior

[skill=Warrior=Iron-Body]: Iron Body (S)
[skill=Warrior=Power-Strike]: Power Strike
[skill=Warrior=Slash-Blast]: Slash Blast


[skill=Fighter=Ground-Smash]: Ground Smash
[skill=Fighter=Power-Reflection]: Power Reflection (S)
[skill=Fighter=Rage]: Rage (S)


[skill=Crusader=Magic-Crash]: Magic Crash (S)
[skill=Crusader=Shout]: Shout
[skill=Crusader=Brandish]: Brandish
[skill=Crusader=Combo-Attack]: Combo Attack (S)
[skill=Crusader=Panic]: Panic
[skill=Crusader=Coma]: Coma


[skill=Hero=Monster-Magnet]: Monster Magnet
[skill=Hero=Power-Stance]: Power Stance (S)
[skill=Hero=Rush]: Rush
[skill=Hero=Intrepid-Slash]: Intrepid Slash


[skill=Page=Ground-Smash]: Ground Smash
[skill=Page=Power-Guard]: Power Guard (S)
[skill=Page=Threaten]: Threaten (S)

White Knight

[skill=White-Knight=Magic-Crash]: Magic Crash (S)
[skill=White-Knight=Combat-Orders]: Combat Orders
[skill=White-Knight=HP-Recovery]: HP Recovery


[skill=Paladin=Blast]: Blast
[skill=Paladin=Power-Stance]: Power Stance (S)
[skill=Paladin=Rush]: Rush
[skill=Paladin=Heavens-Hammer]: Heaven's Hammer


[skill=Spearman=Ground-Smash]: Ground Smash
[skill=Spearman=Hyper-Body]: Hyper Body (S)
[skill=Spearman=Iron-Will]: Iron Will

Dragon Knight

[skill=Dragon-Knight=Dragon-Fury]: Dragon Fury
[skill=Dragon-Knight=Dragon-Buster]: Dragon Buster
[skill=Dragon-Knight=Dragon-Roar]: Dragon Roar
[skill=Dragon-Knight=Sacrifice]: Sacrifice
[skill=Dragon-Knight=Dragon-Blood]: Dragon Blood
[skill=Dragon-Knight=Magic-Crash]: Magic Crash (S)

Dark Knight

[skill=Dark-Knight=Monster-Magnet]: Monster Magnet
[skill=Dark-Knight=Dark-Impale]: Dark Impale (O)
[skill=Dark-Knight=Power-Stance]: Power Stance (S)
[skill=Dark-Knight=Rush]: Rush

3.3 Magician

[skill=Magician=Magic-Guard]: Magic Guard (S)
[skill=Magician=Magic-Claw]: Magic Claw (O)
[skill=Magician=Magic-Armor]: Magic Armour
[skill=Magician=Energy-Bolt]: Energy Bolt

Fire/Poison Wizard

[skill=F-P-Wizard=Meditation]: Meditation
[skill=F-P-Wizard=Fire-Arrow]: Fire Arrow (O)
[skill=F-P-Wizard=Poison-Breath]: Poison Breath

Fire/Poison Mage

[skill=F-P-Mage=Elemental-Decrease]: Elemental Decrease
[skill=F-P-Mage=Explosion]: Explosion
[skill=F-P-Mage=Poison-Mist]: Poison Mist
[skill=F-P-Mage=Fire-Demon]: Fire Demon
[skill=F-P-Mage=Seal]: Seal (S)

Fire/Poison Arch Mage

[skill=F-P-Arch-Mage=Paralyze]: Paralyze (O)
[skill=F-P-Arch-Mage=Big-Bang]: Big Bang
[skill=F-P-Arch-Mage=Buff-Mastery]: Buff Mastery
[skill=F-P-Arch-Mage=Meteor-Shower]: Meteor Shower
[skill=F-P-Arch-Mage=Mist-Eruption]: Mist Eruption

Ice/Lightning Wizard

[skill=I-L-Wizard=Meditation]: Meditation
[skill=I-L-Wizard=Cold-Beam]: Cold Beam
[skill=I-L-Wizard=Thunderbolt]: Thunderbolt (O)

Ice/Lightning Mage

[skill=I-L-Mage=Elemental-Decrease]: Elemental Decrease
[skill=I-L-Mage=Ice-Strike]: Ice Strike
[skill=I-L-Mage=Thunder-Spear]: Thunderspear
[skill=I-L-Mage=Ice-Demon]: Ice Demon
[skill=I-L-Mage=Seal]: Seal (S)

Ice/Lightning Arch Mage

[skill=I-L-Arch-Mage=Chain-Lightning]: Chain Lightning (O)
[skill=I-L-Arch-Mage=Big-Bang]: Big Bang
[skill=I-L-Arch-Mage=Buff-Mastery]: Buff Mastery
[skill=I-L-Arch-Mage=Blizzard]: Blizzard
[skill=I-L-Arch-Mage=Glacier-Chain]: Glacier Chain


[skill=Cleric=Heal]: Heal (S)
[skill=Cleric=Bless]: Bless (S)
[skill=Cleric=Invincible]: Invincible
[skill=Cleric=Holy-Arrow]: Holy Arrow


[skill=Priest=Dispel]: Dispel (S)
[skill=Priest=Mystic-Door]: Mystic Door
[skill=Priest=Holy-Symbol]: Holy Symbol (S)
[skill=Priest=Doom]: Doom
[skill=Priest=Shining-Ray]: Shining Ray (O)
[skill=Priest=Holy-Magic-Shell]: Holy Magic Shell


[skill=Bishop=Angel-Ray]: Angel Ray
[skill=Bishop=Big-Bang]: Big Bang
[skill=Bishop=Genesis]: Genesis
[skill=Bishop=Buff-Mastery]: Buff Mastery
[skill=Bishop=Advanced-Blessing]: Advanced Blessing (S)
[skill=Bishop=Resurrection]: Resurrection (S)

3.4 Bowman

[skill=Archer=Arrow-Blow]: Arrow Blow (O)
[skill=Archer=Double-Shot]: Double Shot


[skill=Hunter=Arrow-Bomb]: Arow Bomb (O)


[skill=Ranger=Arrow-Rain]: Arrow Rain (O)
[skill=Ranger=Roasting-Shot]: Inferno
[skill=Ranger=Strafe]: Strafe
[skill=Ranger=Puppet]: Puppet
[skill=Ranger=Drain-Arrow]: Drain Arrow (S)/(O)
[skill=Ranger=Concentrate]: Concentrate


[skill=Bow-Master=Hurricane]: Hurricane (O)
[skill=Bow-Master=Sharp-Eyes]: Sharp Eyes (S)

Crossbow Man

[skill=Crossbow-Man=Iron-Arrow]: Iron Arrow (O)


[skill=Sniper=Arrow-Eruption]: Arrow Eruption
[skill=Sniper=Snapfreeze-Shot]: Blizzard
[skill=Sniper=Strafe]: Strafe
[skill=Sniper=Puppet]: Puppet
[skill=Sniper=Dragons-Breath]: Dragon Breath
[skill=Sniper=Concentrate]: Concentrate


[skill=Marksman=Piercing-Arrow]: Pierce
[skill=Marksman=Sharp-Eyes]: Sharp Eyes (S)
[skill=Marksman=Snipe]: Snipe

3.5 Thief


[B]Night Lord[/B]
Shuriken Burst
Wind Talisman

Triple Throw
Shadow Web
Shade Split

Quadruple Throw
Purge Area
Dark Serenity
Sudden Raid

Savage Blow
Meso Guard

Edge Carnival
Meso Explosion

Boomerang Step
Sudden Raid
Shadow Instinct

3.6 Pirate

Somersault Kick
Double Fire

Screw Punch
Mental Clarity
Tornado Upper

Double Spiral
Willow Defense
Lucky Dice

Dragon Strike
Fist Enrage
Speed Infusion
Time Leap
Battleship Nautilus

Magnum Shot

Double-barrel Shot
Bullet Smash
Lucky Dice

Rapid Fire
Battleship Nautilus
Continual Aiming
Pirate Style

4.0 AP Build

If you're asking this question, then I don't know how you're still playing this game. Ever since Big Bang, and even before, the goal has been to keep your secondary stat as low as possible. If you're wonder what these are then LUK is primary stat and DEX is secondary stat. If you can keep your DEX under 40, then you're perfectly fine.

5.0 Training Guide

This training guide will be split into job advancements and into level ranges. Bolded spots are considered to be good spots. Italicised spots are considered great spots. Those without a format are just back up spots. Popularity of the spots is neglected due to the amount of players in the game and bandwagon effect. This reflects the changes made to maps post-Justice.

5.1 1st Job


Beach: Shallow Sea - Angry Starfish
Beach: Low Tide Sea - Jellyfish
Beach: High Tide Sea - Cool Jellyfish
Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 4 - Mixed Golem
Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 3 - Flaming Mixed Golem
Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 2 - Icy Mixed Golem

5.2 2nd Job

Mushroom Castle - Multiple
El Nath: Watch Out for Icy Path 1 - Jr. Yeti
Kerning Square - CDs, CDs
Drake Cave: Cave Cliff - Red Drake, Drake

Kerning Square - CDs, CDs
Drake Cave: Cave Cliff - Red Drake, Drake
Haunted House - Scarecrows
Entrance to Black Mountain - Moon Bunny

Haunted House - Scarecrows, Jesters
Ludibrium: Toy Factory - Robo, Master Robos
Entrance to Black Mountain - Moon Bunny
Cursed Temple: Temple Entrance - Kargo
Ludibrium: Terrace Hall - Teddies

Omega Sector: Boswell Field II - Mateons
Ludibrium: Toy Factory - Robo, Master Robos
Haunted House - Jesters
Ludibrium: Sky Terrace <5> - Trojans
Verne Mine: Shaft Entrance 1 - Guard Robot
Sahel Desert II - Scorpions, Sand Rats
Lab Unit 103 - Triple Rumo

5.3 3rd Job

Haunted House - Jesters
Lab Unit 103 - Triple Rumo
Mysterious Path 3 - Selkie Jr., Slimy
Sahel Desert II - Scorpions, Sand Rats
Lab Area C-1 - Roids
Lab Area C-2 - Neo roids, Roids
Lab Area B-3 - Iron Mutae
Lab Unit 101 - Cube Slime

Mysterious Path 3 - Selkie Jr., Slimy
Lab Area C-2 - Neo roids, Roids
Lab Area C-1 - Roids

Mysterious Path 3 - Selkie Jr., Slimy
Lab Area C-2 - Neo roids, Roids
Forgotten Path of Time <1> - Soul Teddy, Master Soul Teddy
Red Nose Pirate Den 2 - Krus, Captains.

Warped Path of Time 3 - Ghost Pirates
Unbalanced Time - Dual Ghost Pirates
Lost Time - Master Death Teddy
Forgotten Path of Time 3 - Death Teddy
Mysterious Path 3 - Selkie Jr., Slimy

Lionheart Castle - Many.

6.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions I've seen frequently asked. Feel free to ask anything too.

Are Canes 1H or 2H weapons?
They are 1H.

Do the cards come with weapon potential?
Yes, they're exactly like Mercedes' arrows and Demon Slayer's Aegis Shield.

Does Phantom have a link skill?
Yes, it's called Deadly Instinct and it gives 10% critical rate.

How many skills can you steal?
4 from 1st job, 4 from 2nd job, 3 from 3rd job, 2 from 4th job.

What happens if you switch stolen skills?
Nothing. The skill doesn't get deleted unless you manually deleted from your Loadout by right clicking.

How many skills can you have from a single job?
You can have multiple job skills (except 4th job) from a single job. For example, you can have a lower level skill say Hyper Body, on the 3rd job slot and Rage on the 2nd job slot and use both of them.

If I have level 11 Impeccable Memory IV and the Bowmaster has level 1 Hurricane what level is my Hurricane?
Your hurricane would be level one. Another example would be if your Impeccable Memory IV was level 21 and he had level 30 Hurricane. You would still have level 21 Hurricane. To be precise, your skill caps at what the other player has and what you have as well.

Can you use two defensive skills? i.e. PG + Magic Guard, PG + Meso Guard
No. The game restricts the use of two or more damage decreasing skills. Iron Body + PG is allowed though.

Do the effects of passive things on active skills apply to me?
No. Only the active effects of a skill will apply to you.

What's the difference between Evasion Rate, Avoid Rate, Avoid and Dodge Rate?
Asked by @d3eath4ng3lx:
Avoid. Which is the stat in your window. This calculates an Evasion Rate.
Avoid Rate. Which multiplies your avoid by whatever percentage it is, this contributes to the Evasion Rate.
Dodge Rate. This is a flat chance to avoid an attack. This is what Mist Mask and Carte Noir's passive is.
Evasion Rate%. This multiplies your evasion rate by whatever percentage it provides. This is what Dextrous Training and Feather Foot is.

Do Phantoms hit less with magic attacks compared to regular attacks?
Asked by @HolyBanish:
No. Phantoms will just use their damage range just like every other magician.

Do all attack buffs stack for Phantom?
Asked by @ShadowSkillz:
Yes. They all stack with each other (except Rage).

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