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Think Nexon isnt controlling hackers?

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XtraCannon Level 196 Kradia Cannoneer 4
warning: dont ctrl+f and then push a
Jun 20 2013
WakelessDream Level 92 Scania Mercedes 3
Well well well some dude hacked my account a couple weeks ago and lo and behold the character he made on that account is on that list. Geez Nexon thanks for not responding to my ticket about that and then perma banning my account instead of helping me to get it back.... >.<
Jun 20 2013
BornNew Level 140 Khaini Dark Knight Modesty Guild
It looks like a game of where's waldo
Jun 20 2013
Kozic Level 170 Windia Bishop Meringue Guild
KaiOnyx (@Onyx98) on that list, pssh totally legit. Like come on, somebody from Nexon look at that wall full of gibberish and should have been like, "jhkdjgzdg, gdghsdg, dskfshkgs, KaiOnyx, kfjgsjdfs, sjfksd... Something is not right here."

And then they give him his acc back 4 days later, very smooth Nexon. And still post his name on the list the day he is unbanned.
Jun 20 2013
looloosh Level 149 Bera Phantom 4
This doesn't help.
Most hackers are botters, who'll just make another account if they're banned.
The only way to stop them is to invest a lot of money in securing the game and its hack shields.
Jun 20 2013
o look its me jajaja TMPGirl
Jun 20 2013
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