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Think Nexon isnt controlling hackers?

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I have been playing MMOs for around 14 years, and the only MMO I have ever been hacked in is Maplestory. And to top it all off, I was hacked three times in Maplestory over 7 years... So yes. Nexon does not control hackers...[/quote]

That's your fault, for getting a keylogger/giving out info, etc. They can't protect human stupidity. :*(
Jun 20 2013
mathgeek147 Level 200 Broa Blade Recruit
That's probably not even that much considering how many hackers there actually are.
Jun 20 2013
XboxFace Level 140 Broa Phantom 4
haha some dudes ign was, "HonestAbee"
Jun 20 2013
link12752 Level 141 Bellocan Phantom 4
Most of those people are those noobs that keep advertising websites and stuff.
Jun 20 2013
Most botters: ''Free 1000m NX at"
Jun 20 2013
scorpio989 Level 133 Renegades Kaiser 4

With your logic, that would mean that the countless other MMOs I have been playing since the 90s would have me being hacked also... It is not human error, it's the lack of security features, and the lack of punishment for those who hack. The very first ticket I had submitted for a hacked account took **1.5 years** to get a reply back in 2007...
Jun 20 2013
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