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Thinking of coming back to Maplestory

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girlgamers Level 121 Bera Mechanic 4
I been playing A LOT of FFXIV:ARR lately and man that game so fun. Reminds me how much fun MMOs are. Of course I got reminded of Maplestory. I been playing Maplestory since patch 43+ then quit. Then came back to Post Big Bang. (pretty sure my gear is outdated...) Well any tips/advice? I'm pretty sure they made it easier for everyone. (Come on before warriors only had power strike until they reached 120 getting brandish...the struggle. last I checked Brandish was for level 30s...) Idk yet though FFXIV is quite addictive.
Posted: November 2014 Permalink


Faehyre Level 172 Khaini Wild Hunter 4 Lift Guild
Trust me, you'll be a lot happier playing FFXIV, I know I am. Maple is still quite boring in my opinion.
Nov 06 2014
WindowLegs Level 142 Kradia Buccaneer
Give it a try. It is still fun. Your gear is probably a bit outdated but you will be able to get some decent gear i no time.
Nov 06 2014
Onreu Level 156 Windia Buccaneer
Don't come back. Serious.


Not a troll comment.
Nov 06 2014
daakevster Level 166 Bellocan Phantom 4
This game is terrible. That's why we're all here to warn you.
Nov 06 2014

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