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LifeHolder Level 161 Scania Phantom 4
I think most severs are dead..
Which sever has a high population? >.<
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ProHealer Level 211 Khaini Bow Master
Dec 20 2013
rawritzcynthia Level 210 Bera Luminous 4
I think scania is overrated and overpopulated and very hard to manage anything in ._. pretty hard to start over there soooo

or windia i hear is nice too
Dec 20 2013
Tariq Level 200 Scania Kanna 4
Renegades is heavily populated.
Dec 20 2013
Emotionn Level 201 Windia Zero Transcendent
Windia is packed
Dec 20 2013
imAgile Level 187 Scania Blade Master
scania is overpopulated
Dec 20 2013
Zukimio Level 201 Windia Night Lord
Windia swag.
Dec 20 2013
imAgile Level 187 Scania Blade Master
can someone from scania p/c this so i know how unstable the fm is
Dec 20 2013
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