Sad Mask
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This is my swamp Screen

By meatbuns

meatbuns Level 97 Windia Luminous 3
Jun 08 2015 just some rendering practice

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SoulBlade Level 216 Windia Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art SoulBlade is intoSoulBlade
I thought this was a photo on the front page.
Jun 10 2015
qtwarriorxx9001 Level 141 Bera Shadower
his lips be luscious
like damn
Jun 11 2015
juni Level 210 Windia Corsair Memories Guild
y u draw uself so brolic u aint evn lv 100

this is so good wtf nice job on making the guns texture look natural too mad skillz
Jun 11 2015
dakbal Level 187 Windia Phantom 4
what the heck happened to your char dude what the heck
Jun 27 2015
GirlOfBronze Level 168 Scania Blade Master
bruh draw my chara
Jul 24 2015

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