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This is why you dont drift in a Fwd car like a Toyota Crapry

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iEatCheeseLol Level 210 Scania Hero
That's not a drift.
Same thing would've happened to a RWD flipping like that
Sep 05 2014
BornNew Level 140 Khaini Dark Knight Modesty Guild
Drifting, 200km/hr on a highway with other cars; it wasn't gonna end well to begin with.
Sep 05 2014
Wordolio Level 200 Chaos Night Lord
the seatbelts wouldve saved them, not RWD
Sep 05 2014
momozzz Level 200 Khaini Bow Master
how to hit 200 km/h in a camry
Sep 05 2014
LuckyNinja Level 129 Windia Zero Transcendent
Damn. You gotta put a warning or something next time.

I expected two guys to jump out of a car at a high speed.
I **didn't** expect any arms to fall out nor people flying out of a rolling car at 200 km/hr.
Sep 05 2014
ClementZ Level 50 Windia Spearman Justaway Guild
You'd die in a car flipping over that quickly, regardless of drivetrain layout.
Sep 05 2014
DemZak Level 126 Bera Blade Master
the seatbelts wouldve saved them, not RWD[/quote]

They were flipping too consistently and too quickly, even seat belts, which might have kept them inside, couldn't have saved them from death.
They would have just passed from trauma or severe injuries anyway.
Sep 05 2014
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