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Time-limited and untradeable event items

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2pro4um8 Level 171 Broa Luminous 4
Why does nexon make every event item now-a-days untradeable and time limited, like even a chaos scroll is time limited and untradeable lol. I don't think it was like this before.
Posted: August 2015 Permalink


zerosuited Level 210 Nova Zero Transcendent
Not only that. We can't extend the time with hourglasses. It's like the only item that cs item is meant for is extending the time on exp pends.
Aug 07 2015
nathanjo Level 177 Broa Kaiser 4 See what games, anime & art nathanjo is intonathanjo
I think it is to discourage people from making mule accounts and intentionally farming the events.[/quote]

Thats stupid and unnecessary, the events are so lame now a days due to that.
Aug 07 2015
laurico Level 78 Bera Battle Mage 3
Most event items have been untradeable since always, at least on the use part. The time-limited property is probably to prevent people from stacking those items for long periods of times.
Aug 07 2015
smartguy1801 Level 202 Scania Zero Transcendent Exalted Guild
Why even question this? Its nexon, and we are all prepared to be nexown'd
Aug 07 2015
isecretnamei Level 164 Windia
Nexon found a way for players to play2win

So they needed to change it to pay2win
Aug 07 2015

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