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Tips for Horntail?

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hallrock Level 202 Reboot Aran 4
Hi everyone. I recently came back to Maple after being gone for over a year. I was playing in the Reboot server before I left, so when I came back I decided to start training a F/P mage there. I've been loving it so far, but I find that I'm having a ton of trouble with HT, so I have a few questions.

First, is it worth it to add hyper stat points into stance? I hate being knocked around all the time by bosses. Although I know it only adds 10%, it feels like it'd be useful.

Second, how should I go about fighting HT? When I use Flame Haze, it places the mist at the legs, so it's almost useless when I'm fighting any other parts of the body. Should I just be using Paralyze at HT? Does anybody have any good tips?
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deeemon Level 211 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
Get Mihile's link skill, Knight's Watch, it gives 100% stance for 110 seconds at level 2, 180 second cooldown. With Buff Mastery, I think it lasts for 165 seconds, close to the cooldown. Get more buff duration from inner ability and/or Mechanic's character card to keep it on all the time.

Maybe attack the heads first, cast Poison Mist(not from Flame Haze) and Flame Haze at the top and then use Eruption to explode both Mists at the top and bottom. Or just use Paralyze, that's what I did since I can't be bothered by setting up all these DoTs, dood. Play how you like, right?
May 17 2017

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