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To cube, or not to cube? Sw Knuckle

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XXkuro666XX Level 193 Broa Buccaneer
Hi :o

I have dis Sweetw4ter Knuckle with these stats:
174 att 48 str no slots 2 hammers used (4/9 scrolls worked, I still need to clean slate it ;[ )
55% boss damage(30% normal + 25% from neb)
And the unique 3l potential: 10% att, 7% str and... 3% to retrieve 54 MP

Now, the question is this - should I cube it for another boss 30% boost, or leave it like that?
My current boss % is 125, with this knuckle as of now I'll have 180% boss
If I cube it successfully and get another 30% on it, I'll have 210% total
(Plus, I'll be getting 30% more once I finish my gollux set, 2 pieces missing - Ring/Earrings - so, either 210% or 240% boss cubed in the end)
My current clean range is 75897 ~ 84331, which will get higher by almost 10k and another 5k if I calc'd correctly (2 pieces I'm missing for gollux and Xenon skill link)
With the 10% att and 7% str, the Knuckle would add over 11k, and more once I get the other stuff
But, without this potential (If let's say, I get a 30% boss but with the other lines bein bad) my range would go down about 3-5k, since my previous Knuckle has 3% str on it
So... what should I do? :
I'm also having trouble to cube, since I don't buy NX
I was using the red shop cubes >< ran out of coins eventually but now I got another cube from today's gift box xD (It had 20 coins)
I may find more ways to get cubes in the future xD Iunno
If I won't cube it, then I'll cube either my gloves/overall/shoulder(They're all unique :0 )
All of my other equips already have 6~13% str a piece

Thanks for reading and for answering!
EDIT; and uh if you vote it would be nice if you could comment why I should pick that option xD
Posted: March 2014 Permalink

To cube, or not to cube? Sw Knuckle

75%3 / 4Cube for %boss
25%1 / 4Leave it be


arayuks Level 229 Renegades Thunder Breaker 4 See what games, anime & art arayuks is intoarayuks
Well if you are going to boss alot, boss% is better. If u never boss then pot is fine (still bad tho, when you have 1 useless line)

But because ur range is pretty low, I'd cube other equipments for more str%
Mar 16 2014
Just cube for a high % attack since your range is low. If you get lucky and get 2 lines of attack and boss keep it, or 1 line of boss and attack keep that. However 1 line of attack and 1 line of strength isn't good enough assuming it is your end game wep. Clean slate and perfect it before you equip it. If anything increase your range by getting % attack secondary and emblem, those would be the most beneficial.
Mar 17 2014

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