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Today is Tuesday

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sunshine443 Level 56 Yellonde Assassin
Happy Tuesday. We're mid-April and I just feel anxious today. Sometimes I wish I could press a "reset" button on my life and start everything over from scratch. But at the same time, I like who I am today, and our experiences shape our personalities and ambitions. Would I start things over if it meant being a completely different person? I don't know. It would be something to sleep on for sure.

It speaks to a larger concept. We can think back, and pinpoint all the things we wish we did differently along the way. A question obviously emerges: what will we be regretting next year? What am I doing today that I will look back on and regret? Logging into basil would certainly be on the list, but I'm sure there's other things too. If only we could know in advance, but then life would be too easy. And boring.

Remember that Arrival movie with Amy Adams? I guess I'm spoiling the twist by mentioning it: sorry, everyone!
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chema Level 69 Windia Priest See what games, anime & art chema is intoChema
>Life would be so easy
So f├╝cking what?
Are you masochistic or something?
Apr 17 2018

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