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Top 10 Content Global Maple Never Got! Video

By lordorrador

lordorrador Level 220 Broa Dark Knight
Dec 07 2015 Salutations Everyone, Orrador here with CorySaysLets as we count down our Top 10 Content Global MapleStory (aka, GMS) Never Got! We'll be doing a top 10 every Friday, so stay tuned for more!

Thank you Coppersan for letting us use a tiny bit of footage from your Veracent Castle and Supreme World videos!

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sanergy Level 69 Scania Beginner
+1 Good job!
and to the guy who said "WEE-VERN".... don't say it like that ever again.
Dec 07 2015
megascience Level 210 Windia Shadower See what games, anime & art megascience is intoMegaScience
Yeti and Coketump is actually available from the familiar Booster Packs in the Cash Shop. Of course a few years ago when we had the Hot Day giving everyone 3 Booster Packs (3 cards in each, so 9 cards per account), there were a bunch of them floating around. I managed to get one, although I REALLY want the Coke Snail familiar. As you could see in the footage, its shell is a highly-detailed Coke bottle cap. All the familiars are in GMS, and probably other Coke Town code, but Nexon just hasn't done it.

Oh and fun fact, we actually have the Frozen content from KMS in GMS' files. It's all translated and looks like they were ready to release. I guess promotion deals fell through due to the time it took to get to GMS.
Dec 07 2015
Me personally, all the mentioned World Tour areas would be #1. I'm just a huge fan of it and it would be awesome if GMS could get these as well.
Dec 07 2015
xgumigna Level 1 Broa Blaze Wizard 1
+1 Do you have a YouTube channel or something? I love all of your videos ;____; the animations are perfect, and once again a great video that i thoroughly enjoyed~
Dec 07 2015
blazetent Level 204 Broa Buccaneer Nimbus Guild
+1 I was really hoping Reboot would of been in Supreme..

Bring back LHC. Yea, the levelling speed was crazy, but it was on the few occasions, I felt like players actually socialised.
Dec 07 2015
vimi Level 122 Bera Aran 4
+1 If we ever get the Steins;Gate event I'll finally watch it
Dec 08 2015
alvarito Level 102 KradiaEMS Thunder Breaker 3
@funkyflame: Supreme was crap, thats why it was removed on every service which had it.

More p2w than normal server, huge imbalance between classes( some of them were actually unplayable there because their skillset was absurdly bad), any mid/endgame boss was undoable because of how Supreme mechanics worked. The only good things about Supreme were the medals and gachapon(and its variants) because of the up to 20% stat boost that items from Supreme would get when transfered to the other servers. Obviously the server was dead most of the time.

If reboot were like Supreme it would have been a total disaster.
Dec 08 2015

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